August 8th, 2008

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I'm planning to move to Portland, Oregon by early spring. I have some questions and concerns -- I've done hours and hours of research and am totally confident and excited about relocating there, so I'm not really looking for a pros & cons kind of thing. I'm moving by myself, and don't know anyone in Portland.

1) Because Portland is supposedly the #1 Bicycle-friendly city, in the top 10 most walkable cities, and one of the best public transit systems, I'm considering not owning a car when I move there. Do you think that I would manage okay without a car?
2) I've heard SE would be a good place to live. Any verification or other suggestions? I want to feel safe wherever I am.
3) I'm concerned with having trouble finding a place to live because I don't have official rental history (I'm 19). But I plan on moving with plenty of money for several months-worth of rent so that I have time to find a job... should this be much of a problem with landlords/roommates if I let them know that I have money saved and am financially stable?... and how should I go about this? Stay in a hotel for a week while meeting different people who are looking for a roommate?
4) I'm also looking for people with a similar experience with moving by themselves for a new beginning, and advice on how you adjusted to Portland, how you met people and got involved in the city, how you found a place to live, etc. I'm really nervous about doing this all by myself, and especially nervous about looking for roommates through Craigslist.

Feel free to shoot my way any other information that you feel is worth knowing. Basically, I'm just looking for some reassuring words of advice and wisdom from experience. =)
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Another WoW post

I'm excited to have received so much positive feedback about the local guild idea. One thing I noticed, though, is that pretty much every server mentioned is a normal server. Does everyone have something against PvP servers? My girlfriend and I have always played on PvP servers. We both feel that as much as it sucks to get ganked, the possibility makes things more interesting. We've always been pretty much set against playing on carebear servers. Besides, it limits your options if you ever want to transfer off.

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Oh, and BTW... I got into the WotLK beta! You know you're jealous.
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Question for the lawers / real estate folks

I live in a two story 4-plex. The land lord is really cool and is letting me get satellite tv installed. Comcast has a box on the outside of my apartment that is locked and the satellite installers will want to use the connection in there to get the feed into my apartment.

I called Comcast to find out who has the key for this box and was told that they own that box and the cable in my apartment and that they will not give permission for DirecTV to use it. When I pressed about who has the key I was told that my landlord should have a copy of the key.

What I am wondering is if any of you legal or real estate types know what ORS woul apply to Comcast owning this box. I have a gut feeling that while they may have installed it that they don't own it. If no one happens to know what the applicable ORS would be, perhaps an idea of what words to use as a search since 'ors "cable box"' is giving me bupkis.

Thanks in advance folks.


Where in Portland (or the west side) can a party of 4 go to eat live octopus? I've heard there is a place in Beaverton (tiny hole in the wall place) but I can't remember who told me about it.
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Are any of you in need of a free Booda Dome? I have two to get rid of - one is purple, the other is a sort of seafoam green. My cats love them but the big one has gained 2 lbs in six weeks and no longer fits inside. (Oh, that's so embarassing to admit.)

Shoot an email to julep1162 at yahoo if you're interested.

It'd be nice if you could pick it/them up. I'll be home vegging in front of the Olympics for a good portion of the weekend. Close-in SE. Keep in mind that I don't really have a yard to hose tbese out and didn't particularly feel like taking them into the shower with me so you may want to run them through one of those do-it-yourself carwashes.

What the hell is with this?

For the people who don't know me (and I suspect that few on here do) I've been doing various art nude modeling gigs for the past year, and I love what I do. I've been looking for more work in this vein/or any modeling at all, and I've had a decent bit of luck.

I saw an ad on craigslist today for a promotional gig that would last a couple of hours, and decided to give them a call. I was honest about my experiences, and gave them a link to my portfolio. They said they would look it over and call me back. Almost immediately, I got a call back, saying that while I was beautiful, they don't ever work with anyone who has ever done nude work of any kind.

What is with this? I even did a search on the company to see if this was a policy that they had anywhere on their website, etc. I got nothing. Is this discrimination on the part of the company, or did the individual I spoke with, just have a thing against people who make money using their bodies, even if it is for artistic purposes/assumed that because I do a lot of my modeling nude, I probably go the whole nine yards and "service" the photographers I've worked with as well?

This is Portland. I never dreamed I would find discrimination in the modeling job market just because I've worked with photographers with a love of the human form. It just somehow isn't making sense to me, and I don't know what to think of this.
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HAZMAT: Dangerous When Wet

TPS Reports

An open letter to the man at the St. John's Starbucks, driving a white Ford Focucs.

Did I miss a memo? At what point did it become socially acceptable to leave one's progeny in the car while heading into Starbucks to get a hot mocha and a flavorful pastry? I don't care if you say "someone was watching him." He sure looked alone to me. If he has to ride in a car seat, he's too young to be in a car alone.

Next time I'm going with my gut and dialing 911. The police can sort it out with you. Given your flippant attitude when I came into Starbucks looking for the owner of the car, I'm sure CSD/CPS would have a field day with you.



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Recently my friend shared with me some boiled green peanuts dubbed "Country Caviar"... he said they're only available in the south and I looked all over town for them and wasn't able to find any, anywhere. Does anyone know anywhere in Portland (as far out as Gresham) that sells this lovely food that I've fallen in love with? I'd be forever grateful if you can help me out.

Also, on a semi-related note what is a good house warming gift for a  close friend that is moving away? His house here is already full of everything imaginable but I would like to get him something nice for his new place a couple hours away. Any suggestions? I'll owe ya!

Thanks so much!

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Who here has been ass-fucked by Sergeants towing and wants to do something about it?

I am trying to organize some kind of stunt to bring predatory towing into the media spotlight.

Suggestions? Comments? Volunteers?

Trimet-accessible hiking

Hi guys!

A few friends and I wanted to go hiking on Sunday, but with one problem: we don't have a car. Are there any good hiking trails that are accessible by trimet? We are willing to walk from the bus stop to the trail, but preferably not super far. I googled it, and failed.

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So, my neighbor is draining his hot tub water into my yard. I'm questioning the legality and safety of this and was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or could direct me to a local resource that I could inquire to.
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Hi All,

I am yet another recently transplant to Portland from Seattle. I'm going to be a grad student in Social Work at Portland State University in the Fall. I just moved last week and have been walking around a lot and am loving Portland.

My question is this:
I am looking for a waitressing job, does anyone have any suggestions of places they know are hiring or they think would be good places to work, staff likes each other, good tips, etc?

Anything would be greatly appreciated.

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Pedal Bridges?

Is anyone going to do the bridge pedal on Sudnay (forgive me, driknig wine and typngi does not seem to be wrkoing for me right now)?

I intend to ride the 7:15 or 7:30 start. White & blue helmet, green bianchi with tail rack. Who will you be?
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okay guys i'm gonna go watch prison break in a minute

edit: over 500 comments in a DP thread that has nothing to do with bikes, vegans, white privelege, or giving away beloved pets. beat THAT, suckas!
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Friends Birthday Concert

My friend Annie Vergnetti is having a concert to celebrate her 35 birthday and I am one of the performers on the list so I think you all should come out. Annie is amazing and is an amazing musician. When I get the exact date and what not I will post it again but I figured I'd put it in your minds for now. :)
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On behalf of all of us DP celebrities...

I think I speak for all of us DP celebrities, when I beckon neurophyre into our ranks.

He may be bourgeois. He may be a nihilist. He may be an out-of-towner co-opting Portland because things were so boring back in Iowa. Or maybe he is none of those things. Maybe he isn't even a he, I can't keep track of details.

What I do know, is that he/she/it/them got over 500 posts. From now on, let no one doubt...neurophyre is one of the select, proud Damnportlanders celebrities.