August 7th, 2008

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Location Help

HAY PORTLAND :O I has me a question: Where is the most desolate, abandoned-looking place that can be reached within a 30-minute drive from Portland?

Something that looks dry and deserted would be great, but something as simple as an open grass field without obvious buildings in the background could also work. Be descriptive if you can, and bonus points if you have pictures.

Thank you kindly!

(no subject)

Hello DPers. I'm selling my World of Warcraft account for $450.

Here are the basics. It's a Horde (PvP server ) account, with 3 level 70s (Warlock, Hunter, Warrior) and a few level 60s. has more detailed information.

I want to get rid of this game forever! You will receive every box and all my info. No, I do not want it back. So post here if you're interested :) I can't find my cell so don't bother calling for a while.
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Background Checks

I am going to be renting out a room in my house soon. Previously I have always rented to friends so I really have not taken all the steps that I know I should have like running a background check. Since I am now moving into the realm of placing an ad on craigslist and basing my decisions on interviews I was wondering what service people use to run background checks on potential roommates. How much does it cost? Any services to avoid? In addition, does anyone have any suggestions or tips for renting out a room to a complete stranger?


Room for rent in SW!

Okay I hate to self promote and all but I'm in a pickle and this CL post needs as much exposure as possible AND I think it would be awesome if one of you cool kids out there moved in with me here. So, check out my CL ad for my extra bedroom:

I'm only half coherent right now, so I apologize if any of it is confusing. If you have questions reply via the email link in the ad or reply here.

My apartment is awesome-you want to live in it!

Brake Schmake

Anyone have a reliable, trustworthy mechanic you'd like to recommend for someone needing brake work done on a 1998 Nissan Frontier truck?

I was getting some tire work done at Les Schwab and they said the rotors don't look good. They gave me a quote for $350 which I thought was pretty high. I've also looked at the Car Talk guys web recommendations and have been leaning towards a place in the NE which gave me a quote of $250 sight unseen.

Bonus points if the mechanic is around inner NE, as that's where I live.

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!!
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Jewelry Question

Has anyone ever taken scrap silver to a jeweler to be melted down and made into something new? I'm wondering what sort of price that would be. I'm not talking large scale either, pretty much a pendant to a ring.

Any information or ideas would be nice.



Shop smith help

Hey DP,

I've got an old Mark V shop smith, and I have no clue how to put the damn thing together. I'm fairly certain that I have all of the pieces, but I can't find any decent instructions online as to how to assemble the thing. Right now I'm trying to put the lathe portion together.

Anyone out there have a shopsmith and would be willing to help me put it together, or know of any resources I can turn to?

Hell, barring that, I might just sell the damn thing to get it out of my garage. xx'

It's a combination band saw, scroll saw, lathe, drill press, drum sander, and table saw. There might be other things too- but those are the only things that I know of.

*throws her hands in the air and falls over*

(no subject)

So, my darling fence-sitting home-buyers, perhaps an actually useful "incentive" will help. Presenting a little piece of the Housing Bill of 2008.

Are you a first time buyer?
Are you closing on your new home between April 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009? Yes, it's retroactive. (If you did close from April to now, why didn't you use me as your Realtor??)

You get a $7,500 tax credit.

Because it's a credit, not a deduction, if you owe less than $7,500 on your taxes, you'd get a nice check for the difference after yes we are talking about after April of 2010 but it's still a good thing.

Snark away, or ask questions, or debate the usefulness of the Bill.

Rant Warning... but valid

I'm sorry you are homophobic! I'm sorry that me making a nice comment about you made you feel uncomfirtable! Maybe if I had a vadge you would have liked it and not deleted my comment and not BANNED me from commenting or writing you.

Maybe this should be posted in a more queer oriented community but I like DP and appreciate your responses. I want to know if other people, straight or gay, have ever been wrongfully treated just for being nice to someone.

I never treat people wrong, unless it is in the right space and well if I make a comment to another guy about his physique in such a way that I'm being nice I don't understand why people have to be so homophobic about it. If I wanted you I would have said that instead. No not every nice word that comes out of this GAY mouth hides sexual intention.

Anyone ever feel like this? Please don't let me feel alone.
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Tribute To Tibet

Tibet Benefit - August 8, 2008, a Benefit for Tibet, with one award winning documentary film and live music from the Tara Cafe Project. Sponsored by the Crag Law Center.

On the opening night of the Olympics, August 8th, the Crag Law Center is sponsoring a benefit movie/music night at the Clinton Street Theatre. The night features The Unwinking Gaze, a documentary from filmmakers who followed the Dalai Lama as he weathered the conflict in the mountainous terrain of Tibet. Filmed over three years, the movie portrays the daily sturggles of the Tibetan leader as he tries to strike a balance between his Buddhist vows and the realpolitic needed to placate China.

Come learn more about the current situation in the region and hear a special performance by the Tara Cafe Project. These Tibetan musicians promote the cultural continuity of Tibetan music and they will provide a live performance after the movie. Their work focuses on recording and documenting Tibetan artists, both inside Tibet and in exile. This event provides an entertaining alternative to the opening night of the Olympics in Beijing, China.

Collapse )

$20 Doors open at 6. Show starts at 7.

For more information about the show, and about CRAG, click and scroll down:

For more information about the Tara Cafe Project:

For more information about The Unwinking Gaze:

sorry about my inability to post that correctly!
i am not affiliated, but have seen the movie and heard the music....
it is a night not to be missed, and is a benefit for a good cause......
Salim's Special

Looking for a backpack

Hey Gang:

I need some recommends on where to get a good sized backpack. My old backpack is biting the dust (it's about 10+ years old) and it's time for an upgrade. I don't need anything ultra-fancy (read ultra pricey), but something in the range of $30-$60 should fit the bill nicely.

So ... where does one go to shop for a backpack?

Bonus points if it's steam powered, wood burning, vegan, or powered by veggie oil (which can be obtained from local roach coaches!).

Beehive email?

Do any of you use the beehive for free email? I'm having trouble accessing my account and i'm wondering if anyone else is having similar issues. It simply won't let me log into my account. How annoying!

Will she ever go away?

"I think it's really important that Barack's supporters respect my supporters." - Hillary Clinton

Now my respect is owed to masses of pear shaped, bitter, middle aged women who play the sexism card every chance they get? Classic. Talk about sore losers. Get over it already. I'm glad you want your voices heard. I want a million bucks. We all want something. Welcome to life.

Now Clinton's supporters are holding a march in Denver (and all across the country) during the DNC convention? That sounds super productive. How about using all the money and resources for that to instead pay off the debt she so foolishly ran up and now expects Obama and his supporters to pay for.

All of this serves as a great reminder on why I'm elated Clinton isn't the nominee.
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Bitch and Crow.

What is something about Portland that would make you move out, or would make you move back if you did?

Portland has a great restaurant and coffeshop culture for a city of its size, and is fertile for DIY production of art and music.

Its people have a sense of loyalty to each other - not as strong as the Pittsburgh Nation, but still are pretty supportive of each other. (Except for the Dandy Warhols - they're overrated and Courtney Taylor-Taylor is an asshole. Miranda July's movie was also the most boring thing I've ever watched.)

However - people aren't willing to call out the stupid (maybe this board excepted). This leads to weak political leadership and manipulation greedy developers, asshole cops, and the lazy and pretentious rich (whether hack artists or Trustafarians/wannabe bike messengers).

Where to take a friend late tomorrow?

I have a friend getting in after 10:00 PM tomorrow at PDX. He's likely to want some foods after the plane ride, so I need somewhere to take him at 10:30 or 11:00 or so. He's also considering moving here permanently (it's a one-way ticket) so I want to show him Portlandy things.

Any suggestions?

Any that aren't Montage? =)

Russians, Porn and Livejournal
This site shows the last 50 images uploaded to LJ's.
It used to be really fun, random net entertainment.
More and more lately, there's just really bad porn on it.
And if you click the image to see the LJ it's on, it's almost always a Russian LJ.
Anyone know why?
I can't read Russian, so I can't figure out if Russians are so lame, they put crappy porn
on their journals and consider that a good time.
Or are they using LJ somehow commercially to advertise for bad porn?

Sunshine Liquidators

Does anyone remember that sweet grocery liquidator at 52nd and Woodstock?  I am thinking of it fondly today as I paid well over $3 for cereal.  Okay, I know it hasn't been gone more than a month or two but I miss it daily.  The outdated boxed foods...the strange folks who worked the cash registers...the amazingly good deals on Barbara's cereal and Original Chai...the outrageous selection of incense.
Does anyone know of another grocery liquidator?  I have been to Grocery Outlet, Everyday Deals, and Liquidation Station but none compare. 
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Moving Help?

I was wondering if there was any chance anyone would be interested in helping me move tomorrow? I can pay at least $20 if you're sure you can come and pull your weight. I will have to see how much is still in the moving budget. I'll also have soda and food. Collapse )

many things

we're going on a trip in a few weeks and we're taking alaska airlines for the first part (then we're going international). i'm taking a carry-on piece of luggage and i plan on taking a backpack (which will hold my camera which is in its camera bag). the backpack is a north face yavapai. 

my question: will the backpack count as a carry-on or a personal item? since it's just holding the camera in its camera bag, a book, my journal, and maybe a light jacket, it'll be pretty empty and as flat as it'll go with the stuff in it. 

i'm asking because alaska airlines allows one carry-on and one personal bag. according to them, personal items include a purse, briefcase, or laptop. my backpack isn't really the size of any of those things. 

it's totally fine if the backpack isn't a personal thing, i'll just have my mom take my carry-on luggage since she'll just have a (rather large-sized) purse. 

also: experience/issues with alaska baggage policies? i haven't flown since 2001.

also: anyone wanna buy a new, unopened ipod touch for $250? (i'm a student and i have an ipod.)