August 6th, 2008


If you're bored...

This ia a really cool website to skim through when you are bored and have nothing to do like me.

The store is awesome and has products that you normally wouldn't think would be available to the public.

It also has really well put together murders that you can try and solve. It's quite fun!

Oh and it is also run and owned by my cousin out of Phoenix.
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the streetcar was interesting today. i managed to ride it with elvis, a lady pushing a cat in a buggy, and a whole group of ammish people. this was more uniqueness than my normal streetcar rides entail.

anyone else been seeing some interesting folks on the streetcar?
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So I'm likely subletting for a couple of weeks in Sellwood.

Question: What on earth is in Sellwood? Are there any interesting/comfortable/affordable coffeshops, restaurants, stores, etc.? Anything I might want to know about the neighborhood? If so, where exactly are they?

Just curious. Appreciate any info you might have!

Damn, Portlanders...

 I'm looking for the best:

1) place to pick blackberries in the gorge between here and Hood River, preferably close to I-84.

2) place to get a dress drycleaned and put in an acid-free box for storage.

3) joke you've heard in the last week.

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I now have an apartment in portland - a cheap studio who's rent is less then the gas I spend getting to work and back home (up the gorge) 3-4 days a week for work. Keeping my place out in the wilds for my weekends/rest of workweek.

The studio is your basic basement apartment, with smallish windows and a really low ceiling. I'm short (5'2") and cannot do most standing yoga poses in the studio. And it's plain white.

I'm bringing in some leftover paint (yes, I cleared it with the landlord) and am going to make this place at least comfortable, but was thinking of decorating in early hobbit. I've a handful of renn faire artwork, but does any one have suggestions? Not intending on buying stuff new, but am handy with rebuild-it center goods.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Are any of you involved with the Mazamas?

I like to hike quite a bit and I'd like to take it to the next level (incorporate some backpacking, longer trips, and possibly investigate this whole mountaineering business.)

I guess I'm just curious about your experiences with the organization. Nice people? Good hikes? Positive experiences?

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Has anyone gone to the Venetian Theater downtown Hillsboro?

Review? Thoughts? General cost?

The website isn't helping much and I'm apparently going there tonight.

Edit! Went! Movie cost $4/ticket. Meal cost? around $10. Drinks? Another $10.

The theater is very nice, the food is great and the drinks were decent, but I'm really new to this drinking-in-public-thing, so I really have no idea what a good drink is.

Buut I liked it. ALSO I guess I know the people who used to own the theater? Who would have thought!


hello you damnedpdxers, just moved to portland, really like it here.

i've had a growing interest in making soap by hand, old skool, lye and oils.

would anyone possibly know where to buy lye (sodium hydroxide) in this town? i know there has been recent crack downs in the sale of lye, due to its use in meth manufacturing.

i would rather buy it locally than order it online, the shipping on a caustic item like that is insane!

thanks, y'all.

PS: does it often take a bagillion years for people to contact you about jobs around here!? i applied for about 10 jobs (in the past two weeks) and out of those 10 only one place replied to me (mothers bistro, pretty sweet deal)! i think i might have outlandish expectations. i cook professionally by the way.
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ska music?

where in portland can I hear some ska music, and maybe dance a little bit? favorite bands include mustard plug (!), reel big fish, op ivy, planet smashers, goldfinger.... bueller?

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internet going nuts

hey dudes,
we have qwest internets at my house and are very happy with the service, but I might get rid of my phone service when I switch cell phone providers, so the rate would jump from $44 a month to $54 a month, which seems rather pricey.

what do y'all use for internetting? who has the sweetest deals
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Shopping bags

Dear DPers,

I have a question about all those plastic shopping bags, that are annoying me. Sure I can reuse them, but I can only use so many..... Safeway seems to just love throwing everything in new bags. So what do you all do with them?

2 Burning Man tickets for sale, $275 each OBO

I am so sad, my lady and I can't make it to burning man this year after all (damn dental work said "this must be done now!"). Would have been her first year, and my 10th year anniversary.

Unfortunately we paid 275$ each for our tickets, so are hoping we can sell for what we paid for them, but if they're not picked up soon will probably opt for the best offers we can get for them. So please email your OBO offers as well.


Nevyn Nowhere
Sad Music for Happy Humans
nevynnowhere at gmail dot com
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Have you ever had a friend or acquaintance that's very nice, fun, interesting and charming, but who still makes you extremely nervous, for no good reason?

eta: not nervous like, "aww, I like you and I'm nervous!" nervous like, "you freak me out and there's no good reason why!"

Has that ever been justified to you?

On a related note: have there been any axe murders in the area lately?
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do any of you see a midwife for your regular yearly lady-care? if you have a really awesome ob-gyn i'm not totally closed to that option, either, but i'd really prefer to see a midwife. i need some personal recommendations!
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Family Law?

OK - this isn't bus schedules, bikes vs. cars or couchsurfing, so I don't know if DP can come through for me here - but I need a recommendation for a good family law attorney. Anybody got any experience with anyone you'd recommend? This is not a do-it-yourself thing, the finances are complex.

Dear Oracle

Where can I watch the opening ceremonies for the Olympics this Friday evening? It's one of my few consistently happy childhood memories and I'm feeling nostalgic. Within 7 miles of downtown and with beer would be awesome.


(In canse I need to add, I don't have television, and sitting at home on my laptop is not what I had in mind.)
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Tenant Rights, Re: Space Heaters

I just received a letter from my property management company about the use of space heaters in the winter. Our apartments have electricity included and central gas heating. Our apartment is completely freezing during the winter because the central heating blows hot air on and off at a wall and never makes it to the rest of the house and certainly not into the bedrooms.

My roommate and I bought space heaters to get some heat into our rooms. My last landlord told us that we were not allowed to have these, though he could legally not take them away. He said that we should just leave our bedroom doors open to get the heat inside. Unfortunately, unlike him, I do not live with a spouse and my roommate and I require some privacy. Even if keeping our doors open was an option, not enough heat makes a full u-turn to make it into my roommate's 2-outdoor-walled bedroom.

All tenants just received a letter from the company today that space heaters are not allowed because electricity is paid for by the building and that they have seen unusually high electricity bills and have seen space heaters in some apartments. Since the heating is totally insufficient, do we have a right to use space heaters? The letter stated that use of them could lead to eviction. Is this legal? I cannot pay $200/month in heating bills when you can always see your breath in the house.

Any advice?