August 5th, 2008



I am doing a project for a friend, and need to know the location of as many anchors as possible in the Portland Metropolitan area (Washington County included). Any anchor that I could get close enough to take a picture of, preferably a picture with a person in it.

Anchors on signs, plaques, in stores, etc count. It Any size, any material.
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Fighting traffic citations in Washington County

DP, I request your amateur lawyerly advice. varro, you seem lawyer-ish.

My husband got a bogus "failure to obey traffic control device" citation a month ago from the Washington County Sheriff's Office. We recently went to court, pled not guilty, and have a date scheduled for the hearing. It seems that the common advice on the internet is to file a "Motion for Discovery" and request a continuance. However, the internets have failed me in letting me know how to actually file for these things.

What legal verbiage is required for a "Motion for Discovery"? Are there sample form letters somewhere?
How long before the trial must this motion be submitted?
Where should he send the motion and request for continuance?
If he requests a continuance, does this waive his right to a speedy trial?
How many times can he request a continuance?

If a driver supposedly runs a red left-turn arrow, does the officer have to flash his lights at the time of the incident, or can he pull the driver over blocks later? Does it make a difference if the officer was in front of driver in the same lane at the time of the incident?
How much weight will the officer's statement of "Well, the arrow was yellow when I went through, therefore it must have been red when you went," have in court?

Also, the officer who issued the ticket apparently only likes to schedule court dates on Thursdays and Fridays, which are bad days work-wise for my husband to take off. Can the officer legally restrict scheduling court dates like this? If not, what can we say/cite to the receptionist who does the scheduling?

Any info and personal stories would help out tremendously.
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Something that has puzzled me for years:

Usually I dislike it when people generalize about a culture. I also especially like it when people, often liberals, talk smack about "American Culture", somehow forgetting that they themselves, and many other people who don't fit stereotypes, are part of American culture.
But this is something that has puzzled me for years, and mostly since I got back from Taiwan.
Americans (of all types) seem to have two seemingly opposing cultural traits. Americans have a great sense of masochism, and they also have a great sense of entitlement.
The masochism thing showed up for me after I got back from Taiwan. It seems like Americans like to brag about how little they have slept, how poor they are and how hard they have had to work. Americans also seem to be rather jealous and resentful of the well-off. On the other hand, Americans also seem to feel entitled to certain things---such as the recent shock that gasoline is not guaranteed to be as cheap and plentiful as needed. Its like there is this idea that suffering undertaken will magically turn into resources, but only the resources that will enable further participation in the system of suffering.
That is as much as I can parse it out, at least.

Am I wrong?

So, what I don't get, is why the entitlement is only for the resources needed to participate in the system of suffering some more. As long as Americans feel entitled, why not feel entitled to things that will actually make a difference? Like, instead of assuming that jobs should provide health care, why not put those resources into living a life where we don't get sick in the first place? For that matter, why are we using resources to "create jobs" ("creating jobs" just means "lowering productivity"), why not use those same resources to move beyond a world where we need to work in some pointless job anyway? Why do people think they are entitled to health care and cheap gas, if it is just used to work in some pointless job so they can get more health care and cheap gas?

Am I the only person who sees this as a mixture of masochism and entitlement?

Portland related because Portland is at least 10% lame than the rest of the US.
"When the going gets dark..."

The Pie Strikes Back

Follow up to yesterday's thread:

Who sells good pie in this town ? I'm usually fond of the choices at Random Order on Alberta St.-- so long as A) I get to them when they're fresh and B) I have earplugs because holy shit is that place noisy in the morning !

Also, I miss living down the street from The Pied Cow. I used to love their pecan pie. Maybe some of you lucky SE residents can tell me if it's still the same.


forum troll trouble

Remember Jason Fortuny, that guy in Seattle who published the fake Craigslist ad pretending to be a w4m, then published all the responses he got, to embarrass the responders? He's being sued. Count one: Violation of copyright act Count two: Public disclosure of private facts Count three: Intrusion upon seclusion Count four: Injunctive relief. His response is classic trollish attempting to evade responsibility.

OK, now for the bonus question. Remember that guy on damnportlanders who duplicated this offense?
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Stop ID ?????

Is there a good reason why only the sheltered bus stops have their Stop ID number displayed?

I don't like having to call Trimet and go through the hassle of entering my line number, indicating which direction the bus I want is going, then selecting the nearest major streets (which, half the time, I don't even know because I'm not familiar with the area!) and then having to scroll through the previous/next bus stops until I find the one I'm at.

Surely it's not a matter of space, because there is enough room on the line number sign to throw in a few digits. Is it really a money thing? Or maybe the numbers are there but you need special goggles to see them and I'm sadly not one of the lucky owners of said goggles?

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Dear damnportlanders,

I'm hoping someone here can refer me to a quality chimney cleaning and repair contractor in town.

I've been looking up various companies on Citysearch and other sites and many of the recommendations I've seen have been anti-recommendations -- horror stories of terrible customer service and sloppy work.

If anyone here has ever worked with a good chimney service, I'd appreciate any pointers. I live in SE but I don't think that should make a difference as long as the company works here in town.

Thank you in advance,

Guide me!

OK people, I thought about doing this after I saw the "they have good pie" suggestions on the pie thread.

Are there specific restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs, movie know, HANG OUTS, that you recommend?  I'm going to put all of this stuff on a "things to do in Portland when you're not dead" google map so I'll know the good places that are worth going.

Every city has hidden places to discover. I want to know yours.


Bite me

The Bite of Oregon. Anyone been in past years? Tell me about it how much money did you spend and was it worth it? Should I take along my out of town visitors- yay/nay?

annnnd go.
my neck

help me

Hey whats up girls and guys.. My name is Christine, I just recently moved to portland and have been actively filling out apartment applications. I am in serious need of a temporary place/couch to crash on while in between leases. Ive been using the couchsurfing website but havent really found anything good. The longest amount of time ill need is maybe 2 weeks to a month. If youd like like to chat more because maybe ya think you can help, drop me a line!!
Thanks Portland!!

Calling All Amateur Videographers!

Greetings DP!

Who wants to videotape an epic softball game this Sunday at 3:00? This is going to be GOOD.

The facts:
-The final game of the regular season between two rival teams that aren't very good.
-If my team wins we advance to the playoffs.
-It will take about two hours of your time, should you commit to the whole game.

The cons:
-This is not a paying job. You will not be receiving any money for your work.
-You will provide your own camera.
-Your camera MUST be a MiniDV format camera, no exceptions.
-You must be 21 years of age to participate in the drinking (this IS a bar-league, after all).

The pros:
-You will be paid in free beer and BBQ. Sorry vegetarians or beer-haters, that's all we got.
-I will provide the videotape (unless I get flooded with responses). Just show up with your camera.

Should you want to help me out with this project, expect some light direction from me about camera placement and whatnot, otherwise I'm going to be out in the field playing so I'll leave it to you creative folks to just kind of direct yourselves. After the game and festivities and the shooting is done, you hand over your tape to me and that's it! I will (eventually) cut all of this footage together and weave it into an excellent presentation which everyone who contributed gets a copy of!

The specifics:
The Battle for Belmont
Chico's Bail Bonds (aka Triple Nickel) vs. Hanigan's (aka The Vern)
Game starts at 3:00 pm at
Clinton Park, SE 55th Ave. and Division St. (across the street from Dairy Queen)


Poster below, lovingly drawn by mister_punchy:

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I need a vacuum
I'm not willing to pay full price as one of my stupid room mates WILL break it or loan it out while they're drunk

I have had ZERO luck with Craigslist and Goodwill

So, if one of you guys has a vacuum that does NOT require bags I will happily pay you money for it.

I would like it to be less than 3 years old, bagless and fully functional

I will pay up to $38.79

Recycling/Yard Waste?

I just moved back home, and I am trying to set up a better recycling program in my family.
What are the limitations for the Yard Waste bin? I checked the waste management website and it says:

"·Include weeds, leaves, vines, grass clippings, fallen fruit from your fruit trees, vegetables from your garden, Halloween pumpkins.
Contents should not include garbage, rocks, sods, dirt, ashes, or animal waste"

So, no table scraps? I am asking because at my last residence, in another city we would put all table scraps in the yard waste bin, excluding bones and egg shells, and they would take it. Does anyone else use the bin in this way?


More stuff for sale!

I have a large rat cage along with a bag of FortiDiet rat food and Carefresh bedding(both food and bedding are open, but still good/usable).

The cage has a humongous wheel which is perfect for large rats, and it has three levels(second level is the wheel) and comes with a water bottle and two food dishes.
The bottom is plastic and the cage lifts off of the bottom for easy cleaning.

$50 for the cage, bedding and food.

I also have 4 stock Audi wheels. Still have good tread on the tires. $100 for all 4.

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Fig recipes

In my backyard I have a huge fig tree that has given me more figs than I know what to do with. Last year I ended up giving most of them away to friends & co-workers but this year I am determined to actually make some delicious foods with them. My first goal is to buy a dehydrator because having the oven on in this weather for 12+ hours isn't too appealing.

Have any of you ever made fruit leather from figs? I've found basic fruit leather recipes but wondered how figs would turn out because they are so nice and juicy inside.

Finally, does anyone have any delicious fig recipes (fresh/dried) they would like to share? I would be stoked and happy to pay you in fruits for your figgy knowledge! :)

phone card to ethiopia?

Best place around town to get a phone card to Ethiopia? preferably when giving a recommendation you have bought for at least somewhere in Africa because the rates are much more to Africa than it is to Europe. Yes I know about skype, no it doesn't work because my boyfriend only has access to dial-up.

Any suggestions?

yummy car air freshener

I finally found a decent car air freshener that doesn't smell overwhelmingly of something nasty artificial. It's just a bag of coffee beans. I bought about a quarter pound of coffee from the bulk bins at the store and left it in the car. For the first round I went with some foofy vanilla nut blend. I liked that for a while, but I think for the next round I'm gonna go with just a plain bean. But it's sooooo much nicer than those icky tree things, and costs about the same anyways. Coffee! yumm!

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Own a guitar and live in an apartment?

Buy my Digitech RP-100 Modeling Guitar Processor for $30
Read Reviews of it Here

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You can set it to distortion, clean, crunchy, jazz, blues, and everything in between.
Has built-in drum beats if you want to jam-along, or pipe the headphones into your PC Line-In for fun recording. (I recommend Reaper for PC recording.)

Sells for $99. I'll let it go for $30 firm.

lokidecat at gmail if interested.
Xmas Socks

Game Night Wednesday!

Tomorrow's the first Wednesday of the month, so here's your regularly scheduled reminder:

Game Night Wednesday, August 6th.
Lucky Lab NW at 19th and Quimby.
Starts at 700 or so and goes until around 1000, but we have been known to stay longer.
The PDXers are a group of singles in their 20s and 30s who are interested in meeting and hanging out with others in the same demographic twice a month. That's NOT to say that we don't LOVE all you old and partnered people ;) but hey, it is what it is.
So, come and hang out. Drink some beer. Eat some food. Play some Uno, or Bullshit, or Fluxx, or... whatever you want to bring!

See you there!
from a papercut by nikki mclure

(no subject)

tomorrow afternoon i'll be photographing interesting food gardens for a powerpoint presentation i'm making for a lesson teaching children about growing food. know of a rad spot i need to take pictures of? bonuses for creative reuse or interesting planters or containers. i don't have a lot of time, so i'd like to stick to inner SE/NE.

thanks for any suggestions!

Interesting bar behavior.

So tonight I found myself doing karaoke at The Egyptian Room* and it made me want to ask you DP

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*This was the best karaoke I've been to so far.  I was there about two hours and I sang about 4 times.  They had a pretty good selection - it was the first karaoke host I've seen who had a cover 'The Green Manalishi' by Judas Priest.

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