August 4th, 2008

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Back after a while off, because I don't know who else to turn to.

I need a shirt. Black, longsleeved, tshirt in about a 3X, and it has to be relatively long (like midthigh).

I've tried all the hell over the place, but no one sells longsleeved shirts this time of year. They all tell me to come back in a few weeks, but it's for a costume for Kumoricon (and another con this month elsewhere) and I need it by about the 15th, so that also rules out mail order (which was *already* ruled out because I need to try it on before I buy it).

I wouldn't have any idea where to begin making it, so I need to buy it. Where in the city can I find such a thing? I've been to secondhand stores but still that piece evades me.

Someone suggested GenX, but that's all the way across the city from me. Would it be worth it to go out there?

Thanks everyone! I found the Gen X in Hillsboro and got it for six bucks!
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anyone know how to get rid of point roll ads that show up in my browser? they seem to be sent through i tried adblock (im using firefox) but it didnt help. its driving me nuts having a new tab popping up all the time, makes my browser come up when im doing other things too. grr.

City of Lost Children playing tonight at the Broadway Metroplex for the looow low cost of $5!! 7:30pm tonight!

Part of the Independent Film Revival (IFR).

I am totally stoked because this is one of my film suggestions for the IFR annnd I am co-hosting this event with my friend Riley who started the IFR.

So you should all totally come down. Because this film is amaaaazing.

Babylon 5 Season Sets - 1 and 3

For sale: Box sets of the classic sci-fi series Babylon 5. I have, and am selling, Season 0ne and Season Three (I know, I know - you'll have to find Seasons Two, Four and Five on your own).

It was the last, best hope for peace (and in later seasons, it failed and everyone started fighting the Shadows and Londo became Emperor and stuff). And now you can watch it all over again! Or at least two-fifths of it.

Each box set goes for $36, or buy them both for $65.

Portland-related because I'm local!
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Hack Hackity Hack Hack

Breaking my usual obsession with FLUGTAG gardening to give anyone who might care a head's up.

I have a checking account with Point West Credit Union. This morning I got a robo-call from somebody who claimed to work for them, wanting information regarding "unauthorized charges" on my debit card. Being a naturally surly and skeptical person, I hung up on the robot and called PWCU directly.

Turns out the robo-call was legitimate. PWCU confirmed it has a company working for it that monitors cardholders and flags charges that look uncharacteristic or unfamiliar. So I called that company back and it turns out my card had been hacked. I rejected both charges they inquired about (to the tune of about 20 bucks). Then I had to call back PWCU proper and have my debit card canceled prior to being issued a new one with a new number in a week or two.

A big pain in the ass, but all told, it could have been bigger. I just wanted to tell you all in case the scumbuckets are trying this shit all over town.

Death to hacking thieving assholes. But hats off to PWCU for being quick on the uptake.

Happy fucking Monday.

Help me ride dirty

This is an odd request, but I'm in need of a backpack full of dirt. Good dirt. Dirt I can grow plants in. I realize I can go to a nursery and purchase potting soil (though, I don't even know where they nurseries are around here), but that's about as silly as buying bottled water.

So... is there a place around town that wouldn't mind me busting out a shovel and running off with some of their dirt?
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Gardeners, I need your help

Do you know of anywhere local that sells vermiculite? Lowes and Home Depot don't have it, I've checked.

Yes, I could call around, but I'm at work right now and a quiet office doesn't give me the privacy needed for obviously-not-work-related phone calls :)

Thanks in advance!

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Dear damn dirty hippies in the decrepit VW van ahead of me on Front,

Judging from the 40-odd bumper stickers spread thickly upon the rust & primer colored posterior of you ill-kept vehicle, you hold the condition of the Earth in high regard, rather higher, in fact than the freedom of Tibet and the outcome of the 2000 US election.

Really, though? Copious clouds of fetid blue smoke, and brain-clouding quantities of unburned gasoline vapors were issuing from the asshole of your vehicle. As I sat behind you at the light, I watched in grim fascination as a thick, viscous drop of black liquid oozed from your engine compartment. Since it hasn't rained for days, and the condition of your vehicle's once-shiny coat betrays a lack of hygiene paralleled only by your matted dreadlocks, I'm guessing this wasn't water, but in fact one of your fine automobile's vital fluids; all of which are poisonous hydrocarbons.

Perhaps the irony isn't lost on you. Perhaps you've weighed the ecological and socio-economic impact of driving that hideous piece of shit against the merits of driving something more sound, much less -god forbid- properly maintaining that monstrosity. I doubt it though. I think the hippy cachet of driving a 69 van, held together by bumperstickers and hippy residue, in combination with you simply being too lazy, stoned, or broke led to this state of affairs.

Much love,
The guy behind you in the Prius, choking and wishing you a painful death


Are there any hair salons or individuals that specialize in or are familiar with vintage hairstyles? I usually do my own hair, but this time I would like to get it styled for a special occassion. I am looking for pin-up, swing-era inspired stuff: victory rolls, faux-bangs, etc. Any help would be appreciated, and I don't mind traveling anywhere in the city.
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Finding a place to live

Okay, I know you guys get a ton of these posts, so here's hoping mine is specific enough not to warrant a bevy of annoyed responses . . .

I'm coming up from California this weekend to search for a room. The only residential parts of Portland I've seen are the Hawthorne and Belmont districts, which I loved. I'm in my early 20s and looking for a relatively affordable room in an area with other people my age who are into art and music and all that stuff. Ideally, the area would have a lot of gay people and not be too far from PSU. The SE quadrant is my first choice because my research has indicated that it's the most Bohemian part of Portland—but I don't want to be inflexible. So, any notes on the other quadrants? Any particular non-SE neighborhoods that fit what I'm looking for? Any areas that are full of yuppies/elderly people/families/boringness/axe murderers that I should avoid?


P.S. I would be eternally grateful to anyone willing to go through the trouble of posting a city map with desirable and undesirable regions highlighted! That would probably be the most helpful way to convey the info to me, since I'm pretty unfamiliar with where the various neighborhoods are.
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For any one thinking of satellite tv

I found this really neat Google hack site that will show an address via sat view of Google maps, then has a drop down of what satellites you want to connect to. It helps answer your line of site questions. I am finding it very helpful and thought others may as well.
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Free credit report

i've been searching online for a website that offers free credit reports. i'm running into sites that want you to include a credit card. are there any sites that don't ask for this? seems to defeat the purpose of being 'free.' i'm not having luck finding one thus far. bahh!

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For those of you with kids - or just opinions, I you think 6 is too late for kindergarten? Or does Oregon even require k; could the boyo just go straight from another year of pre-k to 1st grade? I'll have to check on that.

Anyway, thanks!

Pacific City & the Dories

I was just reading an article about an accident between a dory and a surfer in Pacific City and thought...I've lived here all my life and have never seen the dories launch or come in. 

Does anybody have a general idea as to when both of these happen?  Thank you in advance.

Guitar instruction: Personal Recommendation

Hi everyone. I am looking for a guitar instructor for my son. He has taken a little over a year and a half already.

I was paying the last instructor 20$ for a half an hour once a week. Not sure if that transfers over to this area.

Instructor must be willing to come to my home in Beaverton. My son has varied musical tastes from oldies to Michael Jackson to screamy metal (his favorite). He's going to be 12.

Just actual experience please. I am aware of craigslist.
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Pie Poll!!

Hey kids!! What time is it?? It's inane research time! I have a curiosity on about what pie people like most...
Poll #1235306 pppp-PIE!
This poll is closed.

What is your favorite kind of pie?

berry, baked (boysenberry, blackberry, marionberry, blueberry)
berry, fresh (strawberry, raspberry, etc.)
creme pie (banana, chocolate, peanut butter, etc.)
lemon meringue
other (please leave a comment)

If you only like a specific kind out of one of the categories I've listed above, go ahead and mark the category and then leave a comment as to which you like best.

Thank you!

(portland related cause it's PIE!)
Darklady by Ator

Radio Dentata Launches Uncensored “Radio with Teeth”


Radio Dentata Launches Uncensored “Radio with Teeth”

FULL FRONTAL LOBE, USA – is on the air – and breathing life and common sense into talk radio.

Featuring 24/7 totally uncensored interviews, political rants, def poetry, site reviews, art, literature, sex, soul, and rock-n-roll, the estrogen-fueled minds behind Radio Dentata are on a mission to empower adults – including those fortunate enough to be female.

Hosts like Darklady, Essen Em, and the ex-priest known as Dr. Dick speak openly and honestly on matters sexual and political because Radio Dentata’s founders believe that adults deserve to be talked to like adults. As the website reminds, “Just because it’s for adults, doesn’t mean it’s porn.” blurs the lines between the mainstream and the pornographic, broadcasting from an audio wonderland where creativity and passion meet reason and articulation; a world where “all things in life are erotic -- and the Erotic is Power.”

Find out for yourself at

To advertise, have your photography or music featured, or propose a show concept, contact
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Repairing a broken door frame

Is there someone who you guys would recommend to be able to fix a broken interior door frame for a reasonable price, that does a really good job? So good a job that perhaps a landlord wouldn't be able to tell? In Aloha, if that helps.
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