August 3rd, 2008

music notes

Show: The Tar Plains & Black Mercies at Kelly's Olympian Sunday Night

On behalf of troymercy, copied from his LJ post:

Big show, this Sunday! Come show your support!

For us, The Tar Plains... And The Prids! Once again, we are donating our cut of door sales. For those that don't know they were in a serious accident and sustained many injuries.

This is our last show, for a while, before we go on vacation, then into the studio (as it were)

Kelly's Olympian (426 SW Washington). This Sunday, Aug 3. $5.00 cover

We are hitting the stage, at 9 pm SHARP, followed closely, by Black Mercies

It's just us and them, so come join us, for a quick blast of synth-rock...And a drink or two

Hope to see you all there!

Love, peace and harmony,

Meester Mercy

P.S. You can find a bunch of videos from some of their practice sessions on YouTube for broader taste of their songs. Hope to see you there! =)
Suz - surprise

18 & up clubs?!

My 19-year old sister and her girlfriend are coming into town next week. I'm looking for some ideas on places that they might enjoy. My sister has already been up here to visit, so she's seen the usual touristy stuff. In particular I'd like to know if there are any 18 & up clubs that she might enjoy... whether for the lesbian scene or just generally good dance music... electronic, 80s, punk, goth, industrial, swing, etc. Her tastes are fairly eclectic. So, suggest away... =)

Feline Pine kitty litter

Do you use it?
I bought two bags in anticipation of bringing home kittens, only to discover that they won't have anything to do with it. If you want some, and don't mind driving out to SW PDX/Beavertron to pick it up, it's yours.

EDIT: I'm not asking for advice on how to train them to use it, I'm just looking to get rid of it. So please, just let me know if you want it.
Dark Knight

Interview suggestions!

Ok, so I have an interview on Tuesday for a job I'd really, really like (I think!).

My inquiry; What are your favorite questions to ask while you're interviewing? I have an arsenal of the usual questions, but I'd like to throw in some interesting ones. My favorite question to ask (which usually throws people off, but also makes them think) "What is one question that I've not asked you about the (job, company, skillset, etc) that you wish I would have?"

I know you kids have something creative for me.

Thanks in advance! Now I'm going to go outside and play :)
south park sans boook

(no subject)

I have now moved into my new place and have a bunch of boxes that I need to get out of my place. If no one wants them by tomorrow, I will post on Craigslist or recycle.

I have some sturdy liquor and paper boxes.

I'm in NW and can leave them outside my door.

More Free/Exchangable Yard/Garden Goodies !

Hey, dp faithful.

My Sunday project was adding an extension to a corner downspout. That means that a bunch of perennials had to get out of the way, which means more freebies for you-- If you want 'em.

I've got several good-size containers of golden oregano. Though mine has white flowers, not lavender. Bees love the blooms and you can use the leaves for cooking, of course. This is a fairly drought-tolerant plant that spreads quickly.

I also have a few containers of spiderwort (aka "Widows tears"), Tradescantia. It doesn't look like much now that its bloom season is over, but it will bloom nicely next year for over a month in almost any area you place it. Providing it gets a little TLC right now, and some mulching in time for Fall and Winter. I have some with white blooms that have a fuzzy lavender center ("Osprey") and some that have deep purple blooms. Bees love these, too. They are fast spreaders that do well with a bigger, stronger plant like bearded iris to help hold them up.

First come, first served. Plant swaps welcome. Drop me a line, blah blah blah. You know the drill.

Have a great week.

One Night Only - Free showing of The Exiles, Monday, August 4 at 9pm


If you haven’t heard, Kent Mackenzie’s film, The Exiles (1961) has been receiving rave reviews since it opened at NYC’s Film Forum on July 11. Lost for over 40 years and recently restored, this film is an amazing look at a day in the life of a group of twenty-something Native Americans who left reservation life in the 1950s to live in the district of Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, California.  Bunker Hill was then a blighted residential locality of decayed Victorian mansions, sometimes featured in the writings of Raymond Chandler, John Fante and Charles Bukowski.
Portland’s premiere film collector and historian, Tom Robinson, invites you to see a one-time screening of his vintage 16mm print tomorrow night at Monday Movies in North Portland. This is the only other public showing of this film currently available.
Click here to see the trailer:
Official film site with more info:

Free admission • Show starts at 9pm • All ages welcome!
Mississippi Station
Mississippi Station • 3943 North Mississippi, Portland, OR 97227 • 503-517-5751

emergency nice belt

My boyfriend finally got himself a sweet job interview. He forgot to get a belt, it's tomorrow at 10 o'clock. Any ideas where one can get a fairly nice belt by like 9:30 tomorrow and still be in NW by like 9:50ish. Something basic and er black? And leathery?

We can drive within reason

It's mostly the timing that leaves me a bit clueless. Timing is not his strong point.

Thank you!
Eat Me!

Portland area Verizon/DirectTV users

Do you have issues with the quality of the signal when it rains/weather? And if there is an issue with the signal due to rain/weather how bad does it have to get for it to kill the signal? (As in, will a minor sprinkle of rain take out the signal?)

We used DishNetwork about 13 years ago and the slightest cloudy day would make a noticeable difference, so before we get hooked up we want to make sure it’s worth it.



Have any recommendations or referrals for 2 or so strong folks who I could hire (or bribe with food) to help me move from NW to SE sometime in the next month? It'd be a pretty quick move, I think, since the only heavy items are a bed, couch, and some dressers, but I'd rather not pick someone randomly from craigslist and none of my friends are strong enough to help me load/unload a uhaul. There are some stairs required at the destination, so recommendations for folks with experience are much appreciated!


(no subject)

I am looking for a place that cleans Rolex watches. I also need a new battery.

Additionally I want to SELL the watch after it is all shiny.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? Work for a jeweler?

It's a real Rolex. My boyfriend's mom found it in a puddle a long time ago and gave it to him. He verified that it was real and wore it until the battery died.

He no longer has any need for a watch at all, it's just not his thing. But the money would be nice.

(no subject)

I realize this must have been asked a trillion times, but I can't imagine searching the archives for the answer either. Would someone be so kind as to recommend a good, yet inexpensive vegetarian (not necessarily vegan) place for lunch? In Northwest/23rd/Pearl area preferably.

My huz needs to take some veggie types out for lunch this week.

Nintento 64 for sale.

I have a Nintendo 64 that I never play and since I am moving, I figure this is a good time to sell it.
You get the *Nintendo 64 console complete with:
Collapse )

Thats 9 games and some extras.

All for $65 or best offer.

*A/V cable not included.

EDIT: I do have the A/V cable. So it is included.
Edit again: Got a potential buyer. So for now, it is claimed.

i keep swallowing my balls.

no, really.
this is the... second? third? tongue ring ball that i've lost
in the last several months since i've gotten my tongue pierced.
and smart me, all my remaining studs are .somewhere. in my storage unit
with me going "aaaaak" and sucking on half a tongue ring.
what's the earliest opening sorta place you can think of
that offers tongue rings (preferably acryllic, as i like my teeth)?
i'm not expecting to be able to hit them before i go to work at
tomorrow morning, but serious bonus points if i can, since i don't really
wanna sleep on half.a.ring and either swallow the remaining half
or have the hole close.

oh. and bonus points for being somewhere along/near burnside and on the east side
of the river.