August 2nd, 2008

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Where can I find those snazzy little laptop cases? I'm not looking for a computer bag or briefcase or anything like that, just one of those squishy padded covers you slip it into and zip up (for a 15" screen). I quickly perused the Mac store, but I'm in search of something obnoxiously bright and patterned. I'm talking multiple colors, polka dots, stripes, paisley, ya'know.

I'd prefer to acquire one from a store rather than online, as I'm an impatient youngin' who enjoys instant gratification.

My new computer and inevitable clumsiness thanks you.

More updates on exploring Portland's further reaches:

I haven't updated on this for a while, but one of my Portland related goals I made at the beginning of this year was to tie together all my walks around the greater Portland area, and also to walk to new places. I have covered many places, I have now walked from Crown Point to Newberg, and from Battle Ground to Jefferson.

And today I walked to North Plains, a town I didn't even realize existed until recently. I half knew it as a name on a map, and now I have been there.

I decided to go there because it is five miles from Hillsboro, which means even if I would have gotten totally sidetracked, I could stay there until nine PM and easily walk back to Hillsboro and catch a MAX back home. For only being five miles from Hillsboro, though, it is a ways out: I passed out of Hillsboro and its suburban areas, and through some real rural country. North Plains itself is really cute, its a real small town, not just a suburban area. There is a real downtown area, too. And a nice new library! Also, they are trying to build a skate park, which I should have given more money to. After all, while rural towns might be fun to visit, they aren't always fun to grow up in.

I then walked east out of North Plains, all the way to 185th Ave. I liked this part of the trip best, it felt like real peaceful, rural country. Not like the semi-rural country that is much more common.

So where is left for me to go?

Scammity scam scam

Just a warning to all of you looking for houses for rent:
My BF and I have twice emailed two different people for two different houses and both times the replies have been from someone in Afica, the emails looking like they were written by foreign four year old. The one my boyfriend got said that he and his "wife" went to Africa to become missionaries, the one I got was from a man and his "wife" who went to Africa for training to be "LASIK eye surgeons in Africa." sounds scammy to me. The first one even offered to fedex the keys.

My guess would be to avoid any ad that has only an email address for contact information and no phone number. Or places that seem just too good to be true.

Did Bon Jovi Lie to America?

"I'll be there for you,
These five words I swear to you".
"I'll" is really two words, "I will".
So those lyrics are really six words in length.
Do you really trust that Bon Jovi will be there for you?
He seems kind of shabby in the accuracy department.
Darklady by Ator

Darklady & Andy Mangels to Co-Emcee 2008 Oregon State Leather Contest TONIGHT

Join Blackout Leather Productions and its co-emcees/2004 titleholders Darklady and Andy Mangels for a night of leather pride, passion, and competition at the 2008 Oregon State Leather contest -- TONIGHT.

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008
The Embers Avenue
110 NW Broadway
Portland, OR

$15 admission
21+ with ID
Doors open at 6pm
Show runs from 7 – 10pm

Whether you dress up in your pervy best or just slip into a t-shirt and jeans, tonight’s contest and social opportunities will put a smile on your face and naughty things in your mind! Meet & greet the contest winners after the show at Eagle PDX until midnight. Visit for more information about Leather Pride Week events.
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Name That Plant, AGAIN.

No, not another Flugtag post.

ms_xeno and I would like to know what these plants are. It's a vine that produces both purple flowers and red berries. Birds love it, so our indoor cats love the vine and we will not have it removed.

(Pictures *behind* the cut.)
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people's republic of PDX

okay you damn Portlanders...

I moved away to another city in another state, and I want to find one of them "people's republic of Portland" shirts like the ones they sell at the PDX Powell's. I need to find one online since it's a bit of a drive (800+ miles) to the Portland airport.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

danke in advance.

[biglove] o death


1) Best Churro in town? I developed a craving but couldn't find any and had to settle for a consolation prize of a Taco Time empanada (which was delish, but... not a churro).

2) Is there any place to get either a muffaletta (like, the whole sandwich, not just the bread) or a beignet in PDX? I've done some research and struck out at a couple of places and have had an on-going craving since visiting NOLA last summer.

(Bonus points for West Side reccs so I can take the bike).