August 1st, 2008

Tea whores unite secretly

The goldfish of birds...

So before you sling the term 'bird killer' in my direction, I'll start out by saying I bought all my parakeets from Petsmart during the time of their bird flu discovery and so we've decided given the conditions they were raised in and possible bird flu, that is why they died...

BUT! I want to try again, give it one last go before chalking it up to that I just can't keep a bird for damned, so where does a little hopeless person like myself go to find quality, and maybe locally raised Budgies/Parakeets that I can have their wings clipped and trust they won't be the goldfish of birds anylonger.

Thank you dear DP

And does anyone have any suggestions on a good way to throughly clean the bird cage so it's not all eww and possible traces of whatever the last bird had? I'm afraid to use bleach, but I will if that's what you suggest.
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Need a job...

My husband and I are moving back to the Portland area in about a month after being away for about three years. I've gotten into the banking line of work in that time and would like to stay in that field for the time being. Does anyone know of any bank or credit union jobs opening up, preferably in the Tigard/Beaverton/Tualatin area? I've applied at First Tech, Rivermark, and Washington Mutual; but I'm looking for more prospects since I pretty much NEED a job when we move back. It's a little tough since I only have a German phone number, but I'm hoping that some nice human resources person will be sympathetic to my plight and be willing to contact me by email. *crosses fingers*

Park Rentals

So I am trying to plan something for my birthday in 2 weeks (plan #1 fell through, plus I haven't really been thinking about it), and I think what would be the most fun would be to just invite a bunch of my friends to a park and have a BBQ, beer, etc.. is this doable? I'm pretty sure it is, but I am not sure what would be a good park location- obviously something with the covered picnic tables and a BBQ, but aside from that, I would look for something pretty and centrally located... so if anyone has suggestions, I sure would appreciate it! :)


I know someone asked a similar question but I didn't really see an answer to mine so I'm posing it again.

My roommate and I hate Comcast and want to change services. We would prefer to have phone/internet/cable (possibly not cable; it's not a necessity). We called Qwest but were told that we'd have to sign a contract committing us to 18 months of service with Direct TV. I'm not interested in doing that with a service I've had no experience with before and have heard not so good reviews on. Are there any other options for internet/phone (and cable, IF possible) that anyone could recommend?

Also - tried the Verizon route. They don't service the area I live in.

Thank you!
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Satellite tv

Do any of you use Dish Network and get the dishHD (HD only) package? I am wondering how many dishes they set you up with and what direction they need to be pointing. I am pretty sure that DirecTV points you SE towards Texas but I have heard that Dish Network needs to be facing SW. I would prefer to go with Dish Network for the HD only package but depending on the direction the dish has to face I may be screwed.

Thanks in advance folks.

Just to stave off the inevitable, I can't get Fios in St. Johns and Comcast will never get anymore of my money.

Is it legal?

Moved out of a place at the end of June cleaned it very well, have always gotten deposits back.

Renter took out 25 for fridge cleaning, 25 for stove cleaning, 25 for kitchen and bathroom drawer cleaning, 25 for garbage removal which may have been a piece of paper, 25 for scratched window. We paid 150 cleaning fee, 150 refundable pet deposit, and 550 refundable general deposit. THere are a couple other understandable things we expected. What can I do about this? Is it illegal to take out for those things? I swept and mopped the floors...We scrubbed the already clean fridge, I guess I forgot a drawer that had a leaf in it. Anyone with good suggestions, or experience? Tenants have more rights than renters, right?
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Lollapalooza Webcast

checking out The Raconteurs now.....

webcast plays all weekend long.....

UPDATE: just ended for the night, starts up tomorrow again at 10:15 AM.
here's the lineup:

10:15 PM Margot & the Nuclear So So's
10:45 PM The Ting Tings
11:30 PM Dr. Dog
12:30 PM The Gutter Twins
01:30 PM The Go! Team
02:30 PM Duffy
03:30 PM Jamie Lidell
04:30 PM DeVotchka
05:30 PM Explosions in the Sky
06:30 PM Broken Social Scene
07:30 PM Wilco

false hope vs. real change

for those who feel left out by American Democracy™,
for those who can't be defined as "liberal" or "conservative",
for those who aren't satisfied with Obama or McCain,
for those who want to ditch the House of Representatives and represent themselves,
for those who feel powerless over even local issues,

i have something i think you should read: False Hope vs. Real Change (it's a PDF!)
Darklady by Ator

INVITE: Darklady's Birthday & Mid-Party Social 08-05-08

Since the venue I was negotiating with for a summer party suddenly stopped communicating -- thus inspiring its booking agent to quit -- it's unlikely I'll be hosting a full-blown (heh) summer party this year.

Instead, we can still enjoy a great Social in a clothing-optional location and begin planning for Polyween, with another Social likely before then.

Straight, gay, bi, male, female, trans, monogamous, poly, swinger, kinky, or vanilla -- you're all welcome.

The Social is FREE, although purchasing something to eat or drink would be a courtesy to the Safari Showclub, which is being very supportive. I'm told we can get into the pool naked, although guys will have to don a suit if a dancer gets into the water, too. -- Theresa

Darklady's Birthday & Mid-Party Social

Darklady's back from Disneyland and Comic-Con -- and ready to celebrate her birthday! Naturally, that means it's time for Darklady's Birthday & Mid-Party Social Night at the Safari Showclub.

Tuesday, August 5th
7:00pm – 10:00pm
Ages 21 and older
Fully Accessible

Safari Showclub
3000 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland, OR 97202

Wish Darklady a happy birthday, meet Darklings, catch up with party friends, splash around in the open-air patio wading pool, enjoy smoking and non-smoking social areas, indulge in birthday cake from the Naughty
Baker -- and just have a great time at a great club with some great people.

Join Darklady and friends for cocktails, conversation, good company, sexy dancers, door prizes from Taboo Video and Astroglide, 2-for-1 food prices and $1 off drinks – as well as a chance to win exciting Safari Showclub prizes, including VIP passes and round-trip airline tickets!
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Does anyone know where to buy a Terrible Towel, preferably in or around downtown Portland? A friend of mine is moving to Pittsburgh and it's honestly all I can think of that's Pittsburghy. Any other suggestions would be most welcome, too!

Share Your Thrifty Secrets!

What are your favorite local thrifting spots? Are there any fabulous flea markets for fun, cheap vintage finds--especially furniture? My partner and I are moving into a much bigger place and we need tips on how to fill it up on our limited budget (especially since we've just scrambled to put down first, last, and security deposit!)

Thanks for any ideas you have!