July 31st, 2008


Almost there....

Hi Portland

I've been spending every day on craigslist for the past couple of months, and still haven't found a place to move into when I arrive on Aug. 17th(+/- 1 day). Probably because I spent all of my energies at first trying to find a house to rent with some other folks, but they all backed out last minute...and those who are in town currently are beating me to the rooms available.

My question is- what is my best option if I don't have place by the time I get there? Hostel? Any guesthouses (not too expensive per month...like 500 or less for everything) you know about? Should I just try to use couchsurfing.com?

Something complicating things a bit is that I'm arriving with my road-trip travel buddy, who will be in Portland with me for a couple of days...so if say, a guesthouse won't let her stay with me, that won't work out.

Any thoughts? I'm usually not a last minute person when it comes to things like this, and I'm stressing out just a tiny bit.

All advice appreciated greatly!!

(And, in case you know of any temporary or long-term rooms opening up, I'm looking to live in the Alberta, Mississippi, or close-in SE areas.)
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Kitty help?

Hello oh great DPers! My boyfriend surprised me with a stray kitten tonight :) I'd been looking to adopt and somebody had decided to stray some in our apartment complex, so he decided we could give a home to one of those kittens :) We don't think she's been fixed, and we're also assuming she hasn't had any shots, etc. So I was just wondering if anybody knew where in Vancouver we could take her to get all of that stuff done? I was thinking the Humane Society, but their website doesn't mention anything about offering those services to kitties who have homes... any and all help is appreciated! Thanks!

CAT food bank

And just to show that there is a reason that I keep posting options for y'all to support CAT, proof that they also give back to the community! Long story short, they get lots of donations of cat and kitten food, and with the economy heading south they've found that people are having to give up their pets just because they can no longer afford to feed them. So CAT has set up a food bank that is open the first Sunday of the month (that's this weekend, yo) from 12 - 2:30 pm where pet owners in need can get up to a one month supply of food for up to 4 cats. They also have people there with advice on behavior and resources for low-cost or subsidized spay/neuter sercives. Does not matter what county you are in or anything - all that they require is that your cat is already fixed. :) Full details Collapse )
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Box of Free Food if you can come and get it by 1pm!

So we're setting off on our journey from Portland today, and I'm sad.

I have 1 box of food that I'm going to try and donate to a food bank or a shelter, but I have another box of things that are technically open but then not really - something got unsealed, or the box of oatmeal packets is open but the packets aren't, or an open box of tea with lots of packets left, etc.

Anyone know what I can do with this box of food? I'm 99% sure no place takes this sort of donation, and I can't give the box to a person on the side of the road since how are they going to microwave oatmeal packets?? So if you or someone you know can come get it, said box will be available at my house until 1pm, at which point our landlord arrives and we have to do a final walkthrough, and I'll have to just put it on the curb with a "free" sign and hope it doesn't rain (we're not a high-traffic street so I don't even know if it will be seen). I live on SE 64th, 2 blocks south of Powell, and can give the address to anyone who thinks they can be here before 1pm.

I've got a lamp and a few standing fans as well, and probably some other stuff - 3 foot xmas tree, anyone?

I'll donate all the other stuff to Goodwill or something, but the food... I leave it in your hands, Damnportlanders!

EDIT: oh right, you can see the sorts of things on the top of the pile at least here and here.

This has probably been asked before, but...

Do any of you work out at 24 Hour Fitness?  There's one really close to where I live and I've been thinking of joining, but I'm wary of the meat market vibe and potential crowds at peak hours.  Specifically, I'm looking at the Murray Hill location in Beaverton, but I'd like to hear about experiences from any of them.  I'd probably just be using the cardio machines, free weights, and maybe taking a class to two if they seem fun. 

For what it's worth, I'm a girl in my late 20s.  I exercise regularly but am definitely no great athlete.  I don't believe in putting on a fashion show at the gym or in having long cell phone conversations while on the treadmill.   

I'd rather join a smaller gym, but I haven't had much luck finding one in the area.  I kind of hate gyms in general, but I know winter's coming and I'm too much of a wuss to go jogging in the rain. 

Thoughts?  Snark?  Bring it on.

Making the move

EDIT: Nevermind. A simple direction (NW, SW, etc.) would do just fine. I haven't been in this community long, and I *have* looked back a few pages and saw no similar question. I tried to be nice about it so if you would like to do the same by sharing the knowledge and the love, feel free to answer my question. Otherwise, skip it and move on. Hearing it's been asked before and it annoys some of you from one person is enough. Thank you!

Hey Portland!
I would like to move to your amazing city from Olympia, WA and therefore need to start looking at housing options. But where to look? I want to live in the city itself (I wandered out to Gresham once... noooo thank you). I'm looking for something funky, good community, older buildings, sustainability projects, good biking areas, connected to public transportation, good food, etc. Basically, somewhere a recent Evergreen grad would be happy. Where's the coolest (in terms of interesting and fun, not necessarily trendy) neighborhood in Portland? Any areas remind you of Olympia?
Any tidbits of information are much appreciated.
Thanks Portland!
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Leos of DP, give us a rawr!

DP Bdays of August...

DP Leos & Virgos of August!

The days of... August:

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If you've met me, then you've probably signed "teh book" in person. I don't follow astrology, but it *is* interesting to find out what signs people are... even more interesting I've found, to find out what "day" people are after I started having them sign their day in the book 2 years ago. I don't ever expect to meet someone born on every day of the year, but that would so RAWK. I especially like it when people are the third or fourth person to sign that particular day, its intersting to see if they share interests or traits at all. The other day it dawned on me why I like this book so much... because its all inclusive--there's a page for 'everyone'. And, I love getting to know people, especially the 'little' things. :)

Comment in my Birthdays post w/ your August bday and I'll type a tiny bit of what your page says. Or, below and I'll look up the "meditation." :)

**(synthcat wanted a Leo-pic (above), Taken by bellybalt at June's meetup).

Vintage Rollerskates?

Hi guys,

My sister is in a play and needs some vintage rollerskates. She's been checking on ebay (got outbidded last time! lame) and we're going to hit the usual vintage stores downtown and nw today - I'm wondering if any of you have seen any recently or might have some leads - tia!

EDIT - Magpie downtown! How I've not been in there before is beyond me..
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Hey Portland! I'm moving in! Um... anybody got a room?

I'm a former Ohioan who upgraded to Pacific Northwest residency last year. I've been living in Seattle since May 2007. After a few visits to Portland and vicinity, I decided I'd rather make my home there. Here. Whatever. The point is, I am moving to Portland. I was accepted into the Ophthalmic Medical Technology program at Portland Community College (Cascade campus). I'm starting as a full-time student September 22. There's only one little problem. Both my potential living arrangements fell through, and quite suddenly. I've still got some time, but I'm starting to freak out. I've been scouring Craigslist with marginal success, but nothing definite yet. I've got enough for a decent deposit on a room, but I can't afford more than about $400/month including utilities.


I'm a full-time student (or will be), with horrific post-divorce credit and a slight disability. For the first few months, my income will be in the form of workstudy, student loans, and the kindness of friends and family. I have a goofy but well-behaved cat who doesn't pee on things or destroy furniture and gets along ok with other pets. I'm a good cook, I don't mind helping out with chores, and I tend to keep my room neat and common areas free from my clutter. I prefer a queer-friendly, geek-friendly environment with internet access either on site or within reasonable walking distance. I don't drive so I need to be close to PCC Cascade or a bus/max.

Ok, I know that's a lot to ask, but silverback2001 recommended this community as a good place to find stuff, so blame her!
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Golden Hours?

So, my boyfriend recently stumbled upon The Golden Hours... and we love them :) So I was wondering if anybody knew where abouts we could find an album? I was thinking EM but didn't want to wander all the way down town to be disappointed... thank you many!
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Traffic Bitching

To those taking the Sunset commute who take Exit 71 simply to bypass a bit of the traffic and get back on the freeway "further up"... I hope you DIE. A slow painful death. Ditto to those who actually change lanes, simply to zoom up ONE CAR LENGTH and cut back into the lane you should have stayed in in the first place. AND while we're at it, QUIT FUCKING TAILGATING MY ASS.

There. I home now. I will now go back to my regular pacifistic cheerful attitude. Carry on. :)
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does anybody on here have a rent-to-own arrangement?  my friend explained it to me a little bit, but i still don't understand how it is advantageous to both seller and buyer, and i am curious to know what the monthly payments look like in the area.

so basically, i don't want to rent anymore, i want my own very small house where my pets can be mischievous, preferably in fairly close-in nopo.   my lease here will be up at the end of november.  i am coming into a decent amount of money later this year, but not quite enough for a down payment.  also, i am a part time barista making crap wages.  i am going to start cocktail waitressing as well and making much more money, but it will be mostly under the table tips.  also, my job history looks sketchy cuz i have been paid under the table a lot.  ALSO i am a student (and will be one for probably 5 more years) and a lot of my money comes in the form of loans.  SO, no bank will want to give me money anyway, even if i did have the full amount for a down payment.  hence my exploration of the rent-to-own thing.

so does anybody rent-to-own?  are your monthly payments much higher than your rent would be in a conventional renting situation?  how long do you have before you are obligated to buy the home?  do you regret your decision and wish you had just stuck to renting?  how easy is it to convince a seller in this market to agree to a rent-to-own arrangement?




Hey all you Portland veterans, help a newbie out.

So if I'm in Arbor Lodge in NoPo and driving to a job in Hillsboro, assumedly during typical rush-hour type times, how nightmarish will the commute be? I assume I'll be driving against the traffic, which has to be a good thing, but I'm still not sure what I'm looking at.

Google Maps' new public transit forecast says the max'll take me 1hr40min, all things considered to get there. So yeah, I'm thinking driving's probably my best bet in this case. It's only two days a week.

Hellllllp I'm new in town and ignorant.
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(no subject)

So, I'm sick and tired of Comcast. I hate how my internet service slows down every night from 7pm to 1am, basically to the point where takes four to five minutes to load a single LJ page. And I've had problems with their cable lately, where the sound will cut out and the picture will pixellate for a second, and then go back to normal (Like the sci-fi channel right now).

All I need is cable and internet. I don't need a phone or any other super bundle thing. I know about Qwest, but I haven't been able to load the page for them for a couple of hours. But are there any other personal recommendations for reliable, and decent cable/internet providers in the SE Gresham area?

Cosmetology School! Yaaayyyy!

I've looked at all official websites involved, as well as some online reviews, but I need a little more personal input, for which I turn to you Damned Portlanders. And of course, I also checked the memories AND did a search with no luck, so here's my question:

Phagan's vs. Beau Monde; Who provides a superior learning experience?

Also, are they comparable in other aspects, such as tuition cost? Financial aid? Is one a better value than the other despite being pricier? Is there another school altogether into which I should look?

I am also checking out something called "Cosmetology Careers" near Lloyd Center. Eh? Ever heard of it? Worth a damn?

Any info y'all may have on any of these would be MUCH appreciated, as I am somewhat stressing about making big life-shaping decisions right now.

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SW Trail #3 in George Himes Park

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I took a walk from Beaverton to Portland today. I started at Beaverton TC (Destination A), and walked east on SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. When I reached Hillside, I took SW Capitol Highway east.

Here is where it gets interesting and postworthy. At the NW corner of George Himes Park (Destination B), there is an entrance into SW Trail #3. The trail is very beautiful, taking a fairly straight route through the gully in the north end of the park. Although it is parallel to the 10 freeway, it's a good forty feet below it, completely obscured by the park's foliage. The trail dips under the 99W and 5 bridges and dumps you out overlooking the cul-de-sac SW View Point Terrace (Destination C) with a nice view of the river. Looking at the map, you can see how much time I saved by taking a direct route from Destination B to C on my way to Macadam & Carolina (Destination D). Overall, it was very pleasant.

Note that it's a footpath so bicycling is restricted.

Local Commercials.

Just out of morbid curiousity, what local commercials annoy/scare you the most?

I have an unreasonable (I'm sure) fear of who I can only assume is David B. Lowry, the Social Security/Disability claims guy. His head is...so small and his body is so very large looking. I could just be the suit? Anyone here met him in person?

Also, the Furniture Outlet lady never fails to make me grit my teeth in irritation. I was cool with her kids but she just...pisses me off. She has forever tainted I Love Lucy for me.


Another unfocused driver behind the wheel


Car throws bicyclist about 138 feet in SE Portland

By ANTONIA GIEDWOYN, kgw.com Staff

A bicyclist was hit by a car and thrown approximately 138 feet in southeast Portland Thursday afternoon, police said.

Officers determined 23-year-old Lance Waddy hit the bicyclist from behind as both traveled eastbound on SE Stark Street, near 147th Avenue.

The adult bicyclist was thrown an estimated 138 feet and suffered serious but non life-threatening head injuries, said Sgt. Brian Schmautz, spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau.

The victim’s name was not released. He was transported to the hospital.

Police cited Waddy for reckless driving, not having insurance and driving with a suspended license.

The incident happened about 3 p.m.

Drivers: please remember that your vehicle can kill people and pay attention when you are driving. Thank you.