July 30th, 2008

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this evening i had the pleasure of picking up my order of cupcakes baked by Sister Mary Cupcake, aka (the man, the myth, the legend) drjeff's girlfriend. you may have seen his post the other night announcing the arrival of their vegan cupcake selection, and i'm happy to say that the pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes delivered both the noise and the funk in terms of taste sensation. my brief review is as follows:

  • baked using all vegan ingredients!
  • more delicious than felicia day!
  • they're like sex, except i'm having them!
  • i finally got to meet interweb celeb drjeff!
  • only $30 per dozen(your price may vary depending on how full the moon is).
  • there seems to be some mystery behind the creator of these cupcakes actually being named "sister mary". my emails on this issue were not returned by press time.
  • i only ordered a dozen, but they gave me 18. this is a game changer for the normal expectation of supply meeting demand, and thus caused me to seek out extra help consuming these scrumtrilescent treats. considering my normal hourly work rate, this possibly caused me to go into the red on this whole deal.
  • i had to meet drjeff. i was expecting more fanfare. no lights, no fog machine, just a dude. i probably wouldn't vote for him.
all of that to say - buy cupcakes from them. only 3 cons for 5 pros. oh, and they're vegan/bicycle friendly too, so how can you not? edit: order via email from sistermarycupcake[at] gmail!

ceramics studios?

I miss having a place to do ceramics. Any studios in SE where I can purchase open studio hours? I don't want to take a class, just have a wheel to throw on, table to work on, and a kiln.

I just need it to hold me over until I start school in September.

Thanks guys :)
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what's the cheapest minimum tattoo price you've encountered in portland shop? drawing a straight line is preferable, otherwise i'd just do it myself. i just don't really want to drop $50 on a 5 minute tattoo because i probably COULD do it myself and i'm a cheap motherfucker.

eastside/downtown is better.

thanks, bitch.
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Remember those spikes in Green Lake up in Seattle?

The following is taken from www.examiner.com

SEATTLE (Map, News) - The mystery of metal spikes found in Seattle's Green Lake over the past two weeks has been solved.

The Parks Department says they were placed in the lake more than 20 years ago to hold down plastic sheeting in an attempt to control water plants.

The metal stakes originally had curved tops that rusted off, leaving sharp points.

Some park users feared sabotage after the spikes were found. Divers recovered dozens of the metal rods.

A parks spokeswoman, Dewey Potter, said Monday, "I'm sorry it was us."

Police have closed their investigation.
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I can has stupid add removed?

Hey DP admin we've seen this hugely spammy advert below three times now.  Can we get rid of it so we can continue our rants about meat eating car drivers and how great communism is?


iPod Touch for sale

Em and I just picked up new iPhones, making that 8gb touch we got with our new MacBook Pro pretty much obsolete.

The thing has *maybe* 10 hours of use on it. Comes with everything, including the box (assuming Em didn't toss it). I'd like $250 for it, given the lack of use, but I'd consider offers below that.

Anyone interested?

(no subject)

Quick, guys:

I just started working at PSU (at Broadway and Harrison). Where can I get a good, creative (and meat/dairy-free) salad around here? Within walking distance (I'd rather not end up having ten minutes to eat and spend the rest of the time getting there and back.)

Any other places in the PSU area that I *have* to try? I'm tired of having the same thing.


Driving from OK to Portland. Which way??

We'll be driving to Portland sometime in late February or early March. The fastest route from Tulsa to Portland takes us through Denver, Salt Lake City, and Boise, Idaho, and uses interstates 70, 80 and 84.

We're a little worried that we'll encounter some nasty winter weather taking that route, so we're considering taking a southern detour that would take us instead through Flagstaff and Sacramento up I-5. It adds about 6 hours to the trip, which isn't terrible, but is less than ideal.

Can anyone shed some insight on winter road conditions on interstates 70, 80 or 84 going through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho? Does anyone know of any websites that might give me info about winter weather and road closures? My google-fu is not really providing anything useful.

Here's the entire route:

Thanks, you beautiful Portlanders. :-)


I'm looking at getting one of these ultra-portable laptops but I'm conflicted between the smaller EEE 901 and the larger EEE 1000. I want to try out the smaller keyboard to tell if my fingers will tolerate it, and if not I'll just get the 1000, and I also want to see how the screen looks, but I know of no physical store that sells these that you can go in and test-drive before you buy. Anybody know of a local place who sells them?

EEE 901 | EEE 1000

Staff picnic!

Hullo DP!

I'm still a relatively new Oregonian and so I turn to you for help on this matter:

My dept. is looking for a fun place to have a picnic. It's mostly artsy people so a cool local park would be better than a country club.


About 40 people
w/in one hour drive from Portland
Water for boating/fishing/swimming would be ideal
BBQ pit/grill would be preferred
Covered picnic area
Alcohol allowed would be preferred but not a deal-breaker

We're already looking into Blue Lake. That's about all I know off hand though!

Your help is appreciated!

i have the dumb

(no subject)

My "friend" wants to buy a house and was wondering where he should start.

As-in, what order does he have to do things? Including first-time home buyer advantages.

I've heard He's heard that if you can afford it, it's a buyer's market, and not really a terrible time to buy.

Bank first?
Realtor first?
Do you absolutely have to have money in-hand before you even talk to a realtor about a house, or can they help you determine a budget? What are those first-time incentives?

Is this a stupid endeavor?

Any help would help me my friend a great deal. I'm off to scour the web for advice and stuff, but if any of you guys have suggestions, I'm open to them.
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Indoor Volleyball?

I'm looking to get into volleyball again...are there any co-ed leagues around here where you don't have to join a gym to be a part of it? Is it easy to join as a single player, or are you SOL if you don't have a team going into it? I'd prefer NW or downtown so I can walk and/or take Max but I'm willing to drive if need be. Also if it matters, I'm hoping for a moderate experienced league...I'm not a beginner but I'm not that good either haha.

(no subject)

Hello again, DP. Question for you.

My love and I have become stuck in a rut. Day usually goes like this (shortened): the boyfriend comes home from work (6ish), we toke a bowl, eat some dinner, and the rest of the night is spent vegging on the couch watching TV, movies, or playing games.

Now, this is cool to do.. you know, three or four nights a week, I'm not really anyone who has to party hard all the time, neither is he. In fact, loud parties where I have no one to talk to, crowded bars (neither of us really drink), and most things similar just aren't our thing but we NEED some fresh ideas.

We're not broke, but it's easier to say we are because we don't have a ton of money to go towards entertainment all the time.

To toot our horns... we're both fairly awesome people. A bit shy until we open up... but cool people nonetheless.

So, DP... whatcha got?

(we're burnside/197th Rockwood area.. a little traveling is okay, but if it's too far, it needs to be Max accessible, or a short bus ride. :)

edit: one, i love my boyfriend and we're not going to break up to make life more interesting. :) two, our situation isn't that we're bored with each other... it's just that we've been here for a year and haven't had the time nor money to do as much exploring as we would like. three, i'm welcoming the responses, but the more that come in the more I realize that our lack of a life outside of our bubble (and the few friends we do let in) has to do with my depression and probably little else, because your ideas either sound fun or like something we've been known to do in the past, but for still just aren't tickling my fancy. My issue, not yours. Thanks guys.

OH! And I should also mention... the reason we veg out on the couch isn't because we smoked a bowl. Trust me, just because we smoke a bowl doesn't make us useless.
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Laundry Question

I know this has been posted before but I couldn't find the old post anywhere. The washing machines at my apartment building suck. Is there somewhere I can drop off my laundry and have it washed for me? Maybe even folded for me? And does anyone have any idea how much it would cost to have something like this done? I'm around SE 37th and Belmont so of course the closer to home the better.
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(no subject)

All right DP's, who is willing to help a little girl out?

I shall be in town for a week August 10-16 visiting friends.
Thing is she works during the day, and i want to see the town and not just sit in her apartment all day until she gets home!
I wont have a car, but i like to walk and i am planning on taking public transportation everywhere (a shame i won't have my bike).
Any great suggestions for a 25 year old girl with a week to gallivant around town to do? Pretty much open to anything and everything, but i want more than just the typical "touristy" things to do/see... (i have some pocket money, so spending a little is o.k. by me, just not more than say $10-$15 at a time)
oh yeah and what would you suggest on places to eat/drink... (b.t.y i am veggie/vegan, i know i know who is not now a days...)

Thanks in advance!
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Craigslist Bike *Warning*

Before I get any comments about how unwise, foolish, or otherwise dumb I have been… Yes. I know.  I have committed an unprecedented act of idiocy.  Now that I’ve acknowledged that, let’s move on.

I want to warn people who by bikes off craigslist about one persistent lister.  You can tell it’s him because he always lists his location as “Se Close In” and describes his bikes as “rides good.”  More importantly, the last four digits of his phone number are 6606, which he lists for contact info.  He sold me a very unsafe and damaged bike and I have no confidence that any of the other bikes he sells are better.

Collapse )
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Garden Tea Party Locations?!

I'm looking for suggestions on where to throw a garden tea party for a six-year old. I've thought about parks, but only know of Laurelhurst as a good possibility. I don't think that any of the other parks in our neighborhood would be quite right for this sort-of gathering. Does anyone have any other ideas on locations?!

Thanks in advance!

ooh la la!

Come on out to Sherwood this weekend! Get cool stuff! Support Portland's only no-kill cat-only shelter! Use your best fake French accent! *note - berets and hairy armpits optional. ;)

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Wolf Eat

Recipe, darlings?

Alright my dear DPers. In a recent post about the Bacon-Maplebars some talk came up about chocolate chip bacon cookies?

I want this recipe. Now.

Please? =P

Edit: Thank you to wearycommunist and _fool for giving me the recipe - and I will be passionately making love to them in thanks.

I am, however, open to anymore neat/weird recipes you guys might have on-hand. I love to eat weird food. I am a vegetarian, however, leaning more towards veganism. But I thought I'd make these for my family/friends. So not all the recipes need by vegetarian/vegan.



Selling Plasma

Has anyone here ever sold their plasma before?
I heard someone talking about it once at my school, but sadly I didn't stop to ask them about it.
I know there is a place out in Gresham that does it.
But was just kinda wondering if anyone here has ever done it...
Thanks ahead of time.
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