July 29th, 2008


Crates? (Another call to the vinyl junkies)

*EDIT TO ADD: All crates now claimed, sorry for the tease post - leaving it up just because removing posts is lame./EDIT*

I apologize profusely for my recent rash of posts either asking for advice about moving things or giving away and/or selling furniture for my upcoming move.

I assure you, this will be among the last of them, since I'm nearly gone! :( (There will be one more post detailing a bunch of free food that I can't formally donate but would love to give away, probably Wednesday afternoon.)

Anyway, when I asked for help with moving my vinyl collection, there were so many helpful vinyl junkies here I thought I'd let you all know I have 11 plastic crates (the vinyl-moving system of choice for college students everywhere) for sale on craigslist for the low low price of $20 (Probably between $40-65 new). The only reason I'm charging for any of my furniture is I just learned that it costs $250 to fill the diesel tank of the moving truck we've rented, and any furniture money I can manage will go towards gas to get me to Wisconsin where I will offset said gas use by having purchased a house 3 blocks from my new college.

That said, anything I can't sell will be donated sometime Wednesday, first pick going to Raphael House (battered women's shelter), and then any thrift store I can find that isn't the Salvation Army. Wednesday is soon, so act fast!

Here is the link to the craigslist post, but you all know where to find me if you're interested! I live 2 blocks off Powell in SE, for the record!


looking for a good source for printing fliers

The subject pretty much says it. I've heard I can get 5000 fliers printed for around 140$ bucks, full color.

Anyone know other places (local please, I like to keep the money flowing in this economy) that are equitable or better?

This is for the Human Canvas Project that I posted about a bit ago,

info (and one of the fliers we would use, to see what we require) is located at:



I talked to the friend and the place he was speaking of is Phoenix Media... that and the Nitro Print posted by Tertyl look to be exactly the kind of stuff I was looking for/talking about.

So hey everybody, stop paying 3-500 bucks for 5000 fliers.


'Allo DPers,
I come in search of elusive foodstuffs. Where in Portland can I get me some tako poke? Last I checked, Uwajimaya and Fubon don't carry it (though that may have changed). Halp! I need my fix when I get home.
Hearts and thank yous!

New Meat

A co-worker of mine asked me if I knew of a place where one could order snake to eat.

I sadly couldn't think of a single place off the top of my head. So dear DPers, where does one go to eat snake in town, or so I have to head for the hills with a .22?
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Yet ANOTHER call to the vinyl junkies.

In a note related to the one a few posts down, I've built a couple WOODEN record crates by hand. No power tools involved whatsoever. I used 1x3 and 1x2 furring strips, so this thing is solid. These are modeled after the wood crates of the 70s used to store records, and in my search for one, have discovered that no one makes them anymore. No one. Other than a couple of random people like myself. Google it, it's true. And shocking.

Also, I'm in dire financial straits right now. I've just paid the bills, etc. and really need some cash to keep me going. The job market is, as you all know, pretty much nonexistent, but that hasn't stopped me from trying! In short, I'm selling these babies. Right now I've got one completely made, another in the works, and if the demand is high enough, can make more on order.

So here's my question: how much would you guys pay for these?

If interested, email me at lindsey dot kanno at gmail.com

Thanks guys!!!

I can also stain them this color if desired, for probably another five bucks. No sticker included! :)
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Sacred Heart or Our Lady of Sorrows Parishioners?

Are any of you lovely DP's a member of the Sacred Heart Parish on SE 11th or of Our Lady of Sorrows on SE Knight?

I'm over on SE 75th and thinking of attending mass this coming Sunday (the first time to mass in over 20 years basically). I was raised in a Catholic family but haven't been involved with the church for years but am slowly and tentatively interested in checking it out.  there are some aspects of the church and also the community of a parish that I have missed.

I'd welcome any feedback/thoughts on either parish.  If you prefer, please feel free to private message me rather than post here too.

I'm 37 years old and my hubby is agnostic altho he will go to a few masses to support me (he's a sweetie) but I'm really interested in getting involved in the community (and maybe even choir *gulp*) too. :o)

Many thanks. :o)


(no subject)

I hate craigslist. GRR.

Okay I hate the people who POST to craigslist. "Apartment Home/Apartment House".. kiss my ass.

I know about marketing and sales, but having apartment listings come up when looking for a house to rent is useless and annoying! Just like people listing their new BMWs for $35 instead of $35000.

"Why I was looking for a beater car for under 900, but now that I see that BMW, i just gotta have it."

GRR! Retards.
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WordPress experience?

How many of y'all have WordPress experience? I have a WP blog that I'm just starting, and a friend of mine keeps telling me about how it's crashing her internet explorer.

Anyone heard of this before? I searched the WordPress forums the other day and didn't see anything about it.

And yes, I know, I know, go to their help forums, but I thought I'd ask here first and see if there was an easy fix.

(Site in question, if you want to see if it crashes your internet: here.)

I use Firefox, and have tested it on my system on IE and have had no problems. Likewise, I'm getting hits and comments from other friends, so it's probably some strange, random thing that's bugging her system.

Great places to rent?

Hey all,

I just accepted a job in North Portland (Swan Island) and I'm looking for a place to live.  I'm open to living in Portland or Vancouver- but would refer to live in Portland.  Ideally I'd like to find a place where I could easily Max into work (EDIT - or bike) - but I do have reliable transportation.  I am looking for a place around 600$

So here's where I need your help:

1. Are there areas I should absolutely avoid?

2. Does anybody really love their apartment building? and does it meet the above criteria? 

3. I'm familiar with some of the regions in and around town like Hawthorn - but I would love to be in an area where I can get to work easily, but also be able to go grab a beer, listen to a band, and walk home.

I know this is a lot to ask- but like they say, if you don't ask........ any help is appreciated.