July 28th, 2008


The cat you helped save.

A few weeks ago you might remember seeing a post asking for donations to save a kitty I found on Terwilleger. He's now home and well recovered from his collision with a car. A few of you asked for pictures of the little guy once he was all moved in and settled. He's made our house his home and is getting on well with our other two cats.

He pretty much has every idiosyncratic tendency you hear about in cats. He attacks our feet at night, burrows under the blankets to sneak attack anything that moves, bounces off of most furniture and our other cats, likes to sleep in weird places, gets himself stuck places, eats cantaloupe, and honeydew. He is also cross eyed but only when he's very focused. We noticed it most often when he's peering over something like the edge of the couch or looking out from inside the bathtub where he seems to hang out. He has a meow that sounds like a baby crying, referred to as meezers in Siamese cats. I had originally called him a seal point with tabby stripes but have since found out that he is a lynx point.

The people at The Cat Hospital of Portland did a great job, save for getting him addicted to tuna fish and sardines. He's no longer a tom cat and got all of his wounds stitched up.

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Thirty One Art Show

Here is your opportunity for cheap art and a good time.

Portland's Affordable Art Extravaganza...

OM Tradition Arts
14 NE 10th Ave. (at E. Burnside)
Portland, OR

Aug. 1st, 2008
3-7pm Preview Show (no sales)
7pm-10pm Sale! (cash only)

3pm-9pm Silent Auction
"Hidden Gems" Show (come see what's left) Aug. 3rd, 6-8pm

On Aug. 1st, 2008, the follow-up show to last year's overwhelmingly successful "Thirty!" show will take place in central Portland. Appropriately named, "Thirty-one!", this one-night only show will feature thirty-one artists who have created thirty-one paintings in thirty-one days. Each of the 961 paintings will be unveiled and for sale for $31 each, alongside live music, a silent auction and, most likely, another crowd of eager art lovers.

The intention for this show is to connect groups of Portland artists, inspire new bodies of work, showcase emerging talent, provide affordable
artwork for the community, and raise money for arts organizations. Based on the time line, artists are encouraged to explore new territory, experiment, loosen up and have fun!

The proceeds from this art extravaganza will be donated to Artists for the Arts, whose mission is to ensure that the arts remain an integral part of education for children in

Portland Metro-area schools. AFTA raises funding and awareness through the collaborative efforts of artists, businesses, educators, organizations and the community.

Please visit http://www.thirtyshows.blogspot.com for complete show information and artists' profiles.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration in supporting this event.
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what do cats have to do with Batman?

Dark Night Adopt-a-Thon at Cat Adoption Team

See what dark cats do after the sun goes down

August 1, 7 pm until 1 am

Wonder what shelter cats do when the sun goes down? Check out all the Dark Cats during the Cat Adoption Team Dark Night Adopt-a-Thon Friday, August 1. The CAT staff is going batty from midnight madness and is offering a special Dark Cat adoption discount during this after hours Adopt-a-Thon.

When: Friday, August 1
7 pm - 1 am (adoptions stop at 12:30 am)

Where: Cat Adoption Team Shelter
14175 SW Galbreath Dr .
Sherwood , OR 97140
(503) 925-8903

And until 9 pm at these CAT adoption outreach locations

Hillsboro PetSmart Washington Square PetSmart
NE 25th NE Cornell 8825 SW Cascade Avenue

Clackamas PetSmart Wilsonville PetSmart
9450 SE 82nd Ave. 8311 SW Jack Burns Blvd.

Event: $25 off regular adoption fees for 'dark' cats/kittens (solid black, black and white, mostly black, and tortoiseshell cats all eligible for this Dark Night special) (other adoption discounts may not apply during this 'dark' special)

All 'dark' cats eligible for this 'dark' special will have special signs on their kennels.

Special viewing of Batman movies and television series on the big screen all evening long

Free popcorn

Chance to win tickets to see Batman "Dark Knight" movie at the Sherwood Regal Cinema - 10 pairs to be given away throughout the evening

Go batty and buy all your cats' nighttime gear at the CAT in-shelter Boutique - catnip toys, scratch posts, lively toys, collars, food, and trinkets

Learn more about the Cat Adoption Team, the Pacific Northwest's largest feline-only shelter

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How does one actually get onto the esplanade/spring water corridor by bike? (Coming from NE, Killingsworth and 20th) I looked it up and it seems you need to get to the steel bridge, but I am not sure how to even get to that! My commute has always ended at Broadway.

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Mt. Scott DSL vs. cable

Hey, Portlanders. A while ago, my housemate asked if it was safe to rent at SE 70th & Harold. We did end up listening to you doing the research, and renting the house.

Now we're trying to install internet and have a question specific to those who get high-speed internet in the neighborhood. We're trying to figure out if cable with Comcast would be significantly faster than DSL with Qwest. We don't want to use Comcast, for a few reasons (FISA and customer service being two), but the plan comparison has them at about $6/mo cheaper and, because they use cable, they have the capacity to deliver more bandwidth. Our question is, do they in fact deliver at 30 Mbps in that neighborhood or is it comparable to the 7 Mbps DSL in practice?

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

Job Thingie!

As some of you know, I work for TSA (www.tsa.gov).

As I know, a lot of you folks seem to be looking for jobs.

As most of you may not know, TSA is currently hiring!

$13.98/hr, I believe, is the starting wage.

They are currently only hiring part time, 20/h a week, 4 days a week.

Comes with a whole slew of benefits, including medical and holiday/sick leave from day one.

Sooo, if you're interested in the TSA, shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you the skinny.

thehumanskeleton (at!) yahoo (dot!) com
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a longshot, but...

Hey all,

I recently moved to Portland and am looking for a place to work with/ride horses.  I just moved up from Eugene where I had a very nice situation going where I worked (by cleaning stalls, exercising horses, and helping teach small children) in exchange for free riding lessons.  Now that I'm up in Portland, I'm going a little crazy from my lack of contact with horses.  I desperately want somewhere to ride, but I would absolutely love the opportunity to work somewhere with horses.

Does anyone know of any really nice stables that hire stable help?  Or some riding barns/stables that give relatively low-cost lessons?  Or that might consider doing lessons in exchange for work?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



EDIT: I ride both English and Western and have competed in both.  I have done a minimal amount of jumping, around 2 feet 3 inches or so.  I'm willing to ride either and consider myself an experienced rider in both english and western.  I'm not looking to show, just looking to have a place to ride / work with / be around horses.
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Pick up my Donations

Hey, does anyone out there in DP-Land know of any places that take donations that will come and pick them up? I've got a POD full of stuff to pretty much furnish and outfit a studio apartment but I don't need it anymore and I need to get rid of that bill.


Portland related because we recycle here.

And ... GO! :)