July 27th, 2008

'69 510

Wow. WOW.

I just rode home fourteen(very tiny) NE blocks on my bicycle and almost died THREE TIMES.

Jesus Christ, people. WTF is WRONG with you? One man walked right in front of me. RIGHT in front of me, even though I had three lights going and the area was very well lit, he just walked RIGHT in front of me without a care in the world, did not even seem intoxicated, and didn't care at all about what had just happened after I hastily dismounted my bike to get out of the way. Then, within a block of each other, one guy opens the door to his truck right in front of me. My bicycle light is bright, okay? Like almost as bright as a car headlight. It is REALLY bright, and I just got new batteries for it. Regardless, not even checking his mirror, he opens his door and I swerve out of the way just in time to not bash my face into his armrest. If I had been driving my truck, his door would have been toast(I secretly wish that were the case). I make a perfectly legal right turn at the next block and a Cherokee pulling out of a parallel parking space in the oncoming direction HONKS at me because they overestimated their turning radius and felt that they didn't have enough space to enter traffic as I was riding by. I'm sorry, but YOU are entering traffic, therefore YOU are the one who is required to yield to traffic already in motion. There is absolutely no reason that car should have honked at me.

You know, I haven't rode my bike in a week, and this kind of shit makes me want to burn up all of the fossil fuels in the world 'cause you drivers are fucking retarded.

- A driver. A bicycle rider. A bus rider.

smooth radio voice...

Sometimes I interview people (mostly musicians) in very casual settings with a good mic and a digital recorder. I'm getting very good at the questions and I'm not the least it intimidated by those who I interview.

The problem is, how do I keep myself from saying "ummmmmmm..." between sentences, or even during sentences. It's making the post work very difficult. Is there a trick I need to learn?

Portland related because PDX Pop Now! (Sunday's the last day and the best day.)

:::EDIT::: Thanks a bunch for everybody's advice. I seriously expected to wake up and find myself thoroughly snarked.
"When the going gets dark..."

Semi-Annual Violet Plant Giveaway/Trade

Here at Chez Xeno, I have about fifty small containers of Viola Odorata, European Violet plants. If you'd like some for your yard, now's your chance. Tomorrow they go on craigslist, but I'm giving dp first chance because I adore and worship you all plus you need a two-minute break from the car-bike wars anyhow.

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If you'd like to come over and get some violets I'll be here AFTER 3 PM Sunday. So send me a message. If you have plants you'd like to trade, I'd love it. Otherwise no charge. (And, yes, these are still available. Want 'em ? Just ask when you come over.)

Now back to our regularly scheduled travel-related turmoil.

Shakespeare in the Park

I saw the Portland Actor's Ensemble put on a production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona yesterday at Laurelhurst Park, and it was pretty great for their first performance of the season.  If you get a chance, you should check out one of their upcoming performances.  The free show runs Saturdays and Sundays at various parks around the city until September 1st.  Check out the schedule here.   

To-do today

Hey guys!!

I know these posts are super annoying BUT.... is there anything going on today downtown? I am normally knee deep in homework for nursing school homework so I hardly ever get out and have a free day and want to make the most of it!

Also, is there some "Portland-calander" website that has events posted and what not going on thru out the city?

Nom nom nom nom

So the laptop drive just died...

...and there were just a few things on there that I hadn't backed up that are pretty damn important (d'oh!). Anyone here ever use a HD repair service around town that they can recommend? There's other junk on there (tax returns, bank statements) that I'd rather not fall into Joe IDTheft's hands, so licensed, bonded, etc., if possible, would be great.

I'll accept the snarks that I'm sure are coming, but if there are a couple of good recommendations out there, I'd appreciate them.


Manic Panic makeup

Is there anywhere in town that sells Manic Panic makeup? Specifically, I'm looking at some of their pale pressed powders and liquid foundation, and maybe some eyeshadow.

BTW, thanks for the help on my last post looking for jewelry stores. We went to a ton over the past week and I think we've found a great match at Jones and Jones downtown. They were one of the few that didn't stare at us like we were something nasty they found on the bottom of their shoes when we walked in, and their designs are fabulous. I'll post a followup once we get a ring!
Furry Lobster

Dog walking?

Is there anyone in NE who might be interested in having their dog(s) walked at night? I'm trying to think of ways to earn a little extra money and I love walking and dogs, so I figured I'd see if anyone might have a need? I do house-sitting, too, and could provide references.


So I am planning my wedding and was pricing out different catering services. Has anyone out there used any services and would they ever use them again?

Also, I was wondering if the culinary schools may offer catering to the public so their students gain more experience. Anyone aware of this?

Oh great DP share your catering wisdom. GO!
donna oi

Free Stuff for the People

Hi Portlanders--

Last call. I'm not sure what's still there, but when I checked most recently there was still a big pile of clothing (women's 8-16, men's small-medium, plus fabric scraps), a standing CD shelf (like a bookshelf except for CDS!) and a bunch of books, plus trinkets and crafty bits and journals and useful glass bottles, some bought and never used. Plus a computer monitor. Annnd... I know I'm forgetting something.

It will be there until probably about 8:30 AM tomorrow, at which point the junk-hauling service will take away anything remaining.

You can has. And that goes for everything on the front lawn.

3018 NE Couch St, Portland.