July 25th, 2008


Damn Cheap Tow

since I just crashed my car on the Terwilliger Curves in a miraculous fashion, I may now need a tow (got a ride to Burlingame Fred Meyer and bussed the rest of the way to work). Haven't had time to actually look the car over in any substantial way so it might be as easy as replacing the tire that came off the front...

but, should it be more serious, who has the decent towing prices around town? I'd likely be looking at a 12-15 mile tow back to NE...

Assisted Living Facilities???

My grandmother lives in Southern Oregon. Up until now she has done a decent job of caring for herself. However she has decided that she wants to move up to Portland "Right Now". So now we are trying to find a place for her to stay. She has gotten to the point where living completely on her own isn't a great choice for her any more. Do any of you know of any Assisted Living Facilities that aren't sketchy but aren't uber expensive either? We are hoping to find one between Tualatin and SE 143rd/Division...

Thanks for your help.
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Resume service recommendations

Hello folks. I have been meaning to update my resume and got some good advice from friends but at this point I would much prefer to pay someone to write a professional resume for me. My job disappears in a month or so and I can not afford to be unemployed for any length of time.

I have been looking on Craigslist and have found quite a few people that will do it. I am wondering if any of you have personal recommendations you could give me.

Thanks in advance folks.
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Granted, I made a few mistakes (due to nerves mainly) in my driving test today and it really ended up being the discretion of the (lovely) examiner so it could have gone either way according to my instructor but the overall test wasn't so bad actually, I felt pretty confident and at the end of the day....


Thank you so much to everyone again for your helpful input, advice, good vibes and best wishes.  Many, many thanks. :o) You guys rawk!

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she blinded me with science!


The bike shop I work for (http://www.scootonthis.com, 9811 SE Foster) just got two Currie IZIP Street Enlightened. I put the first one together today, and now I'm contemplating ordering one and eating ramen for two months.

The Street Enlightened is a reasonably light aluminum-framed bike with narrow street tires (the only thing I don't like about it... my own bike has fatty street tires so I don't kill myself on MAX tracks.) What sets it apart from most other electric bikes is that it has a NiMH battery pack enclosed within the down tube of the frame. The only thing that gives it away as an electric bike is the small hub motor in the rear wheel. It's still heavier than a regular bike (mostly the motor) but much lighter than bikes with 20-30 pounds of lead-acid batteries strapped to the side. I could easily pick it up and put it on a bus rack.

The motor automatically kicks in when you start to pedal; it has no direct throttle control, but you can vary how much it assists you. Riding it is like... like... being carried on a breeze, to be completely corny. Acceleration is effortless and the motor is absolutely silent.

So... the reason I'm being a dick and polluting this community with a commercial (unsolicited by my employers, I swear) is because it's for a freakin' ELECTRIC BIKE, which totally gives me a stiffy. But mainly because we were late getting in on Currie's July promotion of these bikes. They're wholesaling for about half the usual price until July 31, and unlike other dealers who are only offering a small discount, SOT is retailing them for about half the usual price! Order one, dammit! I have this fantasy where I sell so many of them they send me a free one.
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my shins splinteth over


I want to start running again, but I get pretty severe shin splints after going out a few times.

I have heard lots of suggestions (buy good shoes! stretch! don't run on [surface X]! write the alphabet with your toe to strengthen those muscles!), but none seem to work.

What I am looking for are success stories for any yawl who have experienced, and defeated, this particular obstacle.

You have my sincerest gratitude in return. And maybe, if I lose some weight, a pic of me in some onionskin shorts.

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(no subject)

does anyone have a spare at&t phone that they would be willing to sell me for super cheap, or one that i could just have? i'm a dumbass and dropped mine in the river yesterday. i'd be willing to come to you.

Burning Man ticket?

If anyone has a ticket for Burning Man or knows someone who does who can't go, let me know. I would like to buy it. I KNOW I can get one on the burningman.com site but I'm hoping maybe someone has one in a lower price range that they need to sell. I can pick it up in the Portland area.
Email groovy_gg@hotmail.com if ya got one!
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Flicks on the Bricks

FYI, I guess apparently there's an event sort of deal at Pioneer Square called 'Flicks on the Bricks' where they show a movie or such during the summer months in Pioneer Courthouse Square:


Tonight's showing is the Goonies-classic, cheesy 80's movie for teh win!

To my knowledge (or at least what I am being told) it starts at 8:00 tonight? There will also be some other movies shown here and there in the upcoming months too.

Sounds good to me, thought I'd pass this note along for anyone who's looking for something to do tonight :)
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WTF Music?

Portlanders, there is loud and assumedly live music being played in the vicinity of 52nd and Duke, I can hear it from my house nearby, does anyone know what is up with this?
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So, do you like... stuff?

I have a few pieces of furniture up on craigslist right now that I'm trying to sell before we move next week. Thought I would mention them here in case anyone is in need of a nice dresser, a cute handpainted end table, or a 20" TV. There's also a cute wooden shelving unit but I haven't cleaned the stuff off of it yet to take pictures.

The craigslist prices are not the Damnportlander prices. (The dresser would go from $65 to $40, the end table from $25 to $15, and the TV from $20 to $15 if any of you fine folks were interested.)

Here are the links, and you can leave a reply here if you're interested, or send me one of those LJ messages, and you'll move to the top of the list.

Dresser, end table, TV.

I have random other stuff that I was going to sell at a garage sale but I've been too sick to organize, so if you need any frying pans, a tiny ironing board, some slightly used but lovely scented candles, or any other random things you think a person might not want to drive 2000 miles with, let me know.

Also, early next week we'll be getting to the kitchen - I have lots of foodstuffs that I'll be giving away to any DamnPortlanders in need (things that I cannot donate to a foodbank - oatmeal in individual packets but an opened box, etc etc.) so if you or someone you know is hungry and wants some free food, keep an eye out Tuesday or so for my Great Food Giveaway.