July 24th, 2008

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Person Friday needed!

sistermaryeris and I are in need of someone to help us run our lives and our household!

We are losing our beloved hallucinas at the beginning of the school year, and we're looking for someone to replace her. This is not a glamour position, involving mostly dishwashing, floor-cleaning, and driving grubby little kids around from place to place. We strive to be kind and ethical employers, and are pretty flexible people. There may be an extra babysitting shift in there once in a while, too.

The job would likely involve two afternoons per week during the school year, picking up a kid or two from school and coming home to tidy up our Gateway-area house. It's not for someone who needs a part-time job, more for someone who is looking for 4-5 hours of work per week to fill in a gap somewhere. Pay is reasonable, I think (15-ish an hour), but you'd have to ask hallucinas. :)

Ideally, our full-page ad in this Sunday's NY Times will convince her to stay, as we love her dearly, but I have a feeling that her mind is made up. This may seem a little early to be hiring for September, but she's a tough act to follow and we want to get it right. :)

Email me at drjeff at gmail for the deets.

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I'm trying to raise some money so that I don't starve before I get paid next.

I have this new age hippie type gadget game called "Journey to the Wild Divine" that I bought awhile ago. It fits on three of your fingers and measures heart and respiration rate. You wander around a pretty garden doing various tasks and activities by controlling your breathing and heart rate. It's pretty relaxing and cool. I just couldn't really get past the ultra new age hippie aspect of it.

I'm selling it for $50. It works on both PC and MAC.

Thank you.


An interesting article in today's Oregonian regarding cyclists

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Poll #1229031 Should cyclists carry insurance?

As the topic states: Should they?

Maybe (post a comment to explain)

If it came to council, would you vote to approve or deny insurance for cyclists?

Maybe (post a comment to explain)
I Do

Help Me DamnPortlanders!

What bridal shops do you recommend? Which ones would you rather burn down then set foot in again? I looked on Citysearch for reviews and there's a lot of drama there, hard to tell the real reviews from the fake ones.

Also, I love to here from anyone who got their dress from Brides Against Breast Cancer! Tell me your experience! :)

Thanks in advance!

"yard waste" and douchebags

I finally got my new large green yard waste bin today. On the outside, it says "Portland Composts!" but it makes no mention of putting anything in the bin but yard debris. Can I put regular household compost (food scraps, old leftovers) in there?

On an unrelated note, I was camping in the Mt. Hood national forest for the past few days, in an area somewhat far from any improved sites. While I was there, some douchebag pried open my gas door (it locks from the inside of the car) yet failed to siphon out any gas. Instead, they made it so that I can't put more gas in the car. [EDIT: I don't think they intended this as some sort of 'earth activism' thing. They just bent it so that the hinge no longer functions.] Here's to you, wilderness loving douchebags! You owe me $200. What would be the benefit of this? You'd have to burn lots of gas to steal people's gas in the middle of nowhere. Do crazy tweakers hang out in the forest? For the rest of you, if you're camping near the Clackamas river, it might be a good idea to park your car very close to your campsite. Or cover your car in creepy, cliche gun-themed bumper stickers.
little blue dog


  1. Go downtown to the corner of SW 5th and Yamhill. Find the dude in the white pointy hat who is playing a playskool xylophone.


  3. littlebluedog, who works in a nearby building, will then come down and buy you FREE ICE CREAM. You may keep the white pointy hat. The xylophone shall be destroyed.
EDIT: here is your quarry:


Too many pallets

The company I work for is trying to get rid of a bunch of old pallets. I can't get on craigslist to post an ad right now but I thought I'd offer them up on here. 

You'd have to haul them...by tomorrow afternoon...during business hours (we're up in Vancouver). 

Anybody interested?

Anyone have a truck?

I am moving this weekend. Most of my stuff will fit in a car but a couple bigger pieces of furniture will not. (Armoire, bed, dresser, small computer desk). I am having a hard time wrestling up someone with a truck so I am coming to DP in hopes that some kind soul will help me out. Trust me you will earn major "good karma" points for helping me out. It is less than three miles from my current house to the new place. You wouldn't need to do the "grunt work" of loading/unloading if you were unable (although obviously it would be appreciated).

If you think you may be able to help me out please let me know how to contact you to work out the details.

Thank you in advance,


My friend is under eighteen and is looking for a part time job.  I was wondering if anyone knew any PDX-centric job websites I might point her towards, or any jobs she might be able to do.  Help?
fuck you anyway.



What are the good Portland LJ communities for cycling? I'm assuming they do exist. I'm new to riding bikes in the city and want lots of people available to help me with all my endless, stupid questions.

Also, I'm reviving this community I started three years ago but forgot about and orphaned. There's too much potential for funny to let it go:

You should join and start posting things to entertain the rest of the class.


Moving Boxes!

I've checked craigslist, and I'm stealing from dumpsters already, but do any of you have boxes lying around or do you work someplace that has a box-disposal schedule that I could get in on?

I have 1500 books and so I need boxes that aren't too big - they need to be small enough that no one's backs get broken but big enough to fit things in. I have at least as many CDs so even slightly smaller boxes are good for those (I think last time we got a bunch of paper-sized boxes from Kinkos, and that was great, but we haven't had any luck on that front here yet).

I've got some of the bigger boxes covered already but I'm open to any leads you fine damned folk might have.

Thanks muchly!