July 23rd, 2008



Where is a good place to do tent camping around Portland? We were going to go to the Oswald West campgrounds but they're closed for the rest of the season due to falling trees. :'(
Thanks in advance.

Free Men's Health Clinic?

So I have a friend (obviously it's not me, I have ladybits thanks) who needs some help with a....er....SENSITIVE man issue that might need surgery. I know Planned Parenthood helps us ladies out with our issues, but do they do men too? Or is there an equally as nice place for the uninsured men to go when they've got an issue as well?

My friend is uninsured, or he'd go to a urologist, of course.

Thanks DP, you're the greatest.
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Hairstylists in NE?

Anyone got any recommendations for good stylists or salons in NE (that aren't Sugar Lab)?

Around Lloyd Center would be optimal, but anywhere in NE will do. Expensive is okay, and alterna-punk is okay too; I just need a good cut ASAP. Bonus for somewhere with stylists willing to work with razors.

[edit] thanks for the recs, everybody! I knew my hair would be in good hands with DP.
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because temping sucks.

Hey, me again. I'm dreading having to go apply with agencies again, so I figure at least I can find out who the decent ones are.

What are some good *permanent* job agencies? Most places do primarily temping, and every time I go in saying I want a permanent job, they usually try to shoehorn me into taking a temp gig instead. DO NOT WANT.

Jobs jobs jobs!

So, my husband is the cafe manager at Grand Central Bakery in Irvington and due to one of his awesomest employees being promoted, he is going to be hiring in the next couple weeks.

He hasn't put an ad on Craigslist yet, so I wanted to give a heads-up to any interested job seekers. There isn't a ton of turnover, pay is decent (between $9-11 for retail staff) and supplemented nicely by tips. The cafe is open from 7AM-6PM, seven days a week. The crew is super responsible and hard working and my husband seems to be regarded as a pretty awesome boss.

Brad is the store Tuesday through Saturday, generally from 8AM-4PM. Don't take your resume in at lunchtime though, everyone will hate you and you probably won't get hired.

1444 NE Weidler Street
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Bicycle v Car

Last week in my spanish class we discussed the recent car v biker violence. As an all weather bicyclist I notice the animosity level from auto drivers tends to increase significantly during the summer months. I'm not 100% why this is but I would guess it's due to the pure increase in cyclists as well as the increase in a specific type of rider. I would guess that not only does the number of riders increase but that the number of unexperienced riders jumps disproportionately.

I know that personally I tend to get annoyed by the lack of bicyclists during the nice weather. Lack of bike racks and slow riders in the bike can definitely be a nuisance but so it goes.

So what do all damnportlanders think? Why does the animosity between cyclists and drivers seem to increase during the summer?

cheap cell phone service?

I am thinking of getting rid of my land line. I don't own a cell phone.
I have heard such conflicting stories from people about what companies are good and who sucks.

I only pay 33.00 for my land line ( Qwest without long distance)...anyone recommend something similiar or better?
Who should I avoid?
Kudos and thank you ahead of time!

Portland related ...well, cuz we are all feeling the crunch!
foo goo! foo goo!

hello employment!

i have posted previously about some job frustrations i've been experiencing for some time now. i have been unemployed since November '07 and am going back to the company i was previously with-- just a different location. it is also an awesome bicycle shop. :)

for all those still looking, i say keep yer head up and just keep at it. go to your interviews and take some damn names. much luck to everyone searching!
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Driver strikes man with car and leaves scene of accident

Hit-and-run driver slams into man changing flat on I-205

Wow, drivers are really aggressive lately. Hopefully aggressive drivers can find some inner peace and resolve within themselves. Do drivers really think that reckless and aggressive driving will cure all their problems? Sometimes you just have to shake your head at those silly folks paying all that money for gas and polluting everything with the stink of petrol. Oh well, live and learn. ;)

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