July 22nd, 2008


So here's something for you singles like myself.  There's plenty of "I See You" sites published in the area.  Willamette Week and the Portland Mercury are the ones I see.  Are there other common places/sites (online or not) one can go in the off chance that we hopefully find a Chance Encounter that is acknowledged?  

So Polar Bears, how do you feel about Antarctica?

Seriously. Anyone remember what happened to Keiko? Maybe letting nature do its thing (see. pizzly bear) would be better than relocating them to another area? Because introduction of species in to foreign areas is always a good idea, right?


Last-Ditch Resort: Move Polar Bears to Antarctica?

If the most dire climate predictions come to pass, the Arctic ice cap will melt entirely, and polar bears could face extinction.

So why not pack a few off to Antarctica, where the sea ice will never run out?

It may seem like a preposterous question. But polar bears are just the tip of the "assisted colonization" iceberg. Other possibilities: moving African big game to the American Great Plains, or airlifting endangered species from one mountaintop to another as climate zones shrink.


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Hi all,

I have been reading the Pandora Prescription lately. Its a good read, and now theres this treasure thing on youtube about it..

could this be real?



I was told last night that one of my friends got hit by a car, but I didn't get any more information ... Did anyone see anything in the news? It would have happened yesterday, likely in the evening. Boy, likely on his bike.
road to morrocco


Since giapet is a bad BAD organizer and hasn't posted any reminders this week, I guess I'll have to. I don't know where her meetup FAQ is, so this will be done manually.

East Bank Saloon
727 SE Grand Ave
7PM until whenever it ends (10 or 11 ish?)
Minors welcome officially until 10, but I've never seen one kicked out, even after 10.

I'll post this one more time before I leave work today.

Portland Fruit Tree Project

Hey do you have a damn fruit tree? The kind that sits in your yard, growing and shit, and then it drops all its damn fruit in your yard and maybe on your sidewalk and everything gets all sticky? And then the damn bugs come? As it turns out, there are damn portlanders who will eat that damn fruit! Register your trees here and people will come and harvest it for you:

dripping hair

Destination: Canoe


I’m looking for glorious, mostly flat water canoe destinations in approximately a 100 mile radius of the Portland Metro area (aka Oregon and Wa). We’re moderate canoeists looking for a day of great paddling. Please note location, how packed it would be and any other special goodies!

Thank Ya!

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Ever been to Brazil or Africa?

Hi there, I have the opportunity to do some traveling at the end of the year. I want to go somewhere below the equator, someplace know for great music with heavy rhythms and dance (I'm a drummer, I'm seeking some new inspiration) and some place fairly safe to navigate around by myself.

I'm considering Africa or Brazil.

- Has anyone been?
- Can anyone suggest other places?

Thanks you so much.

Edible pond fish?

Hey folks,

I was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about raising edible pond fish. I'm planning on putting a pond in the backyard, and it would be wonderful if I could get a mini-ecosystem going in there :)

The only thing is, I can't seem to find much information about what kind of edible fish can survive the cold winters out here. Could I raise Tilapia, or catfish for example? Does anyone here have any advice on how to overwinter pond fish out here? Would a certain depth for the pond help?

Thanks in advance :) you people are awesome.

location, location... & Apt. wanted

1) where is the "forest heights" neighborhood?  I've asked a few people and nobody I've asked seems to know.  I've tried googling/mapquesting and get several possible points none especially close to each other.  just curious.

2) unrelatedly, I thought I'd post an "apartment wanted" ad here.  Friends of mine moved down to Bend for work and are moving back, again for work (she's a server probably returning to her old job and he's in construction already commuting here regularly as work in Bend dried up, for what that's worth).   Looking for preferably a 2 bedroom with a little grass/lawn, preferably under $1000/month for rent & utilities, if possible.  Not very particular about location, though Brooklyn or Mt. Scott areas would be great.  They do have, I believe, 2 cats and 1 large (and I mean LARGE) dog (but he's well behaved, not a barker, and they're responsible pet owners with good references to this effect).  We're already checking out the Oregonian, Craigslist (remember when that wasn't 90% apartment complexes?), Willamette Weekly, etc., just thought we'd broaden or scope of search...

Thanks all!

The angry side of me wonders...

Am I the only person here who thinks that a McCain victory, in the long run, will be the best thing for America?

Don't get me wrong, I think McCain is fairly incompetent to handle the type of problems that are coming up now, and are coming up over the next few years---for example, his pandering on the gas tax issue shows me that if he is capable of being forward-sighted, he isn't using it.

So why would McCain be the best candidate? Because only through following the road to ruin to its dead end, will people be convinced that it doesn't somehow miraculously end up in a magic valley of happiness. I think that certain aspects of the political, economic and social structure of the United States won't be shaken lose until the country is on the edge of ruin. These are obviously the beliefs of the "rednecks" that we hate so much here, but are also at core the beliefs of the [redacted].

So yeah, half of me is half hoping that McCain wins, and continues to pander to people's self-image as rugged infdividualists, at the same time refusing to cut any government programs, or do anything to curtail the current account deficit, until the country hits economic ruin. I think that is what is needed to shake people around.

This is one of the more arrogant things I have written, but it is also true.
"D" is for Dirty...

Creation of a webpage needed.

Ok gang...I'm sure one of you can help me out, or, at least point me in the right direction.

I need to move my photography form the hosted deviantart site to my own web page. Currently I am searching for a decent provider but I have no idea on how to create a decent looking, yet professional webpage. 

Can someone help me out?
Maybe work something out in trade or for a negotiable $$$ amount?

There's no rush to this, but I would like to get the ball rolling very soon.

Thanks in advance, 


the dude abides

Website Design/Host

My work is about to go out for bids for a new company to design and host our website. It's a fairly admin intensive site with a lot of complex requirements. Any great word of mouth recommendations for local companies to check out?
road to morrocco

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Since giapet is a bad BAD organizer and hasn't posted any reminders this week, I guess I'll have to. I don't know where her meetup FAQ is, so this will be done manually.

East Bank Saloon
727 SE Grand Ave
7PM until whenever it ends (10 or 11 ish?)
Minors welcome officially until 10 (but I've never seen one kicked out, even after 10)

This is your final warning reminder!!! :)


teen night, free cookie-making classes, Freeschool open house

VFS upcoming events:
-One more week of camp left. Camp open to kids 4-18. The theme of the last week is Fairy School, July 28 to August 1, the entire week is dedicated to our fairy friends. Fairy wings, fairy stories, fairy houses, and a fairy ball on the last day. The tuition is $125 per week per student. However, many other activities will be happening around campus, including a video game making group.

-open house: Aug 9. Open house will begin with a free cookie making class in the school’s new commercial kitchen. Cookie making is from 9-10, parents encouraged to stay on campus. Supplies provided. Open house runs from 10-1, and cookies will be served.

I wanted to share the following programs and news about VFS:

- An open campus program so students homeschooling/unschooling can attend some programs

- A teen scene: “Minors” is a place for kids 11-19 to gather and hang out in a safe and welcoming environment. There is not much nightlife/gathering space for teens in SE, so a few of the teen students at VFS are starting this group. First hangout is Aug 9, 7pm-1am, and features a “Mock-tale” Party- alcohol free drinks served by a real bartender, music, place to hang out, eat pizza, tell stories. This event is free & sponsored- there may be a small charge for future events, which will hopefully happen monthly if interest is there. Although this is open to a wide age range, most confirmed guests are around 15 years old. There will be (loose) supervision by friends of the school in their early 20’s. Goal is to keep event safe, but not to lay down the law.

- A new huge building located on the campus of St. Peter’s Church at SE 87th and Foster. (We are not affiliated with the church, just leasing the space.) New building includes lots of rooms, a music center, a computer/gaming room, a huge kitchen, a sewing/arts room, a teen lounge, a living room and so on. Come check it out on open house night.

The Village Free School is a small private non-profit school for students ages 4-18. (Four-year-olds must be 5 by December.) The school will admit up to 60 students for the Fall; there are currently about a dozen spots. The school is run democratically together by the students and staff. Tuition plans start at about $300 a month. Learning is child led; all students participate in the classes they choose, and there are no mandatory lessons. Age mixing is encouraged, and the following activities are just a few of those facilitated by advisors: student-led classes, adventures outside of campus (accompanied by staff or with parental permission), volunteer work/internships, cooking, theater, literature, science, reading, math, computer game building, history of war, drumming and electric guitar, role playing games (mostly D&D), light saber fighting, sewing and lots of other arts, deep philosophical discussions. This is not a school geared to children with any particular label; kids come from backgrounds in TAG programs, with IEP plans, having always been homeschooled or unschooled, and lots of stuff in between. Families are encouraged to participate in the education of their children- we see learning as something that happens constantly through living and breathing, not just an activity that happens at school.

Get more info at www.villagefreeschool.org

And add us as a friend at http://www.myspace.com/villagefreeschool
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So in the last few days I feel I have been verbally assaulted on my bike twice, first someone purposefully made a huge banging sound on their passenger car window and nearly made me crash not to mention made me uneasy fo the rest of the day. And today I was cursed at and threatened to be run over if I didn't use the sidewalk (by a car on Killingsworth turning right).I get so emotional I can't think clearly when stuff like this happens, I just would like to put it out there if there are witness's to incidents like these for the community to stand up and take time out to report it. This car vs bike thing that's happening has got to end-
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Need a car?

I'm pimping my car on here... need to sell it because it's eating my money supply. Not really but I want to get a cheaper car so that I'm not paying up the ass in insurance.

The Dets:

2007 Chevy Aveo LT
23,000 miles
Cherry Red
Leather Interior
MP3 jack
CD player
Rear Spoiler
Air Conditioning
Automatic 4spd.

Approx. 32 miles per gallon on highway - I believe it gets more, considering one day I did a trip to Newport and got 400 miles on a tank of gas.

I'm asking 11,500, but I'm willing to negotiate. I'm also posting this on Craigslist, so ya don't need to tell me that. :P

Have a wonderful evening.

If you feel the need to contact me you can reach me at marefo at hotmail dot com.
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anyone know where i can take a class or a workshop on how to use an epi-pen? i work at a childcare facility and we have some kids with severe allergies, and well, i've never even seen an epi-pen. the idea of not knowing what the hell to do in a life-threatening emergency gives me the hee-bee jeebies.
c10 dinner


I have a friend looking for a set of concrete stairs somewhere in downtown portland for a photo project. The kind that look like what you would see coming out of a new york subway station (as he describes it) (i assume without the human bodily fluid stains). I'm coming up blank. Anyone?

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Ladies and gentlemen I present garrisonspdx, a feed from Garrison's Fine Wines near SE 14th and Morrison. It's a great neighborhood wine shop, and you can find cheap stuff there in the $10 range that's quite good. The owner is very knowledgeable and NOT snobbish at all. The feed has info about events, tastings etc. at the shop.

MRR! and house plants.

the blackrose infoshop + freestore has a ton of old copies of Maximum Rock & Roll (and similar magazines) right now. three boxes, all free.

and a few house plants! and tons of other stuff.

we're at 4038 n. mississippi, and will be open tomorrow from noon to eight. <3<3
Xmas Socks

My Good Deed for the Day

If you like musicals and/or the music of ABBA (y'know that band that comes from "IKEA-land"?); you should definitely go see it. kimie and I went tonight and it was FANtastic. Make sure to stay and watch the singing during the credits. The 2nd song's probably even better than the first!
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Just on the off chance y'all can help me: I'm looking for a new office chair. I want something that cradles my ass like a mom holding her newborn baby. Something soft, squishy, and super-comfortable. Probably with lumbar support. I'm not really sure what my budget is, so just for now I'm pretending I don't have one.

So, are any of you office workers? With an AMAZING chair? Or, a truly terrible chair? And can you tell me the brand at least, or even the brand/model?

I'm mentally prepared to wander throughout Portland trying out office chairs until I find The One, but does anybody have a good lead on a big old warehouse just full of them? I have already looked at Ikea a bit, and I'm not sure I like what they've got. I tried a couple at Staples (or was it Office Depot?) but they were super expensive, and I'm not sure I need actual leather.

TIA :)