July 21st, 2008

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so, i'd like to lose about 40lbs. just for fun (and aesthetics). tell me dp'ers, what has worked for you to lose weight? i have a gym membership, which i never use, and i smoke. i also like to drink and cause several riots a year. diets? work out videos? i just feel like a fatty fatty two by four lately and could use some real life stories as opposed to what is on the tv.
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A moment for some self promotion...

Hey Snarktastic Damnportlanders!

Do you need custom 1" or 1.25" pinback buttons for your band, project, or comments about Californians? My name is Alex and I have been making custom buttons in Portland since 2000. I now make buttons under the name Small World Buttons.

You can Check out my button site here: Small World Buttons. If you want to avoid postage costs and want to pick them up in North Portland or have them delivered to a close in Portland location I have a promo code you can use. Get in touch for more info!
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Movers to load a truck?

Hi DP,

I need some recommendations for movers to load a moving truck. We're moving out of state and prices being what they are, we're actually going to rent a Penske and drive it ourselves. We still want to have it loaded professionally (save us the effort, make sure things are properly balanced, etc). When we moved up to PDX from Eugene we got some random folks from eMove to unload our truck which was fine, but unloading and loading are totally different things, and I'd like someone who's a professional to handle the loading rather than a couple of college kids on summer break. Does anyone have any recommendations for movers for this sort of thing?

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Toner Pirates?

So just a word of caution... I was helping cover the front desk phone at work today and I got a call from “Jessie”. Since I don't normally work the phones, I had no idea this sort of thing goes on.

Anyway, "Jessie" said he was from the company that services our copier, and that he was supposed to get the toner out to us before the price went up. Funny, because there happened to be a guy working on our copy machine at that very moment. Anyway, “Jessie” said that he needed me to give him the model number from the copy machine so he can get our toner sent out to us.

I put him on hold and spoke to the guy working on the copy machine. The guy said “ask him what company he works for, we have had a lot of trouble with ‘toner pirates’ lately”. So I went back and asked “Jessie” what the name of his company was. CLICK. The jerk hung up on me.

So, if any of you get calls asking for model numbers for office equipment, be sure to find out why they need the information and what the name of their company is. Even then, if you didn’t order the service or supplies, I wouldn’t give out the information.

What an asshat. I never knew there was such a thing as a "toner pirate".
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Found item

I found a pair of designer women's prescription sunglasses on Hawthorne @ 35th. If you can tell me the brand, I can return them to you. Text me from my user info with your answer and contact as I'm about town ATM.
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Hey everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood Typsie.

As of this morning I find myself without work. I have nine years office experience, with my recent work being in medical claims and billing. I know Word/Excel/Powerpoint/all that stuff. I can type 80-90 wpm reliably.

I also have blue hair (see icon) and would like to keep it that way, if at all possible. I don't really care what I'm doing as long as it's not call center or reception.

Does anyone have any leads?

Free Monday Movie Tonight - Animation Fest 2008

We are showing vintage animated films (actual 16mm, no DVD) tonight at sunset on the patio at Mississippi Station in North Portland. Some of these films are over 70 years old. All are original prints. Come out and have a beer and see some great old cartoons. Complete schedule is available at www.myspace.com/mondaymovie.

9PM - Free Admission - All Ages Welcome - Patio at Mississippi Station

Animation Night - A partial list of tonight's offerings
(Van Burien 1933 B&W) Nice touches of racism and homophobia round out this little gem. Oh, and it has donuts in it.
Gypped in Egypt (Van Burien 1930 B&W)
When I Yoo Hoo (Warner Bros. 1936 Technicolor) Pre-Daffy Duck, but unmistakably a Warner Bros. cartoon.
Stop That Tank (Disney 1942 Kodachrome) Produced by Disney during WWII. 90% of Disney's productions were for the US government during WWII, mostly instructional films for the armed forces and US propaganda to be shown in other countries.
Grain that built a Hemisphere. (Spanish language) (Disney 1943 Technicolor)
Reckless Driver (Lantz 1946 B&W) Complete with banned scene that the censors removed.
Scrub me Mama (Lantz 1941 B&W) Musical short featuring every bad African-American stereotype ever known, including a Mammy character. Made back when the N-word was "negro".
Everglade Raid (Lantz 1958 Technicolor) Woody Woodpecker decides to try his hand at alligator farming in Florida. Gator character is suspiciously similar to Hanna-Barbara's later "Wally Gator".
Destination Earth (Amer. Petroleum Inst. 1957 Technicolor) Propaganda film extoling the virtues of oil. If those bastards saw how much we are paying for gas now, they'd be thrilled to death their campaign was so successful.
Der Blau Dunst (German language) (NFBC 1965 color) Released in three languages, for some reason the German one seems most appropriate. Mod 60's psychedelic film that might be about smoking, advertising or psychiatry. I don't know, as I don't speak German, but it is damn entertaining.

All films are courtesy of Tom Robinson's private collection. He's the tall rakish fellow running the projector and introducing all the films.
Mississippi Station - 3943 N. Mississippi Ave., PDX - 503.517.5751
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Freaky Five year Anniversary

Five years ago yesterday, the members of the power-pop-punk band Exploding Hearts were coming back from San Francisco on I-5 when their van flipped north of Eugene. One member of the band, Terry Six, as well as the bands manager, Rachelle Ramos, survived the crash. All others aboard were killed. Now five years later to the day, Portland's own The Prids van suffered a blowout and flipped their tour van while driving through the Fresno area. Aboard the van were members David, Mistina, Joey, and Maile, as well as significant others Kristin and Chris. This is really scary especially since the tragedies that have claimed lives and limbs in bands like Def Leppard and Metallica. More info is available at The Prids web site, and a Paypal donation account has been set up for the members' medical bills since they are poor musicians with no insurance. Donate Here!
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kinda the opposite question of earlier. ive said before that im trying to put on some weight, but right now i have a specific question.

i cant eat much at one time. i get full quickly and feel uncomfortable. is there a way to increase my appetite? i snack a lot but since i cant eat more than half my meal when i have actual meals i know im not getting as much real food as i should. my metabolism is crazy and i burn through the calories i eat so fast, i really feel i should be getting more, and would like to stop wasting food or having to carry around leftovers every time i go out.

and of course if you want to give me more basic weight gain tips go ahead.
"When the going gets dark..."

Free Daffodil Bulbs ?

Anyone want 'em ? There are four bulbs available, but I can't tell you what variety they are, since the squirrels "liberated" them from somebody else's yard and brought them here. They grow to the standard 1' - 1 1/2' height, and multiple small flowers grow from one stem-- instead of the typical single large flower you see with regular daffodils. The color is a pale "butter" yellow.

I'll pack them in a net bag and some peat moss for you, so they get some air and don't dry out. You can pop them in the ground right now or stash them in your 'fridge until fall for planting, -- blooms in the Spring, of course.

Shoot me a message if you can come pick them up some evening this week. Not really equipped to deliver right now. Sorry. Trades cheerfully accepted.
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So I'm working on the baby name problem, and I'd like some fresh ideas. The boy likes "traditional" names, and I like names you don't hear all the time. I.E. no lisa, bob, ashley, tiffany, rick, etc. Any ideas? My current faves are Jonas and Sophia. Just thought I'd see if anyone here has an opinion/suggestion. Oh, and last name is Mangus. =) Thanks in advance.
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pics or gtfo


Any recommendations for some good, image-heavy (or even exclusively image) photography coms to read? I've had texture and color_theory on my readlist for a while now, and the signal-to-noise ratio is really plummeting lately. Which is unfortunate, because I am really interested in the use of texture and color in photography.

I like landscapes too, and macro work (macro_pics is decent for this), but above all I am interested in artistry and skillful composition.

I'd prefer a com featuring work of many photographers to a private journal featuring only one person's work. It doesn't matter if it's on LJ or not.

I'm grateful for any suggestions. Spanks everyone.

Slightly cheap cat vaccinations?

Hi there, and thanks to all those who answered my previous question about residential composting. Much appreciated.

New crisis: our cat needs her annual shots. We can go ahead and take the vet plunge (I hear Rose City is pretty great), but I'm wondering if there's a cheaper way to get her shots done, since that's all we need right now. In my experience vets charge more to do vaccinations than pet shops, etc. But maybe pet shops are a lame way to go? (I just called the PetCo on Division, and the guy said, "I have to go," and hung up on me. Kind of funny, but I can say for sure that we're not going there anytime soon.)

Thanks for all your wisdom and suggestions...
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Beverly Beach State Park campground!

Just checking out Google for info on this campground and thought I'd post here to see if anyone's been, what they thought of it, etc., too! I'm new to camping and am having tons of fun checking out state park camp sites and stuff - we booked a tent site here for the weekend (my bday, woohoo!) and I suppose I'm getting excited wondering what it's gonna be like. Tell me, DP! Have any of you been there? What did you think? It looks so pretty!

Thanks! :-)

edited to add: if you have any campsites you like or would recommend, I'd love to hear all about them!