July 20th, 2008

"Holier Than Thou"

This is something that I have been hearing a lot lately. Being curious about where things I am involved in would place in a "Holier Than Thou" google search, I was pleased to see that a Portland blog was in the to 10 results.

Yay to Portland!

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this is probably a really stupid question, but what should you do when you know someone is trying to sell a stolen bike? it's one thing if it's a craigslist ad or something, but if it's just a person on a street corner, what should you do? call the non-emergency police line, maybe?

anyway, if someone living in the laurelhurst area had a mountain bike stolen out of their garage today and it happens to have a fork looking something like the first one on this page. some crack head was trying to sell your bike tonight outside of the 715 on ne broadway. they have cameras and stuff out there and the guy is a regular at the bar if that helps at all.

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I'm planning on making the trip up to Seattle this coming friday (7/25). Anyone else also making the trip and wanna share a ride OR knows of a nifty amtrak discount?

And yeah, I know I've posted this before with no response. I'm just hopin' things have changed.

Edit: I love you all!

Sunday Drivers

Just want to give a shout out to the butt nugget who cut me off on the Alberta St. onramp to I5 south today around 12pm. You were driving a huge Dodge pickup and you have a scuzzy looking orange ZZ-top beard and a nasty temper. Next time you want to scare the shit out of someone's girlfriend and nearly cause an accident, try not blaring on your horn for five seconds to make things worse. On such an onramp that ends in about 100 feet, you should probably avoid driving 75mph and approaching from behind another car going 60mph when someone is trying to merge on the right. It will be your fault next time when you rear end me.
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REQ for info: White body paint and places to buy it in bulk

Hey Portland, I've got a question about body paint (white) and where to buy it in bulk.

Here's the deal:

I'm curating a show called "The Human Canvas Project" on August 21st at the Fez Ballroom downtown. What this consists of (besides me making music), is a stage full of humans painted white, with video being projected on them (as well as some idm/breakbeat, dubstep and so forth after this performance/musical art section).

The Canvas portion will last an hour, and we need to cover 15-20 people... so it's going to get spendy. They will be moving some, but not necessarily grand movements, and who knows, cracking might even provide a cool texture.

So what I seek your help in is finding the best solution, preferably locally but hey, sometimes the internet deals are too good to pass up.

The ideal thing would be gallons of white body paint, but I'm also willing to look at the white clay route (as again, cracks could be cool... but I don't really want big chunks flaking off).

I've got some leads and have chatted with some folks who have done similar things, but still haven't found a good bulk source, and am hoping you or someone you know might be able to assist me in gaining such knowledge.

Even if you don't have any idea how to help... if you think the project sounds neat, you're curious or whatevs... feel free to head over to

http://www.happyhumans.org to see more about what this shebang is all about.

And thank you.
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I occasionally will walk from work to the Montgomery Park building to eat lunch with co-workers.

When I am there during the lunch hour, there is always a huge group of young-ish (early 20s) kids, mostly female although there are some guys there too. My co-workers like checking out the young hottie females in particular (I am personally ambivalent).

Is there a call-center at Montgomery Park? Or does anyone know which company these kids work for? I looked on the directory and didn't see anything.

Inquiring minds must know!
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Immigrations and libertarians

I am interested in what libertarians (of various stripes) think about immigration.

It would seem to me that libertarians would have to believe that immigration (and emigration, for that matter) are totally out of the hands of the government to decide. But there may be libertarians who don't agree, on theoretical or practical grounds.
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i don't want to give 'er up

hello good people!

i'm trying to sell my car so if you're interested in a good working car for not a lot of money (under $7k) and like low miles, let me know. the cost of the car includes a detailed mechanical breakdown for the car insurance that goes with it. the insurance seriously covers everything and i know that's a big factor when buying used vehicles. i had the intake manifold gasket changed and didn't pay a penny since it was covered. it's a good deal.

for a better summary of the car, it's listed on autotrader: here

attention damn st. johners!

so my friend works at slim's in st. johns, and she wants to liven up the place, and i am helping her.  basically, a lot of young people are moving into st. johns, and we want slim's to be the happenin' hot spot for the cool kids.  or something.  we don't want to change the fact that slim's is a rad, relaxed, smoky, divey joint, but we want it to be a place where WE would want to hang out all the time- it tends to draw an older crowd.

anyways, so i want to hear from YOU guys (and non-st. johns people can speak up, too... we want slim's to be an awesome destination) what you think is missing from bars in the area.  my friend has been working to bring in more varied bands, but we want to schedule more bands more often.  so i want to hear what local bands you'd want to see there.  i especially would like to find some indie and folkier type bands, since they already have some good blues/jazz bands on their bill.  they pay their bands really well, too.  we have already decided to have trivia night on sundays and i wll be hosting it.  i have never done anything like this before, so i'm taking suggestions- what kinds of prizes would be good for the winners?  a pitcher of beer, drink tokens, etc?  there are a lot of trivia nights out there; would you be interested in a theme trivia night, like rock n roll trivia, simpsons trivia, etc?  what would make our trivia night special and awesome?

i know you guys were talking earlier on here about maybe having a game night at slim's, and the owner liked that idea. would you like game night to be hosted, or would you rather they just have games on the tables and everyone is welcome to do their own thing?  i am also thinking about movie nights or tv nights.  what tv shows would you like to watch with your friends on a regular basis at slim's?

i appreciate everyone's help!  shit's gonna be badass, yo.
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completely random, un-Portland-related question but I figured this would be a good place to ask never the less.

You know those messenger bags that are fabric on the outside, rubberish material on the inside ala chrome or really pretty much every decent bike messenger? How do you wash those? Safe to just toss in the wash? If you do, does it need to air dry?
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To the asshole who stopped at a red light on SW 3rd and then suddenly blew through the intersection with no regard for the cyclist (me) entering the intersection on green:

Die in a grease fire. How the hell did you become a cop? If you can't wait for the light, at least turn your lights on BEFORE you punch the accelerator, you douchebag!

Ikea Coupon

I have an ikea coupon for someone.

$25 off of $250 or more. Expires July 31.

I'd really rather not mail it because I'd have to steal a stamp from my boyfriend and I have learned that's called "leeching."

So let's see. First person who wants it, while simultaneously causing me as little work as possible, gets it.

My preference would be to give it to you at the meetup on Tuesday.

Otherwise, I will be in Downtown Portland all day on Tuesday at various job agencies (which will hopefully help me some day stop leeching stamps off of my boyfriend).

Also, I live in Beaverton nearish to the Town Square.