July 19th, 2008


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Okay, guys. Pony up:

Where are the best bars for mingling around here? I just moved to the Alberta area and most of the bars are up on the whole section-ourselves-off-into-tables thing, but not so good with the mingling.

I have needs! Friends! Potential dates/cute individuals! I'm social but no so much so as to cross the boundaries of individual tables.

Help a girl out.
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Yo Dp, I need a good pancake recipe stat. I'm at a friend's house and that's what we're craving. Have any good ones for me, or links to a good recipe online?

Edit: We decided to say screw it and eat macaroni and cheese instead.
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Looking for rental

HI Ya'll
I'm looking for a rental in PDX somewhere on the grid as it were - I'm currently in Lake Oswego and ready to move back into the city.

I'd prefer a duplex or small house, something with a little outdoor space. Yes, the catch is I have pets - 1 cat and a dog. Here's a pic of Miss Rosa at Dog Camp:

Um...she's usually not THAT dirty, but always that cute :)

If you see anything in your hood, or have any leads, I'd appreciate it!

Many thanks!

hiking the gorge without a car

Hey I would really really love to hike some of the gorge, but I don't have a car. I know I can take the bus out to troutdale, but is there a trail starting from troutdale or do I have to walk down that winding highway 30 for 5 miles til I get to one of the trail heads?

Oh and I'll have 7 high school students with me as well. :/ my googlefu sucks. anybody know for sure what my options are?

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Fanning the Flames...

... another cyclist-motorist confrontation - this time on N. Mississippi.

What's interesting in this is that this is the second confrontation sparked by bike professionals calling out bike thugs on their behavior - something that should be done more often.

If I were a criminal attorney, I'd represent the guy arrested for hitting the bike thug with a lock - but I can recommend the owner of the car the bike thug scratched to sue the bike thug in small claims court.

ohhh dp

I love that when I typed in "liberal" while searching for communities that "damnportlanders" was the top slot, and probably is most of the time. Trying to find an additional community and just can't escape! I had a chuckle to myself.
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The Hunt is On

Apologies if this isnt appropriate. Im currently living in beaverton and need to move... anyone down to apartment hunt with me? Im not too keen on doing it without setting up someone to help with the rent, I dont want to get stuck paying some insane amount while searching for a room mate... if you need o look for a place, tis out there. I will give anyone whose interested my contact information and any details about me you would want....thanks for any help.

Tattoos and hair

I've been thinking of getting a tattoo, but I've got some questions about getting, and maintaining, one.

Y'see, I'm male, and I come from hirsute stock. I'm covered in hair. Damned Portlanders, I come to you for advice.

Is it worth it to get a tattoo if it's just going to be hidden by a layer of body hair?

Would the hair present a problem in even getting the ink done in the first place? How about healing afterward?

Should I actually get a tattoo, am I just condemning myself to shaving and/or waxing the body part in question? And I mean shoulder, arm or lower leg, not anything else, ya perverts.

Any advice is appreciated, but particularly from actual tattoo artists is highly prized. And if you want to mock me for being a throwback, gorilla or caveman, or other insults and taunts, g'head, because creative insults like that just are too few and far between these days.
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Terrified of learning to drive...guess what?

About 2 months or so ago I posted on Damn Portlanders for suggestions for parking lots to learn to drive in as I was too terrified to learn on an actual road.  I'm the Aussie who had an absolute phobia about driving (i'm nearly 38 and have always been scared shitless of driving). Through all the helpful responses most of us reached the conclusion I really needed to go with an instructor, as scary (to me) as that sounded and one lovely DPer suggested Greg Hammerly at Great NW Drivers.  I just want to say thank you to that DPer and to everyone who responded.

Since that post I've been driving religiously - once a week with my wonderful instructor Greg, and also getting in the car as much as possible with my spouse for drives after work or on the weekend.  Last week was the only exception to that but money was tight and we were watching gas until pay day. :op You know how that goes.

So I'm proud (and somewhat amazed) to say that I've come quite a bit away since my first white-knuckled, diaharrea inducing attempts at driving @ 5 miles per hr in the local parking lots with hubby. :o)  To share how far I've come along - This last Friday morning I found myself learning merging onto highways - can you BELIEVE it? *S*  It was amazing.  I'm still scared, absolutely - that hasn't changed, but I'm more confident and slowly but surely getting there.

My TEST is next Friday and while I think it's a wee bit too soon in some respects (I only have myself to blame, I'm the one who chose the date and booked it) my instructor thinks I should still go for it and even if I don't pass that's ok, it'll be good experience.  Of course that doesn't fill me with the greatest of confidence but I try not to think about that.

So I'm hoping to go out tomorrow and get some practice. I really NEED to practice parking frankly. I just don't have that down yet and I don't like it very much I must admit. Also I'm not quite there with merging but I did pretty well overall on Friday for a first go so that was cool.

So please keep me in your happy thoughts and send good vibes next Friday when I have my driving test. (oh and just a heads up, you may want to stay off the roads between 9-10am). hehe

And to all you lovely DPers - my HEARTIEST THANKS for all your help and advice. It has made the world of difference. :o)
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Lost dog

I'm posting on behalf of my mom, whose dog has been lost since the beginning of the week, in hopes that someone reading this community has either found or knows someone who may have found her.

Rocket is a brown female dachshund/terrier mix. She looks mostly like a dachshund but has Jack Russell ears. She is kind of barky and may be aggressive or timid around strangers, but my mom really loves her and I would like to help find her. She went missing in the Aloha/Hillsboro area on Tuesday, and my mom hasn't thought to ask me to post anything via internet avenues until today. If anyone has seen a dog matching this description, please comment!

Edited to add: If anyone has any other suggestions for reputable services/avenues I can use, please let me know! My mom has been checking the animal shelter in her area, and I will be checking the ones in mine just in case, but other than craigslist and petfinder, I really am not sure where else to look.

Thank you!

Books, Bikes, Computer Stuff, and Bits n Pieces - Online Deck Sale

Stuff needing new homes, please email for dibs :)

- guitarstories_at_aol_com 

Stuff is located in SW / Raleigh Hills


Samsung Laser Printer - $25

Basic Computer Keyboards (4) - $5 each

Small APC UPS (2) - $20 each

12" CRT monitor - $10

Generic Laptop Power Supply - $5

Basic Internal Tower CD Players (2) - $5 each


Bikes - early 80s retro rides :

- need to rehome due to knee injury :(

Schwinn "Mesa Runner" Mountain Bikes - $40 each

- one mens, one ladies 18" frames

- old-school riser bars

- 10 speed

- great 'city bikes' or 'beach bikes'

Schwinn "Traveler" Road Bike - $150

- 23" mens frame

- Lugged Cro-Mo, Lightweight Steel Frame

- horizontal drop-outs, brazeons front and rear

- 12 speed


Books :

Douglas Adams "Dirk Gently..." HB - $5

Douglas Adams "Long dark Teatime..." HB - $5

Faye Kellerman "Serpent's Tooth" HB - $3

"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" HB - $3

"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban" HB - $3

"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" HB - $3

Stephen Jay Gould "Hen's Teeth and Horses Toes" HB - $3

Physician's Desk Reference 2005 - $40

(selling at Powell's for 90.50!)


DVDs :

"Arrested Development" First Season - $10


VHS Tapes :

David Lynch's "Dune" extended, Japanese subtitles, 2 tapes - $15

"The Truman Show" - $2

Thanks for looking.
More things may be added soon....