July 18th, 2008

"When the going gets dark..."

Free Seeds, Anyone ?

I just started my semi-annual clean-up of the plant borders at Chez Xeno. This means I have thousands of seeds for Love In A Mist, aka Nigella. These are the classic "idiot-proof" annuals that you can grow WITHOUT starting them inside the house. They do well so long as they get at least half a day's sun and are in soil that's not pure clay.

I don't garden with pesticides, but the lawn does have some herbicides. So these are not organically grown.

They are packed in envelopes of 200 seeds each, ready to be stashed away for next Spring. Drop me a line if you want some and we'll arrange a pick-up/delivery. Trades happily accepted.
fuck you anyway.

Ride To Seattle TODAY

*** edit ***
Ride found, thanks!

My friend REALLY needs to get to Seattle today. And has money. And is awesome.

Train and bus are sold out. Yes, she has consulted them about any possibility of stand-by or whatever.

Craigslist rideshare for every Oregon city has also been consulted and has been useless.

Any other resources available? Or is anybody headed that way tonight? Pleeeeeeeeease.


Art School....

Hi y'all.
I would like a functional graphic design degree. (By functional I mean, I will expand my portfolio, become a better artist, and learn about being a commercial artist in Portland.)

Have any of you been to PNCA, AI, or PSU? Willing to share your experiences with me?

Help a girl out before I make a really big investment in my future. Heh.

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It's the DP book review thread

Dear Fellow DP'ers.

I will shortly have about a month where I don't have to do any reading for anyone but myself. So I give to you a book review below. And I hope you will get caught up in the spirit of giving, and give me a quick review of a book that you read recently that you recommend.

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So, what you got?
me & my geetar


Every other day I see posts on this forum about people from all over the country moving to my very favorite city in Oregon, damn lovely Portland. I'm an east coaster with no plans to move out there any time soon, but visit friends out there from time to time, and I have to ask out of curiosity - Is my favorite city becoming completely overpopulated?

I first visited Portland 10 years ago, and I always felt that it was a treasure-filled-secret-mecca that hadn't yet hit it's peak. Now all I can think about when I read these forums is the fact that everyone and their mother seems to live in Portland now, and are probably all graphic designers to boot. (So I've heard..) Does it feel overpopulated? And are all the out of towners who relocate to Portland taking the good jobs away from the Portland locals?

visitor advice


I hope that these kinds of posts are allowed. If not, just let me know and I'll get rid of it.

My partner and I are a couple of Canadians (well, actually he isn't, but he lives here anyway) who are coming out to visit your fair city in early September.
We're probably staying in a HI hostel since I have a membership, but there are two hostels in Portland and I'd love your advice on which one is better located. I'd prefer something centralish, but anything with easy-to-use public transit is good.
Hostel #1, Hawthorne district.
Hostel #2, Northwest.

Also, bike rentals. Any good places? I won't be able to bring my bike with me, but I wouldn't mind being able to explore the city on two wheels.

Also, anything else that you think a visitor to your city MUST see?

(I should also admit that this trip is, at least for me, partly a scouting trip. There's a good chance we'll be moving to the United States in a couple of years and Portland is on our list of potential livable locations.)

Thrift stores

O wise damned ones, where are your favorite second-hand clothes stores in town?

More specifically, I have a friend visiting who's looking for something cheap but at least semi-pretty to wear to a friend's wedding in a month. She probably wears a 12 or 14 rather than fitting into the gaunt hipster style.

Tips? (SE or downtown preferred, but just about anywhere would be considered.)

I need musical suggestions...

I'm currently in the process of re-scoring the BBC Planet Earth Documentaries, and I've hit a snag.  I'm choosing music from my collection, and pairing it with video footage from the series.  You can see the sort of thing I've been doing here.

Well, I'm working on an new episode, and there's this one scene which is totally stumping me.  It's these monkeys feeding on this flooded plain of water, and I can't seem to find a piece of music which captures the spirit of the clip.
Check it out, and feel free to suggest some music you feel is a good match for the scene.

Starbucks closing some stores

Woa. Starbucks are closing some of their doors. I mean... I'm certainly not fond of their over-roasted beans but that's a very bad sign for our economy. Maybe... it might just be a sign that they built too many of those dang stores. What do you guys think?
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(no subject)

Need a romantic dinner-spot for tomorrow night. Requirements: Can't be Joe-Blow American food, can't be over $20-ish a plate, and has to be somewhat nice (We want to dress up).

Suggestions? Bueeeeeeeeller?
Summer puppy by ninneve


I have a DVD-RW (one of those tiny dvds) I need to get transferred over to a regular DVD. Every place I've called that seems like they should be able to do that, has told me they can't.

Anyone know of a place this can be done? I'm willing to drive anywhere in PDX area to get it done if need be.

Diamond brokers & jewelry stores

The boy wants to buy me an engagement ring! We need recommendations for a diamond broker for the diamond (+++if they do rubies too) and for a locally-owned jewelry store for the setting. We want to avoid mall stores like Kay Jewelers and Zales...not feeling the hard sell. Location's not a big deal as long as it's not like...Frenchglen or Hermiston. Websites are a plus. TIA :D

edit: I should have mentioned that we want to do a semi-custom piece (or it might not be custom at all, I never buy fancy jewelry!) - oval diamond in the center with a round or oval ruby (our birthstones) on either side, gold band - if that affects any recommendations. Conflict-free or vintage diamonds are good too, and I'm sort of interested in lab-created diamonds.