July 17th, 2008

Oct 2010

Heading to Sunriver for the first time tomorrow

Per mapquest, this is how to get there from Hillsboro. Is this the best way to go? It says it will take a little under 4 hours...that seems low to me...I was thinking 5 hours...how long will it really take? Am I going to hit any fires if I go this way?

6: Merge onto OR-217 S toward TIGARD/SALEM.
7: Merge onto I-5 S toward SALEM.
8: Take the OR-99E BUS./OR-22 exit, EXIT 253, toward STAYTON/DETROIT LAKE.
9: Turn LEFT onto OR-22/OR-99E BR/N SANTIAM HWY. Continue to follow N SANTIAM HWY SE.
10: N SANTIAM HWY SE becomes US-20 E.
11: Merge onto US-97 S toward MT. BACHELOR/KLAMATH FALLS.
12: Turn RIGHT onto CR-40/S CENTURY DR.
13: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ABBOTT DR. Pass through 2 roundabouts.
14: Enter next CIRCLE 3 roundabout.
15: End at Sunriver, OR
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PIB '08: There Will Be Beer

The entrance is on the corner of NW Davis and NW 8th Ave. The line (if there is one) will snake westerly.

This Friday (4pm - 10pm), Saturday (noon - 10pm), and Sunday (noon - 10pm)!

Beer drinkers pay $20 for 10 beer tickets and official PIB glass. Additional tickets are $1 each.

All beers are 4 oz. pours and cost 1 to 4 tickets depending on "swank factor."

Bonus 1: And this year, for the first time in history, you'll get a REAL GLASS. Teetotalers and pedestrians might not see this as epic, but anyone who attends beerfests will.

Bonus 2: All three days..... During the first hour after opening, get an extra $5 in tickets with your paid admission!

If you're planning on attending multiple days, leave your wristband ON overnight and keep your glass. It will save you time and money.

Needing bunk beds and twin mattresses for foster children

I am a social worker in Vancouver and I have three children in care who are in need of a literal place to sleep! I am looking for one set of bunk beds and three twin mattresses--two will go on the bunk beds and one will go on a daybed for the third child. These items can be gently used, but please, nothing needing repair or dirty! In return you will get the good feeling knowing you are helping to provide for children in need! I will make arrangements for pick up if you are unable to deliver to my office. Please email me at lini300@dshs.wa.gov if you can help.
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two minutes for public transit!

hello my lovely fellow portlanders. i'm not sure how many of you are aware of the website http://www.walkscore.com, but it's an amazing little tool that tells you just how easily you can live and walk in any location. it's also awesome because they're writing a petition to congress to tell them to support walking/biking/public transit in the 2009 transportation bill (which only comes around once every ten years). i'm sure you love the walkability and incredible transit system we enjoy here (even though i'm stuck in oregon city sans car right now, i only have to walk a block to the 32, and four to the 33), and you're probably eco-conscious as well, so please hit that link and tell congress to stop wasting our money.


portland-related because we were ranked the 10th most walkable city in the country! =) go check out where your neighborhood ranks:

thanks kids.


The Helvetica font is officially whored out beyond comprehension.

I now intentionally avoid stores who use Helvetica in their logos. Do people really view this font as having some hip/cool/urban chic appeal? Is the documentary on this font worth seeing? Why does every little 'boutique' in the Pearl use this font? Is Helvetica the official pretentious cali-transplant (obligatory) font of choice?

(ps: I had the Trillium absinthe at Clyde Commons last night - about as bad as absinthe gets, avoid (but the food was fkn flawless, best I've eaten all year.))


If you know what it is, you probably love it. If you don't know what it is, you'll probably fall in love with it.

It is Korean Vodka - a little sweet but oh, so good.  It's not like the Smirnoff we're all used to - so smooth, so nice. I was introduced to this little bombshell duing my trip to San Francisco this weekend - and proptly went through two bottles of it. >.<

So, does anyone know where in Portland or the surrounding area I can buy Soju?

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FREE fun classes Vancouverites!

Become a Stream Steward today!

The Stream Stewards are community members interested in learning more about our environment and how they can promote stewardship in our community. The Stewards complete hands-on classes, apply their new skills and enjoy social gatherings with like minded individuals.

Free professional level classes taught by local experts on:
• Hydrology
• Geology
• Mammals
• Birds
• Reptiles
• Amphibians
• Native plants
• Restoration
• Water Quality

The Stream Stewards Program is brought to Clark County residents by the StreamTeam, a voluntary program of Clark Public Utilities. Once Stewards graduate they reinforce their new knowledge by completing 45 hours of volunteer projects with the StreamTeam or one of our partners. To learn more, contact Lisa at (360) 992-8585 or visit www.StreamTeam.net!
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Friendly Reminder : The Tar Plains Tonight

I posted a couple of weeks ago about the last Tar Plains' show and was asked to post a reminder of the next show. So, here it is! They are playing tonight at Ground Kontrol. 511 NW Couch St. $4 cover. They are also playing next week on Wed, 23rd & Thurs, 24th. Playlists for each show will vary and will not include any repeats, iirc. More info about the other shows can be found on their MySpace page.

They have gotten airplay on KNRK 94.7 FM as a local pick by DJ Gustav and are quickly picking up a strong following. They're also on page 35 of this week's Mercury in Ground Kontrol's advert. You should make it out tonight for the ridonkulous, tongue-in-cheek, dark synthpop duo! =)

Line-up for tonight's show stolen from troymercy's post:

9 pm - Circuit City (*Hello Lobster side project* NEW!)
10 pm - Genre? (*poppy dark wave from Bend*)
11 PM - The Tar Plains (*We have a surprise for you all*)

Pssst..... The Ground Kontrol advert is the second time in the last month that synthcat has appeared in print! ;-)

Records from the 80's

If you wanted to sell some old records from the 80's what would you do?

I am thinking amazon? In town locally would be good if they gave me a good price

I picked up a box of free records today for sampling and came across ones worth money, The cure, Bauhaus, Morrissey, siouxsie and the banshees, if anyone wants these let me know, I will make a complete list but there is soooo many Collapse )
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Computer repair question

The DC jack on my Dell laptop is loose. I called Belmont Computers on a friend's recommendation; they said that they don't do that repair anymore, they'd been among the few places who did it, and that the manufacturer considers the motherboard dead when the DC jack comes loose. But, they said, I can call around and see if anyone else in town does it.

Have any of you had this problem? Did you get it repaired successfully? More generally, can anyone recommend a trustworthy computer repair shop in the Portland area? I want to hear about your personal experiences before I throw good money after bad (bad being the two replacement power cords I bought when I thought that was the problem).

And . . .

Vespa Repair

I have an 02' ET4 that needs a new front tire and a brake job (I think, it's making a sound). Who do you recommend?

Don't bother recommending Vespa Portland or P-Town scooters. They are cocksucking tools and incompetent assholes in that respective order.

Thank you oh wise DPers!!!
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Springwater Corridor Closure

I went to do my weekly ride on the springwater corridor this morning and noticed the signs up for a closure of part of the corridor from SE 190th (Pleasant View Drive) to SE 174th (Jenne Rd). I took the detour and it took me onto Powell and Jenne Rd. I have no desire to do that again because I usually avoid traveling on main roads. And the bike lane on Powell was blocked by a few parked trucks, and the bike lane on Jenne Rd was unpaved and I did not feel comfortable biking near the drivers.

So, I'm looking for some new recommendations for bike paths in the area (particularly out in Gresham). I would prefer it to be trimet-accessable. And someplace that is open between sunrise and 8am would be great because that's when I usually bike. And I'm not used to biking on hills, so someplace relatively flat would be good.
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Rafting to candeee mountainnnnn!


i'm going rafting for the first time in two weekends at the Deschutes AND camping for the second time ever in life (Oregon native too...wth) !!

i'm super excited and mildly terrified as well. one) just learned how to swim about 2 months ago and two) am worried about being flung off the boat and floating off by my lonesome or hitting rocks and such. maybe this is just stuff seen on TV, but it could happen, yes? oy.

any advice for a guppie going into this river? if you have suggestions on things to bring, prepare for or know in advance that'd be most helpful. merci!

edit: i'm going with a large group of people, half of which have gone before.

not just for the living...

Ya know, I never realized that cement and pavement need watering.... this is a new phenomenon I have encountered around town as of late. Apparently the way to do it is with an oscillating sprinkler. Extra points for hindering the pedestrians.