July 16th, 2008


Baghead. And Disturbing Doll Masks.

Oh. My. God. I just saw "The Strangers" at the Mission Theater (NW 17th and Glisan). It is seriously messed up. By which I mean it's brilliant and scary. And I'm totally sleeping with the lights on tonight, and a weapon by my bed. This is the theatrical trailer. You should totally go see it.

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paying a kid sitter for a few hours a week.....?

Hey parental DP types, I have a question about babysitting fees.

I would be hiring a local 15 year old for 2 or 3 hours a week, to start, while I am in the house working on my art glass. Very simple, small to start while we see how it goes. She wants to do it for the experience as well, to help her get other jobs sitting as she gets older/more jobs under her belt.

What would I pay her per week, I don't want to insult her, on the other hand, it's just a few hours and I will be easily within reach if needed.

What would you offer?

Nerd Alert

So, here's a question for you A/V nerds-in-the-know: is there a place in town I can rent a video recorder for a few days? I have to fly out to friggin' Wisconsin to be present for the house inspection of the house we're buying. In 2 days. And I'd like to be able to report back to the husband some level of information about said inspection. I was thinking of just bringing some sort of vocal recorder because it's a BIG awesome house and I know I won't remember all the details, but following the fellow around with a video recorder would actually be ideal.

But less ideal is not having one.

So, anyone know where I can maybe rent one for a few days? Any of those furniture rental type stores rent electronics, too?

Personal experience always very useful! Thanks!

Something to do....

Is there anything cool going on today that the rest of Portland should be aware of?

I want to do something but for lack of imagination I cannot seem to come up with anything. What could I possibly do today with a friend or two that maybe I could do any other day, or is there anything happening today specifically that would be neat? Any cool exhibits in town?

Oh, are there any dance studios with an open swing lesson on a Wednesday?

Thanks in advance!
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Sheet music / instrument accesories


In case I can't find my book of etudes that I might have lost during my move OR if I can't get my grandma to mail me some of my sheet music from home, where in Portland do I find things of this nature.
Bonus: I need a new shoulder rest for my viola (unless the aforementioned grandma sends me that too).
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I neeeed opinions!

My car stereo is sorely lacking. I want to put in some subs with a modest amp and a CD changer to add to the stock stereo that is changer-ready. I am not going for the big showy system that you can hear coming up your street from three blocks away. Just something that sounds good and balanced.
My question then is who to go to? Do you have personal recommendations or horror stories? Did someone at a certain store throw in stuff or try to upsell you? Did the installers have their way with your dashboard, such that afterward it looked like installation was done with a hammer and a crow-bar? I want to know.


Has anyone been to Detroit Lake lately? We used to go every summer when i was a kid but i have no clue what it's like now. What we'd mainly like to do (tomorrow!) is find a good swimming lake for the family, including my 10 month old. Is this still a good place to swim, with nice sandy beaches? i'm assuming you can use the day use area and still swim, without camping, right?

Is there a closer lake that you like better for families to go enjoy?
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Apartment needed, on/near NW 21st/23rd

Sorry to add to the pile of similar posts...

The clinic I work at has a physician visiting from Nepal for 4 months. She's currently staying with her sister, another physician, in Tigard, until she's able to find her own place nearby. She's looking for an apartment near Good Sam (or close-in NW/SW/downtown), under $1k/month, with a month-to-month least, on/very close to public transit. She prefers her own apartment and would prefer not to have a roommate. We're doing the Craigslist thing and the paper, but I'm just trying to explore all options. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Xmas Socks

Game Night!!

Time for the regularly scheduled game night at the Lucky Lab in NW Portland! Looking for something to do? Interested in meeting some cool people? Do you like to eat and/or drink beer? How about unleashing that competitive side that you didn't know you had?

Come join us at the Lucky Lab in NW Portland! The Lab is located at 1945 NW Quimby. We meet at around 7pm and go until whenever (usually around 10 or so) The PDXers is a group for singles in their 20s and 30s who like to play board/card games and hang out with others in the same situation. We play games like Jenga, Fluxx, Apples to Apples, Uno... whatever! Bring a game and/or a friend if you like, and hopefully we'll see you tonight!

www.myspace.com/pdxers for more info

Psychology of the Dark Knight

Hello DP!

Batman unmasked; The Psychology of the Dark Knight is on the History channel tonight at 9pm.

Who's all going to the opening? And, what do you think about the controversy about them taking advantage of Heath's death?

Edit: I've been out of the loop so don't have a take, and after seeing a glimpse of the news regarding this it peaked XD interest to see what others opinions are.

I didn't find the news clip, but this is similar. Although, it doesn't attack the industry or focus on the pressing for an oscar as the news story did.

Ledger's passing stokes Joker mania

A little help?

Last week my coworker got hit while riding his bike on 7th and Hawthorne. He was drug 40 feet and got away with a little road rash and a trashed bike. The guy that hit him was driving a white van with the words "Green People" written on the side.

After he finally stopped someone took his keys away because they realized he was drunk but before the police could get there he ran off on foot leaving his van behind. Now no one can find the guy but they have his van in custody. We can't find a "Green People" in Portland so we have no way to find out if this guy has been coming to work or if they have a current address for him.

So, do you know where this company is? What they do?

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Hello you Damn Portlanders,

So I just got this job where part of my responsibilities are going out into the community and talking about CubeSpace (the place that I work) to spread the word about it, answer peoples questions, offer coupons for a free two weeks, etc. My bosses think I should go to coffee shops and the like. But I am at a bit of a loss as to where to start.

Are there any good coffee shops in Portland that lots of people work at? Can you, DP, think of any other places where it would be good to talk about this space?

For those who don't know, CubeSpace is a workspace provider. We offer cubicals (with phone and internet), meeting rooms, etc. to people to come and work in, either by the hour, day, or by membership.

Much appreciated!

uh ohhhh

anyone ever had an infected mosquito bite?  how do you know if it is infected?  is it semi-normal for a bite to grow to over 4 inches wide in 24 hours?  why is a mosquito bite making my whole arm go numb?

(damn you, oh shores of the mighty willamette, for providing a breeding ground for those nasty little blood-sucking motherfuckers)
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Project Runway

The bar Tanker on about SE 48th and Hawthorne is playing this season of Project Runway! The boyfriend got the Mercury to kinda promote the event there so thought I'd extend the invitation to DP if anyone is in the area and interested. One of the contestants this seasons is Leanne from Leannimal. Show starts at 10pm on Wednesdays!