July 15th, 2008

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Community Orchestras?

My Google-fu is failing me tonight. I'm trying to find out if Portland (or surrounding area...Hillsboro would be ideal) contains any sort of community orchestras. I'm looking for the type that is made up of amateur musicians and that isn't super strict on play level (I'm rusty!). Anyone know of anything like this? Chamber music, orchestras, anything? Any ideas of where to look? I miss playing in a group.
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A warning

Some asshole in Beaverton (near Hall and Allen) tried to pull one of my closest friends, in fact probably my closest friend right now, into his car tonight. He drove a blue Jeep Cherokee with big wheels, and was a tall white male with a shaved head. Just a warning to women wandering alone in the 'burbs. She called 911 right away and i heard sirens as i talked to her while she walked home the rest of the way. Hopefully they got him, but just in case...

Seeking housing near Reed

Looking to rent a room near Reed with folks who are cool with couples and a very sweet, well-behaved cat.

It's for me (Reedie) and my boyfriend (non-Reedie).

We're easy-going, responsible, financially stable bla bla bla.

I'm a great cook and he can draw you pretty pictures and Nero can purr on your tummy while you study or something....

If you have a room or know of anyone who does, it would be much appreciated if you could pass the info along!

Much thanks :)

Cheap dental care?

I'm new to the area and thought I would give this a shot-

I have a cavity that is going downhill fast (as cavities tend to do) but I'm not making much at all in the way of money right now. I've got just enough to pay my bills and my food expenses.

Does anyone know of anywhere that caters to low income individuals, so I can get my tooth either pulled, or patched up? A good cleaning after that wouldn't be bad either.

I just know that last time I got a cavity, I was low on cash then too, and it was completely irreparable by the time I could do a thing about it xx'

Oh! Also, I'm in Multnomah County, if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance!
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It's that time again, folks-- meetup time! This month's meetup is a week from today, Tuesday, July 22nd at 7pm at the East Bank Saloon on se Grand and Morrison. I'd link to it but I'm doing this by phone. What's up with no copy/paste, anyway? Linky link!

But I know the URL to the meetup faq by heart! ♥
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you're it

Hey smarties,

Item tagging and tag-based searching is becoming standard on a lot of online services (e.g., flickr, LJ) and in some applications (e.g., iTunes) but is there a general tag-based document filing system I can use on my own Mac or Windows system? Like, to tag any document on my system, and then search for it (and others with the same tag)?

(OTHER than keyword searching via the standard OS search mechanism.)

Spank you.
fuck you anyway.

Swing your partner.

Oh my god. I just went SQUARE DANCING for my first time up in Seattle yesterday, and despite my fear that it was going to be lame and boring, it was SO MUCH FUN.
So great that before I even left I called my friend in Portland and had her start researching places to go down there. She only found the Kennedy School on first Thursday.

WHERE CAN I GO to do this?!
I want to do it twice a month at least. Specifically for beginners, where they call out the dances.

Also, who wants to go square dancing with me?
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I'm trying to find a wireless access point around Montavilla Park (NE 82nd and Glisan). Personal telco and wifipdx aren't giving me any useful results. Does anyone know of a wifi point within about 5-10 minute driving distance of this location?


Free computer monitor

Hey you guys, I'm moving, and need to get rid of a few things- one of them being a big ass monitor I have no use for.

I believe it's 17", black, dell brand. Works perfectly fine, I just upgrade, and have no use for it. I have no way to transport it at the moment, so you've gotta come get it if you want it.

EDIT: it's gone! Thanks again =)

Tattoo question, your two cents on it?

So, I'm wondering who you guys suggest in the areas of Salem, Portland, Beaverton, etc. for tattoos.

I've heard Oregon Tattoo has gone really down hill, lately. A friend of mine got his tattoo done by someone who was very obviously hungover and, well... let's just say I would probably cut it off of my arm if it was me. I'm thinking about Hotrod Betty's in Salem (my friend's aunt owns and, hey, discount tats!).

Anyone have any horror stories, good experiences, warnings and/or suggestions?

Thanks in advance, I adore you guys! =D

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Which under-bridge is warmest?

I'm days or weeks away from being sans abode, and have been searching for housing via Craigslist. Rather recently (um, five minutes ago), my "housing wanted" ad was flagged for removal due to violation of TOA, and having re-read the terms of agreement, I can't quite figure out why.

Collapse )

I didn't even include a slutty picture, so...what gives? In all sincerity, I'm not trying to get a housing response. I seriously need to find a place to live soon, and even though the same ad verbatim was up for a week prior, this one was taken down. I'm kind of in a sticky spot ("dire" comes to mind), and if there's any red flags I can get rid of, I'll gladly do so! :) HALP.
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(no subject)

Hey so my housemates and me want to go pick berries on Sauvie Island. I've noticed that #17 says it goes to Sauvie Island but when I put the farm's address into the trip planner, it came up as not possible. Now I've noticed that trimet says things don't work when they do. Have any of you taken trimet to go berry picking? Any advice for the lame? We do technically have a car but gas is expensive so we've been trying to trimet and walk everything we can. If we got to go by car we can :/

Disc Golf?

Where's the best spot in portland to get ill with some frisbee/disc golf?  I looked online and found some places a ways from the city center but nothing close in enough. I'd prefer somewhere close to downtown or SE. 

I saw some pages talking about a course at Mt Tabor but have never seen it nor could find anything on the official website. Anyone know about this?

Thx DP!
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I'm looking for a retail place in Portland that sells kaleidescopes. High quality glass ones w/ different objects in the rotating tray in the $30-80 range. Does this ring a bell for anyone? I'd like to purchase one for my boyfriend's birthday and have seen great ones at Country Fair & Canon Beach, but they're pretty fragile, so I'd like to be able to buy it in person.


Flowers! Pink!

This may have been the last Honda Metropolitan in Portland...and now it is mine. I managed to drive it around the block without killing myself; not bad for never having ridden one before. Tomorrow, two blocks; next week...to work!


(no subject)

hi all! a friend needs contact information ASAP for a mike johnson, a person in st. johns who rents to pit bull owners... anyone know how to reach him? with such a common name, we are not finding anything on google.

thank you!

Found: MP3 player?

I think that's what it's called.  Pink, RCA.  Found vic. E Pine/82nd. Seemed like it'd probably been there a while, rained on maybe, but when I put in a new battery it turned on.  Tell me 5 songs that are on it and 2 that aren't to claim it.