July 14th, 2008


Obscure purchases...

Hi there, Damnportlanders.

I'm looking to purchase a couple of things, and am not sure where to find them. I figure you may be more help with the first than the second, but it's always good to ask...

#1)  Wonder Woman action figure. Bonus points if she's posable. I need it as a (gag) gift.

#2) I need a veil. Not like a bellydancing veil or a goth party veil, but like a "here comes the bride" sort of veil. I need one that's shoulder length. And I need it before Friday. For what it's worth, I am looking for a single layer circle veil, that's short. 

Thanks in advance! 

Can you Master me? (Cross posted in queerportland)

Lol I know the title will have nothing to do with the post...well yea actually.

I am finished with a few tracks of music and I desperately need Mastering done because when I tried one of them out at the bar for karaoke it was severely drowned by bass. I need a Master's touch to my music and I am actually happy to be at that step. Anyone have info or anyone do Mastering? Thanks!
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Movie posters

Hello folks. I am now in the process of decorating my 'new' apartment and I want to get some movie posters. Do any of you know of stores in town that would sell them? Preferably actual theater one sheets (what you see when you go to a major movie theater) as opposed to either smaller posters or dvd / vhs release posters.

Thanks in advance folks.

parking meters

Anyone know how much an hour of metered parking is downtown? I'm meeting a friend for lunch and I'm sure it's got to be cheaper than the $5 for an hour in the garage. Since she's at work, it won't be more than an hour, so... :) How much change do I need, these days? Oh, and do meters take pennies?

Art Gallery's That Rent Out For Company Party's?

My company is looking to book a place for the annual holiday party before it's too late. In an effort to avoid the stereotypycal "sit in a hotel ballroom around a table with coworkers you normally don't care to socialize with eating mediocre buffet food" ...
We'd like to find an Art Gallery in the Downtown/Pearl/Northwest area that we could rent for an evening which would accommodate approximately 130 people, a full bar,  jazz combo, and a whole bunch of people walking around serving appetizers.

A quest!

First: if I never hear the word "staycation" again, it will be too soon.

Second: I have recently discovered that I have a sister and brother and neices and nephews. I would like to go camping with them this summer. They would also enjoy that, except that all of their stuff got destroyed in a house fire NYE 2007. I am compiling new camping bits for them on the cheap. Do you have stuff you'd like to get rid of for free or nominally priced? Mostly I need a big-ass tent, and cooking/eating gear, I think.

ps: Thank you Oregon for having LOADS of relatively inexpensive campgrounds. Washington, you suck. How can there not be tons of little tent-friendly campgrounds on the road to Rainier?? No, RV Resorts don't count.
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A good mechanic in SE?

G'day DPs,

I hope you are enjoying our luffly warm weather this arvo. :o)

So we have a 98 Chevy Blazer and for the last few years took it to the Wentworth Chevrolet Dealership  (south of Burnside, very close to Willamette River) where aside from being expensive, they have of late repeatedly over-looked significant problems in the regular maintenance (we always keep the car up with maintenance) which have ended up costing us a small fortune down the road.  After the last $1000 we spent a few months ago on a main service and a new alternator (which we didn't know was a problem until it went on us) we realized we needed to change.  

At our last maintenance we were advised to get new tires and we did that today at Leschwabs. They advised us that our shocks are trashed so we need to do that in the next few weeks plus also get an alignment. We'll prolly take the car back to LeSchwabs for that but really would appreciate some recommendations for a trustworthy mechanic who does GOOD work and doesn't charge exhorbant fees.

Any suggestions would be welcome. We're at SE 75th near Holgate so we're happy with anyone from Downtown to SE 75th but we do want to stay on the SE side.

Many TIA.



employee at Goodwill on Grand

Does anyone know a girl named Crystal (I'm pretty sure) who currently or perhaps used to work at the Goodwill on Grand? Shortish hair and several tattoos, possibly full sleeves? I have a pair of boots I want to give to her. It's a bit of a random back story so just go with it....

I stopped by the store today and asked another employee if Crystal was around- she didn't recognize the name. So if you know her, could you please pass on the message?

thanx gang :)

Looks like someone knows who I'm talking about, thanks for the responses folks.
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(no subject)

Hey everyone :) I'm looking for meatless cooking classes (vegan or vegetarian) in the Portland area, preferably easy to get to by bus. I just happen to be the kind of person who learns really well by watching someone, and gets really frustrated with cookbooks. My mum's trying to help me over the phone, but it's surprisingly difficult to cook while on the cell phone with my mum at the same time. Besides, while she's been vegetarian in the past, she's not now, and keeps telling me to put cheese in things, which I for sure should not be eating (I'll save you all the miserable details).

In Ashland, the local co-op gave cooking classes on a variety of topics, and they were open to anyone for a fee. I've been looking through the co-op websites up here, and while I've found some interesting things, I'm not sure I want to join a co-op just for $5 karate or whatever, and they seem to be short on 1-shot cooking classes. I hate to be like "somewhere else they did this, so why not here?" but, well, that's what I'm wondering. I did find a guy who gives classes by appointment, $20/person, but that's not what I'm looking for at all. I'm very specifically looking for 1-shot, 1-subject, 1-night cooking classes.

I got some really good tips and links from some of you just recently, and I've been slowly going through those, but since I'm transitioning from a meat and dairy diet, I need to be... retrained, I guess. If you know of anywhere that has these types of cooking classes, let me know :) And thanks for the previous tips, they're helping out a lot!

Thank you, Portland

Thank you, Portland, for welcoming with opening arms.

Thanks to those who have mostly furnished my house for under $20, to all the Concordia New Seasons employees who strike up a conversation with me every time I've been in there, to the people who actually stop for me at the crosswalks, to those who have pointed me in the direction of fun, free activities, to my amazing neighbors who've reached out repeatedly, to the guy who danced with me for at least an hour at the Fez (and made my roommate dance!), and to the random strangers who've complemented my hair or my shirt.

I can't believe it took me this long to get to this city, but I'm stoked that it finally happened.

That's all.
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Get your hike on!

A few of us have been having fun going on hikes together the past few weekends. So far we've hiked Cape Horn in the Gorge and the Central Salmon River. We're organizing our treks over in damnhikers and could use some more outdoorsy types for our tromps through the forest. Some people have shared pictures and info about their personal hikes, as well. Join us!
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Fun with gas prices and unemployment!


If a girl were planning a sunny Tuesday out using just her (and possibly her friends') feet and the MAX line (and possibly the streetcar if the destination's reallyreallyreally cool), where should she go? What could she do?

Points for cheap things, hole-in-the-wall things, tasty things, pretty things, boozy things... and keeping in mind that I still haven't seen much of Portland in the daylight... Whoops.

EDIT: Actually NOT posted to my personal journal this time. Thanks majandra_girl13!
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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

My best friend is coming down Wednesday to visit for a couple days.  As a result, I am looking for the absolute best chocolate covered strawberries in Portland.  I'm in SE Portland, but i'll travel tomorrow to get them, if they're THE BEST.

So, DamnPortlanders (every time someone posts DP, i think something other than DamnPortlanders....), where can I get THE BEST Chocolate Covered Strawberries?
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"Felony Flats"

I've been looking for housing with a couple of friends, and we found a cute house on 70th and Harold and haven't signed a lease yet, but, um, isn't that a bad part of town? One of my housemates has to walk home after dark fairly often, so I'm really worried about it. What can you all tell me about that area of town? Should we take the house?
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I'm always so needy! - ¿Carpool?

In a desperate attempt to earn money, I agreed to house/dog-sit for some friends, after not hearing back from the handful of jobs I applied for. Well of course, after committing myself to the house, I got a call for an interview. I'm not jumping the gun and assuming I have the job, but it's good to be prepared.

Preface concluded, here's my dilemma: I am without car and rely on my bike/Tri-Met. The house is sortof a ways into NE Portland, and my potential job is in downtown Beaverton. On the days when I can't strike up a deal with my boyfriend, I'm stuck with a heinous transit. - - > Is anyone living in NE and working in Beaverton? If so, would you be willing to arrange a carpooling situation? It'd only be for a few days somewhere between the 2nd and the 11th of August. I'd of course provide my share of gas money, as it's liquid gold at this point.

If not - the zombie you see on the street will be me.

(no subject)

So, I'm not sure if everyone knows this or not, but I didn't. I saw an online news cast about gas stations raising the prices if you use a debit card. So I started checking the receipts whenever I got gasoline. Sure enough, just about every gas station I went to raise their prices from what was advertised if using a debit/credit card. It ranged from 10 cents to 50 cents PER gallon.

So, if you are going to get gas, be sure to pay in cash.

Here's a video talking about the same thing.