July 12th, 2008


Stuff for Sale! -edit

Edit- July 14: To you slackers that wanted things and haven't responded to my replies, this stuff is going up on craigslist! I'm too sick and have too much to do to hassle people just to give stuff to them! /end edit

I've got a few things (so far) ready to go before I move (to *sniff* Wisconsin) - I'll have more soon (some bookcases I think, and maybe a DVD/CD holder that's nice depending on which one my friend wants to take).

I've been offering this stuff to friends first, and DP is second on the list. So far I've got photos of some things up here. If the title is "Spoken For" then hopefully I don't have to explain what that means.

The prices I have listed are for my general reference for once I put stuff on Craigslist, since everyone there seems confident that the listed price is $5-10 above what I am actually asking for things, but for DP'ers prices are quite negotiable. I like you folk. You're good folk.

Delivery is probably not happening - I've got the Devil's Plague and just taking these photos made me sleep for 12 hours. Pick up only, but I'm all drugged up so quite suggestable if you're interested in any of it.

I'll repost something here when I have photos of the remaining bookcases and whatever else I stumble across. Anything leftover will be at my garage sale at the end of July (probably the weekend of the 26th). Mark your calendars early because I have a LOT of swank, suave, hip as all get-out clothing and such that I'm too lazy to put anywhere but on my front lawn in good, old-fashioned garage-sale style. (Much of which, I should add, was acquired over 15 years of thrift-shopping in NJ and NY, with sizes ranging from swankly svelte to queen couch potato).

I live in SE. If you want to throw money at him for it, my husband might be willing to deliver some of this stuff, but as much sick as I've got in me, he's got the lazy, so I wouldn't get your heart set on it.

My email is at gmail. robinz.
marvel: because we shouldn't have to

Brunette in a black car driving down Burnside last week, a little after noon...

It's a one in a million chance that the woman who backed me up last week reads this comm, but here's what happened:

It's a little after noon on a bright, sunny day and I'm walking to work. As I pass a coffeeshop, with several other people sitting at outside tables, a shirtless, middle-aged, disheveled guy, mumbling something slurred, steps out to block my way. "Excuse me," I say, and try to move around him. He moves aggressively to block my way. It's a narrow sidewalk; I can't get around him without stepping out into traffic and getting hit by a car.

He says "Can I see your passport?" and reaches out for me, or possibly my purse. I am literally too stunned to think-- it's broad daylight, there are people around, it's a busy street! But I can't get around him, and I sure as hell don't want to turn my back and walk away. I start yelling at him to get the fuck out of my way and he doesn't even blink, which is creepy in and of itself-- I mean we're in public. Most people, even aggressive panhandlers or whatever, have enough of a self-preservation instinct to back the hell off when a woman starts yelling "DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME."

And all of a sudden a black car pulls up to the curb and I see a woman in the drivers' seat. She honks her horn, but in the heat of the moment I don't realize that she's reaching over to unlock the door of her car so I can get in-- all that I see is that, since she's stopped in the street, I can step off the sidewalk, zip around the guy blocking my way, walk away *fast*, and hop on the bus waiting at the end of the block. Which I did. I didn't even realize that she was stopping for *me* until two blocks away.


Dear short-haired brunette in a black car (?) --

I didn't get a very good look at you, but thank you so much for the backup. If I hadn't been so stunned about being accosted in *broad daylight* on a busy street in front of a handful of other people (none of whom did *anything* except sit there frozen like statues-- not even to pull out their cellphones-- even when I was yelling at the top of my lungs, "Let me past, don't you touch me...") then I probably would have hopped in your car and accepted a ride. But I sincerely appreciate the offer. And I'm kinda impressed with you. :) You couldn't have heard me yelling for more than a few seconds, but you clearly were perceptive and decisive enough to realize I wasn't just kidding around-- you didn't think to yourself, "Well, I bet those other people will do something about it, none of my business," and you *did* something about it. And you helped me get out of a bad situation. So thanks.

I should end this by saying "I hope I'm in a situation where I can offer my help someday" but honestly, I wish we lived in a world where I'd never have to. But if I have to, I hope I can be as quick-thinking and decisive as you were. Thanks, brunette in a black car.

-- Sincerely, Tall brunette in a red top with a silver purse

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I can't stop watching this

Found this on Gizmodo - girl discovers that lightning is camera shy. (She not only lived, but she walked away just fine.)

In her own words:
From what i understand, it went through my left hand holding the camera, crossed my back and exited out of my right hand holding onto the metal railing. No entry or exit wounds, as i was not directly struck, i got just a really good zap from one of the "finger arcs" that happen when lightning hits.

barking dogs

So I'm sitting out on my back deck enjoying this lovely sunny afternoon, to the accompaniment of NON-STOP DOG BARKING.  Its my neighbor's dog from 2-3 houses down.  I can't tell for sure which house and I can't SEE the dog.  I am really tempted to knock on some doors and offer dog-walking services.  I can only imagine the dog is cooped up somewhere or left out in the heat and is miserable.  I realize this is a much different situation than seeing a dog locked in a car.  Recommendations on anything I can do to alleviate the situation?  I can't imagine it qualifies as a noise complaint in the middle of the day.  Suggestions?  TIA

DJs? Vinyl Junkies? How do you move?

I moved to OR from the east coast years ago, and when I did I owned a big SUV and my husband had a honda. We filled both cars with 3 cats and something like 12-15 crates of vinyl records (that's what we called CDs back when I was a young'un), while the movers took everything else in their truck.

I do not put my vinyl in the back of a hot moving truck to move it long distances. I'm not even happy when movers look too hard in its general direction.

We're moving halfway across the country again, and our situation has changed. Still 3 cats, even MORE vinyl, but no SUV. We have a Prius, which both U-haul AND Toyota tell us won't take a hitch (or I would put a hitch on and haul the vinyl breakneck across the country in a little tiny Uhaul trailer myself, lovingly parking in the shade and maybe even taking it into hotels at night). But - no hitch, alas. The car will be filled with cats and 2 people, so I couldn't even fit a single crate in there.

I know some of the more Damned in Portland are DJs so - how do YOU move your vinyl when it's time to pick up and leave? (And believe me, if I could stay in PDX I would, and if I wasn't so attached to my collectible and gorgeous vinyl, I would sell it.) I just need SOME WAY to transport it that doesn't leave me on 40 valium a day worrying about what the movers are doing to it or if it's baking in the heat of a truck like that.

Anyone have experience with this or suggestions? We've considered almost everything we can, and all the reasonable options have turned up unreasonable or impossible (like the hitch).

Thanks in advance if you help me!
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Co-op? Cheap veggies?

I haven't seen a post like this in a while (and I swear, I'm paying attention!)

After Big City produce closed down their Albina area store, we haven't found a really good place to buy veggies. We tried the one out in far-far-away land, but they didn't have anything to justify that drive. (We're in NE.)

Any ideas on a good place? We know about the one at Glisan and 162nd, but even they are a little pricey. Maybe everyone is.. heck I don't know.

I've seen a sign SOMEWHERE for a grocery on Marine Drive, but I can't find any information online about it.


Last hour of YARD SALE - Hawthorne

Here is the original post.

We've cleaned out a ton of stuff today. Thanks to all who came!

We still have some stuff left that we will be leaving in the driveway area...for FREE!

Yes, that's right...FREE!

Men's and women's clothes; old navy, gap, levi's

Other misc stuff

We will donate anything that is left tomorrow.

Please come take it!


1410 SE 32nd Ave
RIght off Hawthorne. Italian Joint is across the street.

Ew, a funky smell!

Hey Dp!

My boyfriend and I noticed a funky smell coming from our laundry room today. To us it smells like an old water smell, but I don't know for sure. I think the previous owners of our house added on the laundry room themselves, and it doesn't look installed quite right, but I don't really know for sure.

So, who do I call to fix a problem when I don't know what it actually is?

Thanks for any help! Enjoy the beautiful day :)

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so i'm not sure if anyone remembers my bitching about my previous stupid corporate job...

but i have a new one, which i'm actually tentatively excited about..

I'm working at the brand new Rose's Deli and Restaurant opening over on 1200 NE broadway (right by lloyd center)

Roses has been a portland staple since 1952, and is known for their gigantic desserts (which i got to sample today! omg yum)

as well as famous reubens.

ANYWAYS. that being said we're having our "trial run" days the 17th-19th, and we'll be opening the 22nd. On the trial days, 50% of sales go to local charities, which i think is pretty awesome, and is the reason for me posting this!

So come see us and support a well loved portland tradition.

(also: for anyone looking for a job, i believe we're still looking for servers with experience!)
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Got a used notebook (computer) you'd like to sell?

I find myself in serious need of a notebook/laptop. I need to buy secondhand since first-hand is a little too much for me just now.

All I need is something that works and has good wireless. I'm only going to be using it to access e-mail and LJ (from work because the bastards have blocked it), which will prevent me from eventually getting on the roof with a crossbow and taking target practice. Not a Mac, please, and I promise not to laugh at anything I find on the hard drive. Really.

So - anyone? Suggestions welcome. Many thanks.
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Roseland and Ticketswest

So, I want to go see the CSS/Ssion show at the Roseland in September, and I want advance tickets, but I don't want to pay 10.50 in service fees on a 18.00 ticket. Does anyone know how to buy advance tickets for Roseland shows without paying ludicrous service fees? I'm fine with ridiculous amounts of service fees, but ludicrous is a bit too much.
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ISO fancy eats and fancy strippers

So one of the guys at work is in the Army Reserves and just found out that he is getting sent somewhere for up to 18 months and the company is going to pay for a fancy going away dinner at a nice restaurant as well as strip club outing as his going away present. I come to you to ask for suggestions because we're kind of stumped as to where to go as we've been to a bunch of places for company dinners and have thusly exhausted our list of usual suspects. His only requests are that the dinner be fancy steaks, think contemporary and Portland-esque with good beer and drinks, and that the strip club be classier than your tried and true Portland dives should not be Mary's, Sassy's or the Acrop as we've already been to those. Geographic constraints are Portland Metro. Affordability is not an issue.

Please and thank you!



anything going on tonight downtown or nearby? any awesome live shows, fun and crowded bar happenings, etc?

i've gots the cabin feva, new bike tires, and a pocket full of washingtons.... anyone feel like painting the town?

Wedding Procrastination

Alright, so I'll be getting married in two weeks.  Which isn't a bad thing.  Except that I'm a huge procrastinator.  And I haven't even thought of how I'm going to do makeup or anything for the wedding.

Where would the best place be to get eyebrows plucked/tweezed?  Preferences between the two?

And I actually live in Beaverton.  But, hell I'm willing to travel if the place/person is awesome.


The Poor Have No Dignity

I watched a  lot of cable today. Two shows stuck out.
    One was about Tony Snow. Ben Stein lamented of what a great man he was. While Tony Snow was dying of cancer (Ben Stein was saying) he worked as hard as he could to make as much money as possible to leave behind for his family. He is survived by his wife and children.
    Another show I watched was about a mother who was addicted to meth. Her sons were also addicted to meth. They all lived together, and she admitted she'd shoplift to get her brood money for drugs and necessities. They did meth together, and that's about all they did. It showed their house, and it was filthy gross. They seemed willing and indifferent about the camera crews.
    The Tony Snow story struck me as this was a very noble and moral man, as he could have slowed down and partied if he'd wanted to. He could have spent all his money on hookers and cocaine before he died. But of course he didn't. Mr. Snow was the White House Press Secretary. His father was an assistant principle, and his mother was a nurse. I'd call that as middle, slightly upper class.
    The drug addict mom and her sons, I do not know their background. But I thought to myself, they could have at least got even minimum wage jobs, and found healthier things to do with their spare time.
    Here's my question:
(Mexicans are willing to cross the desert and take below minimum wage jobs here)
(The meth mom and her family were Caucasian and native USA)
I did totally screw up, and shouldn't have lumped poverty so closely to drug addiction. Poverty is not a crime or anything to be ashamed of. I think some people assumed I'm well off. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and drive a 16 year old car.
Ultimately when I was thinking about this last night, I just felt frustrated people would give up and not even try, like these people in this one documentary I was watching. I also realize 2 shows on cable does not equal exhaustive research! This LJ/DP forum historically has not demanded that kind of effort, and I absolutely, sincerely wanted to hear other people's opinions and ideas, but not so much emotional, knee jerk reactions. There were some really great, well thought out comments to my post, and I thank you, the ones that took the time to reply to me thoughtfully, regardless of what you might think of me personally.