July 11th, 2008

Vegan leg wax?

It may just be the fault of the wee hours of the morning, but I'm having a tough time figuring out a good place in Portland to get my legs waxed with no bee-products. I'm vegan, and hate shaving my legs, so I decided I would try getting them waxed (doing it myself failed miserably).

Anyone got any suggestions?
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Lost cat around 36th & Holgate

We've been taking care of a family member's cat while she goes through a divorce, and our landlord accidentally let him get out last night when he came in for a repair (Yeah, we're pissed). We're around 36th & Holgate. We don't have a picture of the cat but he looks exactly like an ocelot (picture below, no joke)

Please keep an eye out for him. E-mail inventionofyou at gmail or post on here. Reward will be given for any info that leads to his coming back.
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Portland music and culture? hell yes!

I am one of four college students from the US attending the International Youth Leadership Conference in Prague. as the only one from the northwest, i am determined to prove how freaking amazing we portlanders/oregonians are.

the second evening of the conference is culture night, and i have been assigned to give a presentation explaining american culture- as a part of this we are supposed to bring gifts for the other students and moderators that will shed a little light on the daily life of individuals in this country, and more specifically in my region. i decided that music would be the best idea.

and am planning on burning mixes and albums onto cd's to pass out during culture night.

so, portlanders, could you please upload/send me any and all mixes that you have? it can be local music, or just any music in general that is from this fine nation.

the more diverse the cds/albums are is the better! i need everything from (godless)pop music, to indie, to 'alternative', to woodstock amazingness, to... well, pretty much ANYTHING made by musicians/bands/artists in this counrty. the only restriction is that all of the music must be from american musicians. everything else is fair game, even spoken word.

also, if you could also write a little bit about yourself and attach it in a word file, that would be great. just a basic introduction, of who you are, where you live, what a typical day is like for you, interests, hobbies, ect. it doesn't have to be too long. adding pictures of you/your part of portland/stuff you like/things that are important to you/vegan hipsters would also be very much appreciated! the goal of this project is to put a 'face' on this country, and i feel that portland should get a large say in this.

please put all of this in a zip file, and you can either e-mail it to me at: kayla.johnston@yahoo.com, upload it to a site like mediafire, or, if you are daring deliver it to me at work on either monday or tuesday (i leave wednesday). i work on 1st and clay as a receptionist.

thanks in advance!
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Gotta get a brother smashed.

My little brother turns 21 today and I've promised to take him out with some friends and get him properly drunk. He's spent the last couple years getting shit-faced on the likes of Keystone Light and those 6-dollar quart jugs of vodka, so mainly we're looking to get him drunk on liquor of quality in fun establishments that aren't his friend's basement. Trouble is, while I've been legal for a while I've never done the bar thing really, so I don't have any favorites.

What are your favorite bars for wild and/or goofy signature drinks and a fun or unique atmosphere? Serving snacks would be nice but not necessary as we're eating beforehand. We live near SE 39th and Holgate but are willing to travel and have drivers.

So damn Portlanders, what are your favorite bars/pubs/places of debauchery and vice? :)
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Odd Problem?

My complex has the standard locking mail box set up that many condos/ communities have but my box is one of the two that have small slots on them (I assume meant to be outboxes). There is no primary out-going mail box in our set up so outgoing mail gets placed in your locking box and the mail person picks it up.

A few months ago I noticed that someone who does not live in my condo started putting outgoing mail in my mail box, using my address. At first I assumed that either my roommates were mailing stuff for other people or someone was sticking stuff in the slot. Since then, my old roommates have moved out. However, they only returned one mail key... Yesterday I found a huge stack of outgoing mail in my box, sitting in such a way that it appeared as though the door had been opened and they had all been placed in at once. So, one of two things is going on. My roommates gave their key to someone else, who is now using my mailbox or someone is sticking mail in through the slot and using my address. Either way, I want it to stop.

Should I simply bring their outgoing mail to the post office and ask them to give me a different door, with no slot and a new lock? That sounds potentially expensive.... Anyone had a lock on their mailbox replaced by USPS before?
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Preparing to Be Broke As Fuck. Food Stamps?

So my art school education will be a-rolling along in theory, all will end up paid for and I am getting revved up for it. I've been doing a lot of research and thinking about ways to be a starving art student.

It's funny, the system is absolutely not set up for the middle class student. I have figured out that it's in my best interests in the long run to make only barely enough money to squeak by, because in so doing I will qualify for both Pell Grants and the Oregon assistance grant. I need to make less 9200 a year I believe, which won't be too hard to live on if I'm careful. Still, I've been making decent money for three years so it'll be a shock. Anything I can do to alleviate enormous debt after school is looking like an excellent plan.

My question for any who know is, when I am broke as hell I may well be smart to make use of the food stamp system. I'm not very excited about it but financially it may be a solid plan. I know a lot of people here ride the edge of destitute for whatever reason and I'm curious if anyone has any input on the ups and downs of the system. I know very little about it, but I will certainly be below the poverty line the next year or three.

Been paying taxes for seventeen years, may as well try and utilize the resources I helped to fund. Especially since the unemployment people sucked, bad, when I needed them.

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One more time, the hauler comes tomorrow...I have a driveway full of stuff too good to throw away, and no energy or time for a garage sale yet. There's a loveseat, some computer bits, tons of old books, toys, clothes....PLEASE come get it.

The driveway of the bright orange house on N. Concord at Webster. One block north of Alberta, one block west of Interstate.

Yard Sale Saturday 7/12 - Hawthorne

We are having a big yard sale tomorrow, Saturday. Location is SE Hawthorne & 32nd, right near the Italian Joint.
Bus stop on Hawthorne is 1/2 block away.

Time: 9am-3pm
Address: 1410 SE 32nd Ave 

We've got lots of clothes!
Men's large-xl
Women's large to plus
Women's shoes 9-10

Furniture, housewares, electronics: 
Papasan chair, Ikea CD towers, Kitchen Aid mixer (used handful of times, nearly brand new), coffee/espresso machine, tv/vcr combo, propane bbq, charcoal bbq, misc wood shelves, kitty condo, kitty window ledge, ikea coffee table (still in box, never used), Yakima truck bike rack, camping lanterns, nike exercise mat.

Games, books, VHS tapes, lots of bedding: queen & king; rugs: area, throw, bathroom

Computer: RAM 266 mhz memory from desktop; 2: 512 mb chips ddr2 667 mhz from laptop; printer; cords, plugs, older Sony digital camera, older computer speakers (still work-Lansing brand)

We want it ALL gone! Anything left will be donated!

Hope to see you!
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Little House box set

I've been jonesing to re-read the Little House on the Prairie series for a few years. Does anyone know if any place in town is selling one of the box sets with all 9 books? I do prefer the ones with the Garth Williams illustrations. I don't care if it's older - in fact, I would love if it was the 1971 edition boxset (the one I grew up reading). No luck at Powells. I see some for sale on eBay but I don't want to go that route if I can buy it here in town :)
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The usual housing post, with an exciting new twist!

My lease runs out around the end of August, so I need a new place to live. The problem is, I'm looking for a job - I'm employed now at minimum wage, but just passed the Bar, and looking for work as a lawyer. It's very common in this position to have to start work in some rural county for a few years, because everyone wants to live in the city, and employers all want people with experience.

So I need to find somewhere to live, but I have no real idea how long I'll be there. It might be two months, it might be more: hunting for professional jobs can take months these days, if you don't Know Someone.

So my question to you is: does anyone need a short-term roommate, or have a room that might take someone for a few months? I have money, can cook (well, actually), clean, drive, and provide legal representation =P