July 10th, 2008


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This weekend: July 11 - 13th

NW 23rd's Annual Sidewalk Sale......the whole street, all three days.

But if you do nothing else! : After you've come down early and parked your car and had breakfast, stop by 3 Monkeys (between Johnson and Kearney):


This is the perfect thing to do if you're new in town or have parents coming to visit and you don't know what the hell to do with them.

Like I said, all three days, from 10 till 7.

Come make yourself happy.

Questions? call us at 503-335-0090.

Please help so I can get on with my life.

I'm desperately requesting recommendations for kink- and queer-friendly therapists/grief counselors. Therapists in general are fine, but the motivation for asking is specifically related to a devastating loss. The k/q-f constraint is unfortunately a requirement as they both play a big part in the situation.

Anywhere in the metro area is fine, but on the grid or close-in westside is preferable...thanks.

Any short, fat guys out there?

I'm looking for someone who has a tux I could borrow for an opera performance I'm going to be in at PSU. I'm 5'3'' and 190 lbs (and it's not all muscle), if that gives you an idea of the sizing. I would need it from July 21-August 2. I can reward you with cookies!

If you can help, reply or email me at my LiveJournal address, whichever you prefer. Thanks!

Portland freaks in need of new wardrobe...

i am clearing out a lot of clothing i own, including some corsets and whatnot so if anyone here is interested in corsetry (including a corset dress) or otherwise 'alternative' fashions, please check out what i have available here. Thought i'd give you guys first dibs since you are local and i'd really rather not ship everything.

Also selling amazing art prints for my friend Audrey Angel here. Please PM me if interested in any of the items shown! Thanks!

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Okay wise and wondrous DP I need some help.

I went to the ER the other night because a cyst in my left calf burst. I didn't know you could get cysts on leg muscle but hey, a learning experience is had. The problem is I have a doctor's note saying I must be on light duty at work. I'm a Chef at an assisted living home so the usually running, standing, heavy lifting of my job is not considered light duty. My boss is refusing to give me light duty, saying that since I wasn't injured on the job she isn't required to. She's just going to take me off the schedule. So I'm looking at being off work for at least a week which is going to fuck me over, money wise.

Is it true, that since I wasn't injured at work that I'm up shitcreek as far as light duty is concerned? I looked up the subject on the oregon Dept of Labor website but all they had was information on injured at work. I even tried calling the injured workers hotline but again only for injured at work.

What annoys me is there is light duty available. We have a large amount of paperwork that needs filing and processing because of a recent management change over. The receptionist/bookkeeper is swamped and I can help her. Also about two months ago a caregiver at work was injured in a car accident while not at work and was put on light duty in the front office for a week for it.

Is there someone I can call about this?

Volunteer/Food not Bombs

I have checked Hands On Portland and have a few good leads for when I know my shifts at work better and can commit, but for now I am wondering where I can go feed the homeless in the SW area of town... although downtown is not that far (although I am a BAD BAD BAD parrellel parker)

Anyone part of Food not Bombs? I am also interested in that organazation but I really don't have gas money to travel to the east side of town =( to often

Sorry my spell check says error and I know I spelled oganzation wrong


So if I want to go pick some berries (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries), where, damnportlanders, shall I go? I'd prefer some place that's free, or a cheap berry farm, in the city itself (SE a plus!). A place on the side of the road is fine, but be ABSOLUTELY sure it's not been sprayed with pesticides. I am allergicz.

Cool, thanks!
Enjoy the sunny-but-not-sweltering day!!!

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Ok, where's the best places to go for used bicycles? So far I've hit the co-ops on Mississipi and Alberta, neither of which had much. And of course I'm perusing craigslist. But anyone have another suggestion?

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Only posting this here since there was pizza dough discussions earlier in the week.
Today I got bored and decided to make a little trip to Whole Foods.

I bought some organic pizza sauce, some squishy mozzarella (the real stuff), and a dough ball. I didn't know they had dough balls there. WEE!

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And it's yummier than it looks.
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South African food....?

This will probably seem like quite the dorky question, but is there anywhere in Portland where I can pick up some South African food? Thanks to a South African friend I've had for several years, I became rather interested in the culture (He is an Afrikaner to be specific) and I was always curious about the cuisine but have never been able to find any sort of stores that supply any South African products here in Portland.

I have been able to find rooibos tea here, but certainly never anything outside of that; the only store I have ever seen sell ANYTHING South African was a store up in Vancouver BC; I stocked up on some stuff when I went there, but uh, BC is a bit far for some friggin' SA food.

I grew quite the fondness for the buttermilk rusks I picked up but have NEVER seen them anywhere here :(

Help a girl out-at least with some friggin' buttermilk rusks....
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Awesome and Cheap Fabric?


I will be in town this weekend and I promised a friend that we would shop for ~10 yards of fabric so he can make a gigantic beanbag couch (http://www.instructables.com/id/bean-bag-sofa--bed/). Because of the size of the project, cheap fabric is definitely preferable, but will be okay with paying more for AWESOME stuff.

Where would you recommend we look? :D


Shameless plug!!!!

Hello all! This is not exactly in Portland, but I'm a Portlander and some of you guys head up towards Mt. Hood every so often....

Anyway, I am bellydancing tomorrow night (Friday) at the Skyway Bar & Grill in Welches! There will also be an awesome band for those who like that sort of thing.  But back to me!! I am BELLYDANCING at the SKYWAY! Eeeek! If you just so happen to be in that hood, please come and see me. I promise you will be AMAZED!

Thanks! As you were.... 
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Card games

I've been itching to play euchre lately. Anybody want to hang out on Tuesdays or Wednesdays in the afternoon, or any other day in the evening, and play card games? I'd prefer a non-smoking environment, but consumption of alcohol is a definite possibility.


So here I am, minding my own business, watching a movie and surfing the tubes when there is a knock at the door saying police, open up. My husband is asleep in the other room and with his hearing aids out, hears nothing, so he was no help. I answer after verifying through the peep hole and they say they want to make sure everything is alright because they received a 911 from our home phone number and they have to check it out. We have no children, neither of us made the call. After they leave I check the phone, you know maybe one of the cats hit the right number of buttons but the handset is dead, hasn't been charged in who knows how long because we use our cells. My concern is this, is someone fucking with our number somehow to fuck with us, and if so what happens if they repeatedly did this, I don't want to get in trouble with the cops for false alarms that I'm not making. Not to mention it was quite freaky so the post may not be as coherent as it could be. sorry.