July 9th, 2008

Rainy Day

Bike Shops - Westside

It's past time for me to consider a good commuter bike to go the few miles between home/daycare/work. I'm familiar with the CCC and the fun looking bike center near Grand Avenue - but I'm curious as to whether there are any fabulous independent bike shops on the westside of town? I am way out in Hillsboro (cue derogatory comments and looks of pity) and would like to keep my search on this side of the river, but if you have a truly great recommendation for something on the Eastside, I'll welcome those (personal) comments as well.

Thanks and happy sunny day!
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So,I am looking for a non crowded place to hang out around some water and trees.
Last summer some friends and I drove up to Washougal, Washington and found a really cool spot with NO PEOPLE anywhere.
I would ask one of those friends where exactly that was, but we no longer speak to one another.
So, now I turn to you, DP, Please point me in the right direction!

Returning to Portland (from overseas) for first time in 2.5 years. Hope to house-sit!

Dear Portlanders,

There's nothing better than coming to the place that feels like "home". Even though I don't have an actual home in Portland, it's my adopted home, and the place that I hope to call home again. Just like John Lennon sang though, it's "just like starting over". I've been gone from Portland for almost 2.5 years since I left in March, 2006.

Since then I've kept busy with heaps of stuff like working in China, volunteering in Indonesia, teaching kindergarten in Taiwan, and traveling in New Zealand (any Americans under 35 are eligible for a "working holiday" visa for N.Z). I'm completely financially drained after New Zealand though. After paying a small fortune to take a fortnight long freighter ship from New Zealand to Mexico, I'm nearly wiped out. However, instead of just up and renting a place in Portland. I just really wanted to post an advert to do what I did before in Portland in 2005 / 2006, which was house-sitting and caring for pets. I did other freelance type jobs too like computer repair, web development, house management, and private English lessons. This time though I'd really like to focus once again on house-sitting!

Believe it or not, I've actually thought of Portland every day I've been away. My friends overseas always have to endure me raving on and on about it's livability, open-mindedness, down-to-Earth friendliness, the MAX, parks, etc. I could ramble on all day about this, but I won't, hehe. Usually I just show people the movie What the Bleep or take them on a virtual tour on web sites like Flickr or Google. However, I'm excited to finally be back! I grew up in foster care in Florida (moved away 10 years ago), and Oregon is my adopted home. Friends have told me that some things have changed over the last couple days, but I think a lot of things are still the same - which is very good.

This time I'm hoping that I can run the gamut of possibilities to find some kind of opportunities for my return. I'm open-minded about possibilities. It seems there are times when one connects with the right person (or people) at the right time. I guess that's what I'm hoping for.

I love animals! Especially the usual suspects... dogs, cats, fish, and birds. I'm most experienced with dogs and cats.

I'm a writer! I love poetry. I'm a lost soul - but a creative one at that! During the two week voyage I finished my latest book "States", which I will be publishing online in the near future. House-sitting will be good to help me survive, especially in the beginning in Portland, and as a bonus I think that it would provide some extra time to work on my next book.

This is ideal for someone who lives in Portland (or the surrounding areas), and who travels frequently or planning to travel in the near future. In the past, I have house-sat for people / families in the S.E, N.E, the Pearl District, Beaverton, and near Pittock Mansion. Right now is the perfect time as I'm completely flexible to move into a place immediately to care take for it, and handle any responsibilities that must be done while you're away!

But wait there's more... hehe. I'm male, 27 (my birthday is in November), and people usually find me friendly, laid back, clean, and very responsible. What I'm hoping to find is an opportunity to house-sit or do some light chores in exchange for accommodation, or some kind of "cultural exchange" of sorts. I don't know exactly what if anything is out there. I'm trying to keep an open-mind while I type this on my computer. and possibility more.

For added security, I can provide a copy of my Oregon driver's license and passport. I do have references. I'm also actively involved with Couch Surfing and Hospitality Club. I've stayed with many people all around the globe during my travels through these two web sites.

Hope to hear from someone soon...


Shaun Apple :)

E-mail: iamempathy (at) gmail (dot) com

AIM: applesbliss



Garage Sale This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Here are the details:

What: Garage Sale

Where: 1835 SE 143rd *Corner of 143rd and Stephens* ---> off of division

When: Friday July 11 (10am-?)
Saturday (9am-?)
Sunday (9am-?)
*If you are coming later in the day (say past 4) you can call to see if we've packed it up or not

The "Goodies":

Green & Black 18spd Mountain Bike
Coffee Table
Large Computer Desk
Wooden/Swivel Bar Stools
Kitchen Goods (including a rice cooker)
Papisan Chair
Bedding (Twin, Full, Queen)
Framed Art
Movies (DVD and VHS)
TONS and TONS of women's shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, suits, etc. (Sizes 2-24)
Women's shoes (size 7-9)
Mens Clothes (mostly M or L)
and much much more that I can't think of right now.

So if you are interested please stop by and say hello. If you have questions about any of the items feel free to comment here and I will get back to you.
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Wall-E meets Indiana Jones

 So we went to the movies over the weekend with some friends, including zaika_krasivaiawho was playing with this concept after the pic.

Zaika is a talented artist and cartoonist and drew this up when she got back home. I loved it so much and am so proud of my friend's talents (and humour) I wanted to share the below with my fellow DP's for a harmless chuckle.


Note, the cartoon references both the Wall-E movie and the new Indiana Jones movie (it's not a spoiler but if you haven't seen them it probably won't make much sense to you).

Collapse )

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Gaming in St. Johns

Some friends and I spent Sunday evening BBQing and I convinced them to try Apples to Apples. I forgot how much fun I had with that game. I am wondering if there are people in St. Johns that would like to get together once a month for a game night during the week, perhaps at Slims? I know there is a game night every other Wednesday for this community but I already have that night full. Anyway, I would much rather meet people in my neighborhood :)
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Thanks to the very sweet favorsforfavors, I have plans for Friday night, but all of our usual babysitters are unavailable.

I have seen others ask here and have luck, so I thought I'd try. Do you babysit or know someone great who does? Send them my way!

Friday night will just be for my girls- ages 10 and 7. They are sweet and funny, and usually pretty easy to entertain. We usually pay $2 per kid per hour- but we can be flexible with that. If you feel some other amount is more appropriate, let us know upfront please. We'd need to leave around 5:30 or 6pm and we'd be back before midnight, I'm sure.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, one more useful piece of information: We are in outerish SE- near 112nd and Holgate.
EDIT 2: Even as cheap as we apparently are, we found someone! Thanks!
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Do you like Sushi?

Every once in awhile I get an email from The OSU Food Innovation Center in Portland. They have taste tests all the time. They're fun and you can make $30 for 45 minutes or less of work. The one I received today is for Sushi (which I do not like) We're asked to forward the emails on to anyone who might be interested. If you are, let me know! Here's the intro:

The Sensory and Consumer Group at the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center is looking for participants for a consumer taste test to take place on Thursday, July 17th, 2008. The taste test is 45 minutes and the compensation is $30. Test times begin at 9:15am and run until 7:30pm. If you are interested, please click on the link below to submit a questionnaire. If you are selected to participate, you will be contacted via email or phone by July 14th.
Consumers will be contacted ONLY if they are selected to participate. We do not accept walk-ins. You must have a scheduled appointment.
The Food Innovation Center is located in the River District/Pearl District area with free parking, close to the Chinatown MAX stop or the 10th Ave at Marshall Streetcar stop. We are about one half mile North of the Broadway bridge on Naito parkway (Front Ave.).


I may be wasting my time here, but just in case: Are there any snake lovers here that are in the market for a new snake? I got laid off from my job in May and am having a hard time getting a new job. Though it pains me to do so, I think it's time I sold a few snakes. One is an albino coastal rosy boa female, and the other two are mojave ball pythons, one male and one female. Before I post a million details, is there anyone here who is interested? These snakes should go to experienced snake owners only. Thanks!
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Come watch me melt glass!


I will be there making beads on a torch from 11am - 1 pm

It's free
Celebrate the Museum's one year anniversary in its new home!
Attended last summer by more than 8,000 community members, Craft PDX is Museum of Contemporary Craft’s biggest event of the year. From live music, food and art activities outside on the park, to lectures and artist talks inside the Museum, Craft PDX allows people of all ages to get creative, have fun and connect through craft.

Craft PDX: A Block Party
Sunday, July 13, 11 AM-6 PM, North Park Blocks - NW 8th & Davis; Free and open to the public

Free art activities include:
• Glass blowing demonstrations by the Museum of Glass Mobile Hot Shop
• Clay town art activity for kids
• Raku pottery glazing and firing
• Stich-o-rama embroidery project
• Regional craft guild demos
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(no subject)

I know a little while back someone posted a site that listed all the happy hours happening right now but I seem unable to find it. So I'm going to ask the dreaded question:

Any good happy hours happening tonight? Bonus if it's somewhere in SE.

It's my friend's 21st, so we're looking for somewhere laid back or just plain fun. Wednesday ladies night would be equally acceptable.


Siamese Point Update

You guys are awesome!!! You've come through with so much support both in words and in donations.

Today, I went to Multnomah County Animal Shelter and picked up the cat after a lot of red tape. He was tested for FIV/FeLV and came back negative, he got his rabies vaccine, a license with a pretty new collar to wear it on, a microchip, worming, distemper, and flea treatment. He was released to me without being neutered. All for $50.00

We went directly to The Cat Hospital of Portland where Dr. LaRaus examined him and we set up a treatment plan. Tomorrow he'll be under observation to get an idea of how is jaw is doing and how well he's using it. This will help them get an idea of any fractures that might be present. Friday, he has a large block of time in the OR. He'll be neutered and x-rays of his jaw and head will be taken. His lip will be stitched up as will some other cuts inside his ear and on his face. If there are any large fractures present then they'll fix them at that point. He'll be kept through the weekend to recover and help get his musty tomcat stink off, before he comes home he'll be prettied up with a bath and a nail trim- all things he's in need of if my cats are to accept him.

After getting a good look at him and explaining the path of blood I encountered when I found him (it was puddled in the bike path along with spray on the curb and then a path to where I found him in the middle of the lane) both Dr. LaRaus and myself seem to think that this little guy was hit by a cyclist. He was either hit with a peddle when he stuck his head out to far or someone stuck their foot out to keep him from running in front of them and made contact with his head.

We named him Willy for two reasons. He was found on TerWILLeger and for William Shakespeare. I already have two cats with literary names. Jimmy the red kitty for James Joyce the Irish Writer and Ernie the 6 toed cat for Ernest Hemingway.