July 8th, 2008


Got an opinion on the Columbia River Crossing?

The City Council is set to discuss the proposed 12 lane, $4.2 billion boondoggle bridge to replace the current one over the Columbia. The new bridge is estimated to increase traffic on the I-5 crossing by 2030. The state and local match portion of this project is estimated at more than $1.4 billion, money that will be diverted from other transportation priorities.

You can send them a message about your thoughts on this, regardless of whether you support the crossing as proposed, by clicking here before Wednesday (preferably ASAP).

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After my big move, what I could really use is a good night's sleep.  However, not until the mover's showed up with my bed yesterday did I realize my box spring wasn't going to fit down the stairs into my basement bedroom.  Does anyone know of a REALLY cheap place to buy a box spring, or is willing to trade a split queen box spring for my year old full queen box spring? 


American Idols Live anyone?

I was given two tickets to the American Idols Live concert at Rose Garden this Friday night. I am not a fan of the show and have no desire to go. Anyone want to put them to use? They're free.

The tickets say Section 117, Row LL, Seats 9 & 10. Show starts at 7:00pm.

I live in close-in SE.

**Tickets have found a home!**

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Like a lot of us I am scanning the job ads daily, although I do have a part time job 1.2 miles from my house and hopefully will have a once a week housekeeping gig starting this week, it's just not doing it for me.

Ok... So these jobs for a call center that says 14.95-16.95 per hr in one ad then 15-17 in another and the email address always ends in @live.com

I smell Scam... but I am one of those desperate and vulnerable job seekers who wants to believe it's true


Anyone work for plaid pantry before? I'd like to work there and would like any hiring/interview tips, I will just keep turning int he application once a month, I know I could do better then the kid down the street who gives you a *I can't believe I have to work now* look and blasts metal at a high decibel while checking out your tits at check out.
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Gas numbers - Just for peoples information

This is not intended to proselytize one way or another, but to just give people some numbers so they can be more informed.

As of an hour ago, the AFP is stating that oil has dropped to $136 per barrel. A barrel is 42 gallons of crude oil. Out of this 42 gallons of crude just under 20 gallons of fuel grade gasoline can be made (19.5 but I like to round for ease). This means that roughly half the barrel will go to gas. This means that before refining, the gas that goes in your car costs $3.40 / gallon. Average price of regular gas on the West coast of the US as of 7/7/2008 was $4.40 / gallon

In 2005 the cost of fuel was broken down as follows, per gallon (at $2.27 gallon national average)-
53% Crude oil = $1.203
19% Fed and State taxes = $0.431
19% Refining costs = $0.431
9% Distribution and Marketing = $0.204

Having helped manage a gas station I can tell you that the money that the gas station makes comes out of the 9% for distribution and marketing.

I have a feeling that the percentages from 2005 are not true in the 2008 market. Also keep in mind that while the price of crude oil may be $136 a barrel today, the gas you just put in your car was purchased as a barrel of crude about a month ago. I could not find a link with specific times for the last statement but I seem to recall that being the case when I was managing.

Sources -
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Pet Rats

Hello rat-owners and rat-lovers…

I am on a search for two little ratties, but I’m having difficulties locating a breeder in the Portland-area.  Google has only turned up one decent link (Aunty B's Rattery), however they don’t appear to be breeding any longer.  Any tips for finding socialized, healthy rats in this town?

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East Side Street Car?

So I have read that there is a lot of talk of extending the Portland Street Car out of Northwest, across the Broadway bridge, and down through the central East Side.

Do you think this is needed, or a good idea?

I think it would be kind of nifty (since it would run right by my apartment), but I don't know if it is really needed, since there is so much transportation available through that area already. (Which could also be the case on the West Side, but the West Side area is also way more high density than the East Side)

Also, if it did run up to Lloyd Center, and then south, what route would it take? I am picture it running south through the Sandy/Burnside 5-way intersection, which would seem to be very hard both for construction and operation.


Can anyone recommend someone, professional or not, to paint one of our rooms? It's going to be a baby's nursery and will probably be a tad more labor, 3 walls one color and 1 wall a color block. Something like this only different. We have some friends that can help but not for a month or so and i would really like to get it done soon.

Also, does anyone need a room air conditioner? i've had ours on CL for a while, quite cheaply, and no one's calling.

P.S. Thanks to the people who recommended movers a few weeks ago. We went with Thunder Movers and they did a fabulous job in the 100 degree weather (although i still feel cheated about charging for "travel time to and from the job" which added up to an extra $150, is that normal?)

Found Siamese Cat, I need your help.

Last Thursday night I found a male Siamese cat (he has gray points and a cream colored body if you think he might be yours) laying in the road on SW Terwilleger and Condor, he had been hit by a car. I rushed him to Dove Lewis and filled out the Good Samaritan paperwork, which included checking the box that I couldn't be financially responsible for Mr. Kitty. By doing that I unknowingly signed him over to Multnomah County.

The accident caused him to have his lip pulled away from his jaw and some blunt head trauma. He spent two days at Dove Lewis before being transferred to Multnomah County Animal Shelter on Saturday. He is still there and hasn't been sewn up or dealt with at all since then. He is due to be euthanized on Friday morning. I called my vet, The Cat Hospital of Portland, and after looking at his chart they still think that he is a viable save. I plan on going to the shelter tomorrow to pick him up but I'm still short on funds.

I've contacted every resource I can think of (Cats in Crisis 9 lives fund, FVEAP, Animal Angels Network) and no one has any funding to offer me in regards to Mr. Kitty. I made some posts on some Cat Lovers communities and raised some funds to help with the vet bills but given what my vet has said so far it looks like it's going to cost more than I've raised. If any of you know of some local places I can contact for funding or if you'd like to donate to the cause I've created a PayPal donation button.

Any excess funds will be donated to Dove Lewis and the Feral Cat Coalition.

Thank you in advance!

Selling a waist cincher/late spring cleaning of the closet

I have a black Vollers waist cincher in my possession that I would like to get rid of, simply because it doesn't fit me anymore and is clogging up my closet.

Polyester/cotton blend, black, has a modesty panel in the back, tag says EUR 36, UK 26, CMS 66, no American measurements because Vollers is a company based in England.

I'm asking 175 for it, or best offer. No trades/barters. I live in Beaverton but I'm willing to travel to downtown to meet someone.

So which one of you lovely girls or guys would like to take it off my hands?

Picture of me wearing it: http://a80.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/121/l_ff3f875e465e0851e7fda5fe22c4d157.jpg
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electric scooter for sale

Had a potential buyer lined up, but they totally flaked on me. Lived in Ca, what do you expect? (joking! chill!) Anyway, thought I'd offer it here before posting on CL. It's a GoPed ESR 750 Sport. Retailed close to $600. Batteries are dead, but I've had it looked at by a repair shop and they say everything is fully functional, just needs new batteries. Used as a commuter vehicle (~5 miles one way) for about 6 months, otherwise not really used at all and not touched for over a year (hence dead batteries). Asking $360 with the batteries replaced or $100 as-is. PM me or email me through lj (shalora at livejournal dot com) if you'd rather. :)
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take home pizza crust

hi, fellow foodies.

i seek a divine pizza crust for home use. it'd be handy if it were NW or downtown, since that's where i'll be before i need it. i've done boboli, pitas, and made my own, but didn't think the first two options were all that great, and the third one is kind of a bitch without a mixer with a dough hook plus more patience than i'm likely to have for dinner time.

so, does someone sell an uncooked, half-cooked, or fully cooked crust that's decent? there's a pretty huge range of possibilities that i won't have time to check out before my need (tomorrow night): zupans, whole foods, bartering josephs, the frederick, a thousand local bakers, and some other options i'm no doubt not aware of (pizzerias restaurants with good crusts, who sell their crust uncooked? i used to work at one but it's a thousand miles away...)

please, educate me!

thanks in advance for your help.

Totally not Portland related

In my experience, there are, roughly speaking, two kinds of Blu-Ray movies.

The first kind look like Blu-Ray movies. They look good. A proper film rescan is probably the reason.

The second kind look like SD movies that have been resampled and sharpened, because that's pretty much what they are.

Does anyone know of some kind of list or review source, possibly on the interwebs, that tells you which kind a given title is?