July 6th, 2008


Roseland Theater? Thumbs down!

I've been looking forward to seeing Dragonforce for months now, yeah, I'm a giant nerd, I think they're awesome. I bought tickets several months ago, the tickets were will call, so this afternoon I called the Roseland theater to see what time the show started. The message said that the opening band started an hour after the doors opened, but they didn't say when that was. I checked on line and was told the doors opened at eight. I showed up at nine tonight, and the band I came to see had already started. I was kind of disappointed so I asked the girl taking tickets why the band started already. She said that the tickets said the doors opened at seven, and that it was my fault that I showed up late. I asked her how I was supposed to know what the WILL CALL ticket said, then she said "You have a shitty attitude." I brushed it off, but then my friend who was behind me asked for her ticket and the girl said to her "Your friend has a shitty attitude, she's a bitch.". My friend also brushed this off, and we tried to enjoy the remainder of the show despite all this. I guess I just wanted to rant to someone about how lame the service was at this venue. I've heard before that it was a bad place to see shows, but I really wasn't expecting to be blatantly insulted by the staff. The show itself was really good, but the experience was marred by, well, someone calling me a bitch. Roseland theater? Thumbs down!
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Maybe you were at this party on 50th/Division on Friday evening.
I was the jerk who showed up in a ridiculous wedding dress and blew up a couple of cakes. Two bomb cakes, two TNT cakes stuffed with mortars.

Here's a short video of the explosions that sent cake flying over two houses and into their front yards.

If you look to the right of the screen right after the second one blows, you can see me popcorning up and down in the crowd and squealing with uncontrollable excitement.

The giant TNT cakes fell over right before they blew up, but whatever.

There was cake e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

Best Fourth of July . . . ever. Hope you were there!

Knitting DP'ers

I need a recommendation- doing a project that I need #7 DPNs for (along with beads and some ribbon). I spent way too much time yesterday going to local shops for the DPNs and since I need beads also (the place on Hawthorne is more upscale than I want), going to suck it up and go to one of the bigger places.
My last foray to Michael's (both the one on Glenn Widing and Jantzen Beach) were crap. How is the Joann's superstore on SE 82nd?
Is there another local large craft store?

Thank you.
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Anybody need a microwave?

It's feckin' huge, but it works just fine and I'm giving it away for free. If you live in SE, I'll even come drop it off for you. E-mail me, inventionofyou at gmail.

From DP I got this microwave two years ago, and back to DP it goes.
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flea anemia

one of my kittens passed away last night. she was only a month old, and according to the vet, she died of flea anemia. i have three other baby kittens (and a mommy) and i am terrified that they as well are going to get it. i washed all of their bedding and cleaned the spot where they sit completely, and i washed them in dawn and ran a flea comb through their fur, (which is what the vet told me to do) and although the fleas aren't nearly as bad, some of them are still there. but when i woke up this morning the fleas were still there.

so my question, damnportlanders, is how do i make the fleas go away for good? i don't know what i would do if i lost another kitty. :(

edit the kittens are exactly a month old today.
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Last week I found some keys at the top of Hawthorne.

There's a metal tag with:
Rogers, Donald E
540-72-xxxx (x'd out for privacy)

I tried 411 and google but didn't get anything useful. Anyone have any ideas? Anyone know Donald Rogers?

film benefit for the RNC Welcoming Committee!!

The Republican National Convention is coming and anti-authoritarian activists in St. Paul like the RNC Welcoming Committee and Twin Cities Indymedia need funds to rent a convergence center. To that end, Unconventional Action Portland is throwing a benefit screening of Libertarias, a rad film following the heroic exploits of several anarchist women in the Spanish Civil war.

Tuesday, July 8, 7:30pm
Blackrose Infoshop - 4038 N. Mississippi

Who: UA Portland for the RNC Welcoming Committee, Twin Cities Indymedia and everyone thinking of attending the RNC protests this year.

Cost: $5-10 sliding scale. No one turned away.
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Found the owner of the lost keys.

Thanks to glowing_fish I found him through www.dexknows.com. I'd tried google but it only came up with for-money services.

I left a message. An old woman called back she sounded very confused.

Turns out that Donald Rogers has been dead for about 5 years. He died of heart failure. She told me all about his family, her family and their lives. He was in the service in WWII.

She has no idea how his dog tags would be on Hawthorne with a bunch of keys. She said she'd displayed his military stuff at his funeral and they'd raised horses together. There were a lot of non-sequiters in our conversation.

Mistery (sort of) solved.

I need a job!

Help! I just quit my last job and craigslist is not being very helpful.

I know this gets asked a lot around here, and I've looked at previous postings, but really: what are some really good websites that have good listings and are not just filled with spam?

Also, has anyone seen any businesses that have signs indicating they are hiring? SE preferred, though in this job market I'll go pretty much anywhere in PDX.

Right now, I'm a sophomore at Reed College, have solid work experience in several different fields, and am looking for a well-paying (or decently well-paying) job in any field other than sales.