July 4th, 2008


Real Estate Agents?

Any real estate agents in the house?

A few questions that I hope aren't too crazy or stupid:

1) I feel VERY uncomfortable about the fact that our agent (as buyers) is the same as the listing agent of the house I like the most. We suggested that the house needed a minimum of $20k work to make it both functional and not an advertisement for 1970s wood paneling (supported by a contractor estimate using the cheapest materials, which we would not use), and we flat out asked the agent if we were to put in an offer, would the appropriate move be to put an offer at $20k below asking price? She said they'd say no way and reject the offer. (Of course, all I can think of is that she'd TELL THEM to say no.) Helloooo conflict of interest.

2) Can anyone tell me the difference between the assessed value of the house and the asking price? This particular house has an assessed value of 2/3 of the asking price according to the documents, assessed in 2007. (Disclaimer: these houses are NOT in Portland. We're sadly leaving state for employment reasons). I'm not giving monetary numbers on purpose, but I'll tell you that a mere 5 or so years ago (before the crazy housing surge where even dogs and fetuses were qualifying for mortgages) houses in this same neighborhood were selling for less than half the current asking price.

I love the current house because it's HUGE, but it does need a bit of work. It has an apartment attached to the upstairs which brings in the equivalent of about half of what our monthly mortgage would be. I am NOT happy about a renter (and we've been told the renter is on a lease until next June) but IF we were to buy this house and (once the renter's lease is up and not renewed) we were to gut the second and third floors and pull them back into the main house, I'm told that the market for a single-family house of that size in that area is not high, and we'd be hard pressed to recover what we put into it. Apparently even if we keep the renter and the apartment upstairs (and we are NOT social people, so we do NOT relish the idea of suddenly being landlords) we may still be hard pressed to recover what we put into making this house match what's in my brain in 5-10 years when we sell it.

We're obviously new buyers, but we're relatively smart folk. That last paragraph was background info for anyone who wants to offer extended advice, but I would really appreciate answers to the 2 questions. They both leave me really unsettled and they're out of anti-anxiety drugs to prescribe to me already.

Beetles and Moths <3!

hey, all of you out there who are into wiccan, spiritualism, symbolism thru nature, or anything of the sort, i wanna know:

what do beetles and moths mean?

   im beginning to think that theres some symbolism attatched to beetles that i should be paying attention to, because i seem to attract them this year, in great numbers, and in many MANY varieties.

ive had the normal tiny shiny black ones,  a beautiful large black one with silver and red edges to its shell and body, a large long white one with what looked like melted copper spots all over its body, 
   a short fat one with a green shimmer and curly entenna...  and many others, all over the place.

ive also always had a close affinity to moths, and ive had a wide variety of them show up in my life this year as well. this could be attributed to the nice weather weve had, sure, but they dont seem to show up to other people nearly as much as they do for me, and ive ALWAYS watched for insects, and this is a change from what i normally see.

  ive already looked into the egyptian symbolism for scarab beetles, but i was curious if anyone had insights from other cultures on what they might mean :)

thanks yall!
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Need a new home for Wilcox

Wilcox is a 4 year old flame point Siamese cat. He is pretty skittish but very loving once he gets used to his new area. He likes to go outside but only after he has been in his home for at least a month as he is prone to getting lost. I have kept him inside for the past couple of years due to living near busy streets.

Wilcox is chipped (so that information would need to be updated) and in perfect health. He is litter box trained and would come with a free litter box and cat carrier as well as his favorite cat bed.

I have am allergic to cats and have two of them. I have been training them to use the toilet but Wilcox is just not taking to it. I can deal with the fur (have a roomba and air purifier for dander issues) but every time I change the litter box my allergies flare up and with the current weather it just makes it worse.

I have had him for three years and am very attached to him but my health just can't take it any more. He is a medium hair so he does shed a bit during the summer but he adores being brushed. He gets along well with other cats, dogs, and even rabbits after he gets used to his surroundings.

If anyone here can help us out we would both be greatly appreciative. Below the cut are some pictures of him. Thanks for your time and help folks.

I appreciate the litter suggestions, but I have tried a dozen different litters (including all the ones suggested) and am trying to find Wilcox a new home, not a new litter. Thanks though.

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New drunk taco!

EDITED - (La Conga is the one in Corvallis - my bad!)

For all of my fellow alcoholic (at least, on the weekends) damnportanders who remember the glory days when La Casita (affectionately dubbed "drunk taco" by everyone I knew) was open 24 hours on lower E. Burnside - there is a NEW drunk taco in town! Muchas Gracias is now open 24 hours on NE Broadway, where the KFC used to be. If you don't know where that is, go back to California. ;)

I was there last night and the food was greasy and mediocre, the horchata cold and plentiful, and we were hammered. The universe is in equalibrium again, my friends.

Happy fourth!
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Speaking of software

My laptop died last week. I had done a full backup recently and when trying to restore the .bkf file it gave me error messages. There are several bkf repair applications and a demo of one showed all of my files. The catch is that the cheapest I found was around $80! After replacing my laptop this is not my favorite option. Does anyone have a store bought one to rent? Any other ideas or apps I am not aware of?
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It never ceases to amaze me just how many people bring their dogs to the fireworks. Really people. If you are standing there with your fingers in your ears because its too loud, how do you think your dog feels? And don't get all pissed off because your dog is scared and freaking out. Try using your brain for once and leave your dog at home.
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