July 3rd, 2008

Baby Gate!

Im getting a puppy in a few days, and the boy has very gently demanded I procure a baby gate for some simple containing of the fuzzrocket...

..Im looking on craigslist and thought I'd check here too..anyone got a baby gate sitting around they'd like to sell me? I refuse to buy new!

(thanks in advance)
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Chorus Line is Coming to Portland

....and they will be coming from SF.

Once they are in the area....they will be doing a contest for prizes and free tickets for the show including a grand prize of a trip to NY!

Here's the sample entry:

I’m “auditioning“ for the National Tour of A Chorus Line’s Be the One competition, and I need your help! The 8 dancers who get the most votes will win an exclusive prize package, including tickets to A Chorus Line.

Click here to view my profile and cast your vote to let everyone know you think I’m a Singular Sensation!



Anthony John


Please vote multiple times with different e-mails, only if possible, and tell your friends also :)



The Portland contest is not open yet but be sure to check
The official Chorus Line website.

But for the meantime....please vote for me.
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Flower Shop Recommendations!

I have a million friends this month and next with upcoming birthdays and multiple kindnesses that I need to repay. So, I'm looking for some good flower shop recommendations.... either a nice (better than average), possibly upscale place to get a gorgeous bunch of flowers (possibly unique & creative arrangements).

I'd also like to find a place that I can get some wholesale flowers, if such a place exists like that in Portland.... I think there was a flower district or wholesale flower mart that I heard about in downtown LA once upon a time. Something like that perhaps?

Help me out, Portlanders! What are the best places that you know of to buy flowers! =)

P.S. I live in SE, close in. So, anything SE or close-in would be great. But, not so much if it's out in the 'burbs. Thanks, guys! :)
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"lost" cell phone

Posting for a friend who doesn't LJ

Cell phone lost in the E-room last night.  It's a Verizon Samsung dual-flip phone with full qwerty keypad, black.  Already suspended and locked.  Reward for return, just comment here & I'll pass it on. 
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Found: Cat

I have already posted on Oregonian, DoveLewis, and the humane society.  No tattoos, no tags, no chip.

Black cat "found" outer SE, vic. SE 82nd/Woodstock.  Has been hanging around a good month or so.  Originally had a flea collar but ditched it at some point and is now collarless.  Started out starved but I've been feeding it.  Starved for attention and really sweet.  It's currently camped out on my front stoop.  Missing a lot of fur on the hind legs/belly was missing this fur prior to losing flea collar).  

This cat is a real sweetheart - once she got over her skitterishness (I put out food but sat with my hand above it so she had to get close enough for me to pet if she wanted to eat the food and she was hungry), she is all about being petted and picked up and held and loved.  If you think this is your cat, or if you are looking to add a cat to your household...  It seems like she might get along okay with the 5! cats already in this house, but they don't look kindly on strangers and seriously, 5 is more than enough.  

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In a pickle

Alright working class DPers, I need your advice. I've worked for this company for 4 years. I guess overall it's been a decent place to work. I get benefits, decent raises, 2 weeks paid vacation, sick pay, unlimited unpaid time off. On the other hand the people are clique-y, catty, and VERY dramatic. My co-worker has been written up twice for bullshit reasons, and feels like she's on the way to being fired because our supervisor and her boyfriend (the owner of the company) don't like her. Both supervisor and bossman like me and I see them playing favorites towards me. As much as I like being liked and feel like I can actually move up in this company, I'm fed up with the unfair treatment towards my co-worker who is a very hard worker, willing to stay late if needed, and has 3 times the responsibilities that I have. My question to you is do I keep my mouth shut about the situation and look elsewhere for employment or speak up about it and risk losing a good reference for future jobs? Please advise!

Canine Lymphoma Treatment in Portland

I got the horrible news that my 8-year old dog has lymphoma (acute lymphoblast lymphoma). My vet referred me to a veterinary oncologist named Dr. Freeman at Northwest Veterinary Specialists. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience working with this clinic? Any other oncology veterinarians?
Any recommendations for veterinary cancer resources in Portland would be much appreciated, both traditional and holistic. Also, tips or personal experiences would also be very helpful. I am planning on doing extensive research; but I thought maybe someone would come up with something I haven’t.
Please try and avoid any “he is just a dog” snark, I am really not up for hearing that right now. He is a member of my family and I will do anything in my power to provide the most effective, comfortable, and compassionate care for him.
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(no subject)

Good Mexican food in North Portland? The closer to St. Johns, the better.

(Disclaimer for those from border states and actual Mexicans: When I say 'good Mexican food' I mean 'good for Oregon', because I don't know the difference. I'm from the Canadian prairie, where refried beans are exotic.)

Thanks DPers!
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Vancouver Fireworks

Has anyone ever been to the fireworks over in Vancouver? The gates open at 10am (fireworks at about 10pm) and my friend wants to get there by noon to make sure we can lay out blankets. But spending 10 hours there does not sound fun. Can I go more about 5pm and still find space to lay out?

The other option we're thinking about is just going out on the esplanade to watch the ones downtown.

Car Issues

My boyfriend was driving my car and ran up over a curb last weekend and now there's a plastic covering that looks like it covers the engine underneath the car that's hanging down and dragging on the ground. Probably 2/3rds of the way off or so. I figured this out last night and haven't driven on it since. I tried to just muscle it into place again at least so I can get it to a place to get fixed but I can't reach far enough back or get a good angle on it to do so. Unfortunately, I don't think I have a jack so I can't get up under it that way either. My boyfriend has AAA so we're thinking of calling and getting them to tow us to a mechanic. However I'm worried that if I do that now it won't be able to get fixed until maybe next Monday what with the holiday and weekend and all. I do need access to a vehicle (public trans is out of the question of my work as it's in way out of the way places and I get off during the wee hours of the morning) this weekend though. Urgh. It's a 2000 Jetta TDI and I live just behind the Burlinghame Freddies.

My questions are: should I just try and muscle it into place anyway and take my chances this weekend? I was thinking maybe I could try and attach some wire through some of the screw holes in the plastic thing and rig it up to something under the hood to hold it into place. Would this be a horrificly bad idea?

If I took it in should I go to a VW dealership to get it fixed as it may need replacing? I'm wary of doing this since the last time I went to one (it was the one out in Gresham for the record) they tried to tell me I had a bunch of stuff wrong with my car that I definitely didn't and I don't want to get swindled again. Or should I trust a local mechanic? Maybe one very close by to where I live so that I don't have to drive it far? I've gone to Master Wrench down on Barbur and they treated me very well when I had to get my oil pan replaced. Is this something they could do? What am I looking at needing to be done? How long will it take do you think? Any idea about cost?

Christ. This kind of stuff sort of overwhelms me somewhat and I don't know what I should do. Any help or recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thanks, everyone.

EDIT: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who commented and helped me! I wound up finding the jack for my spare tire, jacking it up and using a bunch of zip/cable ties to hold it in place. It ain't pretty but it will definitely work at least until Monday when I can maybe check out this Baxters to see how much this'll run me to fix and maybe even a real mechanic. I will definitely look into that one in Hillsboro. Seriously, thank you, everyone, for the good advice and calming reassurance that I didn't have a huge problem on my hand.
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(no subject)

Why does T-mobile have the right to advertise on my Flickr AND my LJ when I post photos from my phone, when I am PAYING THEM for the service?

If they want to advertise in MY blog and on MY Flickr, both sites I pay for,
THEY should be paying ME to do so.

And on top of it, it didn't used to be that way.....it just started a few months ago and I certainly never agreed to it.

What it is doing is just adding the text "T-mobile" to every single photo, embedded in the HTML.
I always go in and manually remove it, but WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO DO THAT?

Does anyone else's service do this to them?
Or anyone else on T-mobile having the same thing happen?
I know of other people on T-mobile that it is not happening to??!

Right now I am on hold with them and I am going to get to the bottom of this.
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Robbery, car chase and crash

Major crash on I 205 Northbound at Sunnyside Road. All northbound lanes shut down, no ETA on re-opening.

Live camera feed.

Video footage of the chase and crash

I-205 shutdown indefinitely
What started as a sheriff pursuit ended with an accident and a major highway closed on a day many people hit the roads for a three-day weekend.

Shortly after 3 p.m., the Sterling Savings Bank on SE Sunnyside Road in Sunnyside was robbed. A vehicle attempted to elude Clackamas County sheriff deputies at the scene and led the officers on a chase. The Oregon State Police become involved as the chase switched from surface streets to the highway.

The vehicle was southbound on Interstate 205, when it lost control and veered across multiple lanes and crossed the sloped median and onto on-coming traffic on I-205 northbound. The fleeing vehicle hit another car and came to a rest. No injuries have been reported. The driver of the fleeing vehicle is in custody.

Northbound 205 will be shutdown for an undisclosed time.
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(no subject)

I-5 north is the epic parkinglot from hell, and apparently as bellybalt said, I-205 north AND south, are hell as well.

Grab a drink, grab a lawn chair, park it, and watch the idiots rushing to get out of town!

It's not worth going out unless you have to, honest.

Portland related because if you were smart, you'd laugh at the non-Oregonians rushing to leave town, too!

... so how about that thunder storm, eh?

Waterfront + Dantes

Come on.

You know you want to watch Col. JD of Th'Legendary Shack Shakers throw his pubic hair at small children during the Blues Festival.

Best reason ever to go on the 4th of July. The fireworks are just a bonus.

Then they play at Dante's later in the evening, while they screen the documentary Col. JD made called 'Seven Signs'.

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Suggestions for random short-term employment?

I'm looking for temporary/contract work for about 2-3 months (I'm a grad student facing a gap in research funding). My experience is in programming and IT, but I'd actually prefer to do anything *but* that. Any suggestions for employers around Portland? I can't work for minimum wage but would consider anything that pays slightly more than that.

Employers that would consider someone who seems generally smart and level-headed but who doesn't have specific experience are a plus, since I don't want to do any of the jobs I have experience for. Anything weird and offbeat, or involving being outdoors, is a plus.

I've looked at Craig's List but it's a vast wasteland.
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4th fireworks for kids

We're newish to Portland (okay backstory - lived here before, met, fell in love, moved to Wash, DC, moved back, this time married & w/kids) and my 7 year old REALLY LOVES fireworks.

I'd like to take her to see some that don't require us to stake out a spot all day. We live in SE (39th/Division).

What about Oaks Park? Waterfront?

Where are good places to go to watch these dazzling displays?

A friend needs help

Damnportlanders rally!

Recently a friend of mine was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. Her name is Jules, and besides being a very cool person, she's also known as the founder of an international mix cd exchange and has had a documentary made about her, which won Best Soundtrack at the 2008 International Documentary Challenge. She will be in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments this month and will need as much financial help as she can get to help pay for it. Benefit concerts are being organized in at least three different cities (including Portland), but if you have anything at all to spare, I hope you would also consider donating to a Paypal account that's been set up, which will go directly to her.

Thanks y'all. Cancer sucks, let's help kick its ass.

TubeYou Privacy

YouTube Ordered To Release User Data
Viacom Had Sought Access to Database In Copyright Battle

By Ellen Nakashima
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, July 4, 2008; Page D01

A federal judge in New York this week ordered the video-sharing site YouTube, the world's third-most-visited Web site, to release data on the viewing habits of its tens of millions of worldwide viewers.

Tuesday's ruling, which amounted to only seven paragraphs in a 25-page opinion that was mostly about programming code and other matters, alarmed privacy advocates, who said it ignored laws meant to protect peoples' viewing habits.


July Birthdays!

For you Cancer & Leo DPer's with July birthdays...
...and so far, the Junebugs still out number all other months

Which one are you? And, if you're curious to inquire about some of what your page says, comment w/ your July Bday there and I'll look some up for ya. Happy July Birthdays! :)

The days of JULY...
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Off topic: I just looked out my window and saw a lady carrying a giant plastic ear. I think it was a snack tray? But enjoyed the "keeping Portland weird" aspect of it and thought I'd share.