July 1st, 2008

Your Your handy guide to Portland TV in 2009.....

I posted this back in early May in my journal, when I found, tripping through Wikipedia, that most (if not all) local TV stations were moving to different channels when the transition to Digital TV is done in February 2008. Forgive my editorializing, complaints about reception are based only on my experience.

KATU, channel 2 is moving to Channel 43.
KOIN, channel 6 is moving to Channel 40.
KGW, channel 8 will stay where it's at.
OPB, channel 10 will also stay put.
KPTV, FOX12 will stay on channel 12.
KWVT, Willamette Valley TV, a channel I'd actually LIKE to receive, formerly residing on channel 16, but has, since November 2007, has moved to channel 17, will begin broadcasting in HD, this month (that was back in May and I still haven't tried to see if I can get it). It is unknown if this is where they will stay after 19 February 2009. It may move back to channel 16.
KPXG, channel 22, the former PAX, now ION affiliate (if you can even GET it) will stay put.
KNMT, "National Minority Television" and the most notorious of the God channels, which resides on channel 24, will be moving to channel 45. Prepare to block FIVE digital channels from them.
KRCW, channel 32 (the, again, hard to sometimes receive WB/CW station) will move to channel 33.
KPDX (the MyNetworkTV affiliate, so now you'll know which one to block). channel 49 will move to channel 30.

Still, regardless of the level of suckage in American TV, I shall continue to broadcast my own person digital TV station that only I can watch. XP
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Do Not Use Bank of America Credit Cards in Parking Meters...

...because they now treat them as cash advances, with a minimum $10 fee.

After reading a story about B of A doing this to people using Washington, DC parking meters (they were being charged a $10 fee for a $2 charge), I wrote to B of A and got this response:

Dear (varro),

Thank you for your inquiry dated 6/29/08 regarding (your card). We are happy to
assist you.

You may access cash with your credit card up to the credit line; however
please keep in mind of your transaction fee associated along with each
cash transaction.

Bank of America will now convert charges from parking meters, court
fines, and parking tickets into a cash charge.

The transaction fee for each cash transaction is three percent with a
minimum of $10.00 and no maximum cap.

We appreciate the opportunity to assist you online. Should you have any
further inquiries, please e-mail us again. Thank you for choosing Bank
of America. We value your business and look forward to serving your
banking needs.

(shill), Bank of America

Room for rent in NE PDX

So,I moved into this apartment with my ex gf on the first of June.She then decided to move out and stuck me with all the rent and bills...So,now I need a roomate to help with the bills a bit for the summer.Here are the details:

Rent the bedroom in my one bedroom apartment for the summer! I will be habitating the living room,but you will have plenty of privacy.Bedroom has spacious closet,cable tv and house has internet.Wood floors and a large window,too!House has lots of windows and wooden floors.Easily accessible to public transportation (the 10 picks up RIGHT outside the back door,which goes downtown and to Lloyd center)and within walking distance to grocery store and Alberta Street resturants,pubs and shops.

YOU ARE: not allergic to cats (i have 3 adorable little loveable cats),420 friendly,trust worthy,QUEER FRIENDLY,clean,personable,have a good sense of humor,looking for a place to spend the summer and can pay rent on time.

Look forward to hearing from ya.


Macros are no longer funny

So, a few months ago, I realized that macros, the product of putting a caption on top of a picture (usually of a cat) is no longer funny.
But I wanted to hold out on the news, in case some people were still getting some pleasure from the tail end of the phenomena.
But, this is the official notice: macros are no longer funny, amusing and insightful.

(And yes, there may still be some exceptions, when a really good idea or funny picture comes to mind.

Salon for men's long hair cut?

So I've now gone about a year and a half without a haircut and the split ends are starting to show up.  Anyone have a recommendation for a dependable and reasonably frugal place that has some expertise in men's long hair?  Hoping for something cheaper than some $45 upscale experience, but also not willing to brave a Supercuts anymore. Prefer NE, SE or Downtown, but could be persuaded farther away with the right testimonials..

thank ye in advance.  
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a night like this...

in support of our upcoming summer show, threeXplodingboys will be playing this evening with the tar plains and lookbook at the ash street saloon.  we will be opening the night, probably going on around 21:00.  the show will be free and our set will include edgar on acoustic guitar and amoree on accordion.


Moving is hard.

Especially to a city like Portland, which, beautiful though it may be, presents challenges.

Long story short, I'm moving to Portland at some point in the near-ish future.

I need recommendations on decent apartments in funky areas like the Hawthorne or downtown or somewhere, you know, interesting, to live. I'm also interested in apartments near PSU. I will likely NOT qualify for income restrictions, but I'd like to keep 1-bdrm rent under $1000.

Does anyone have recommendations?

EDIT: Oh - crucial point - the apartments have to be pet friendly. I have a 25 lb dog and a cat.

EDIT: Alright, I know it's not that hard to find a 1bd under $1000, even with pets (really I'm looking for $800 or $900). What I'm really looking for are recommendations of specific properties and/or properties to stay away from.

I should also note that I'm really looking for an apartment that is in a good walkable area, as I will not have a car.

Thanks for the help so far, though - there have been some really useful suggestions made and I'm going to bookmark this post for later reference.
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The Tar Plains tonight

Just a reminder that The Tar Plains show is tonight at the Ash Street Saloon at SW Ash & 2nd Street. The show starts at 9 pm. There is more information about them on the post that I made a couple of days ago. If you aren't able to make it out tonight, hopefully you can make it to one of their other shows. They will be playing again on July 23 & 24 with more shows to be scheduled soon.

I'm really bouncy excited to go see them play tonight, esp after their recent airplay. Please feel free to come on out, enjoy the cheesey, dark synthpop goodness and introduce yourself to me or the bois. I'm sure that they would appreciate meeting you just as much! =)

Dear Portland

I am completely and utterly obsessed with Proper Eats in St.Johns. I am not vegan but I would commit myself to their loony bin and lick their dirty trash can daily if I could afford to. I had the Nopo burrito and I'm addicted. It had so much amazing stuff if in, everything from grains and broccoli, to black and green beans. I also added tillamook cheddar and vegan cilantro lime sour cream on it and I wanted to cry(joyfully). I got their home made Kambucha and some sesame sticks with garlic from their bulk bins to go and I have been so damn satisfied with anything that has been hand crafted and sold from this joint. Please if you have the time and 10 bucks lying around go to Proper Eats in St.Johns and enjoy some very honest healthy and fucking amazing food.
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No, not cock rings.

So, of course I never really plan anything in advance and I have decided to make a cake with rings. Actually, this cake.

Problem? I no has cake rings.

Has any of you lovely ladies (or lovely gentlemens) made a lovely lovely cake and jury-rigged cake rings? Any tips on doing so? Do I really need them? Would I end up with a psychedelic cake?

Also, if you know of who sales cake rings for decent (less than a gazillion dollars), I'm interested.
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Found: Mary B's Wells Fargo debit card

To: Mary B
From: natsukaze
Re: your debit card
[x]FYI [x]Please recycle

I found your debit card inside the ATM at the corner of 22nd and Lovejoy, across from Good Sam, around 5 PM. I called Wells Fargo (their automated phone system sucks) and they cancelled the card, and I ran it through my paper shredder. Just FYI. You might want to be more careful with your card...if I was less honest, I could've fucked your bank account up because the account was still active on the screen when I walked up to the machine. The #77 bus AND the streetcar come every few minutes, so you really didn't need to abandon your card to catch either of them.
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Sake and Lawn Mowers

Does anyone know of a good lawnmower mechanic in SE? She quit this afternoon and there is oil in her spark chamber. Having a working machine is a necessary part of BBQ preparation for the 4th. My favorite cheap sake will only distract me long enough to get a few other things done.

scooter vs. car

So who here has given up their car and moved onto a scooter/moped? What do you love about it? What don't you love about it? Do you miss the rain-avoiding and stuff-hauling abilities of your car? Or is it a fair price to pay for better gas mileage and low sticker price?

Do tell....
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Good photography communities?

I'm pretty sure this has been asked before. In fact, I may have been the one doing the asking! Be that as it may, I'm looking for a good photo community here on the El Jay. I love posting my local stuff to pdxpix, but I take tons of other photos that are off topic for that comm. I'd love to see the best shots that other livejournalistas have taken, and have a chance to post a few of mine.

Anyone? Anyone?


Portland related because Edwin J. Nikon was born here in 1868.


Vegan Marshmallows?

I know, somebody always has to ask this, and now it's my turn. Where can I find some vegan marshmallows? Preferably in North Portland, or as close to there as possible.

Also, how well do they hold up if you put them on a stick and toast them over open flame for the purpose of making s'mores?