June 30th, 2008

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Wedding Vendors: Cakes and Catering

So, Portlanders, tell me who do you love? Who do you hate? Who was mediocre and who has great prices?

We've done a tasting at Pambiche and their stuff was great, but in the follow ups they seem a bit flaky, so we're looking for other options.

Anyone have opinion on Piece of Cake in Sellwood? The Dessert Tray? Catering by Laurie? Give me some recommendations.

Thanks in advance!
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does anyone out there have the program Mixcraft?

ive had it for awhile, used it, but it seems to want me to actually buy it again in order to use it, which i cant do, and i have a bunch of recorded things i need to save as mp3's and it wont let me.

what to do, what to do e___e... 

Law web sites/resources

Quick I need some good law web sites! They can be primary or secondary sources but I need to find 10 before 2pm this afternoon for a Business Law class.

My brain is mush and I've googled a bit but I am just not in a clear head space. Post break up haziness I suppose. Anyone have anything bookmarked they want to share? I would be eternally grateful.

This is the assignment:

"I want each student to become aware of the law-related materials available on the World Wide Web. Your assignment is to locate and describe 10 law-related sites. I want sites with significant legal content. I do not want sites that merely advertise a law firm or a legal service. As to content, I am interested in sites that contain either primary or secondary sources of law. Primary sources of law are statutes, case opinions and regulations or rulings issued by administrative agencies. Secondary sources are legal journals, treatises, books, editorial commentary, and the legal opinions of scholars and other authorities."
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Hi! I'm trying to compile a good list of cheap-ish places to stay in SE to recommend to people this summer, as the one place that we usually rely on (Portland Hostel, on Hawthorne) is apparently booked completely for the summer. I was hoping that the collective many years of experience of people on here would be able to help me. :) Thanks!
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two things:

anyone have renters insurance? who is good to get it from? apparently i cant have an air conditioner in my window unless i have renters insurance.

second, i keep getting these bumps on my fingers. they kinda hurt and are red, itch if it is hot, and go away after a couple weeks then show up elsewhere. they are only on my fingers. anyone have any idea what this could be?

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 Hi DP,

I'm looking for personal recommendations for someone who can restore a few things from a water damaged (fried) hard drive.  If you could include rough pricing, too, I would appreciate it.

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Research project volunteers needed- and a question

Posting this for a friend of mine- Please email her directly if you'd like to participate. I did, and it was fun. I participated as part of the ex-vegan demographic*. Am I the only one in this community who is even in that demographic? Something I've wondered for some time now, but have been ohhh, just a little hestitant to ask :)

*not a requirement

Regular and moderate meat eaters are wanted to provide information for research on how people decide what to eat. People who eat moderate amounts of meat on a regular basis would be interviewed about how they decide which foods to include in their diet. Debra Stephens, University of Portland business professor, is conducting the research. She is especially interested in people who purchase meat labeled organic, free range, humane, etc. Interviews will take about 45 to 60 minutes, and will be held in Stephens' office at the University of Portland campus on North Willamette Blvd. at a time to be determined (days, evenings, and weekend times are available). Beverages and snacks will be provided. Please contact Stephens at stephens@up.edu for more information.

reselling books

I'm moving and getting rid books. I'd like to resell some of them. Powell's says they'll buy books at 25% of their resale value, which doesn't appeal to me. Do you know of other used bookstores in town which you'd recommend?

Failing that, what're some good nonprofits who'd take 'em for free? The library? Books to prisoners?


i know a link to a doctor ratings website was just posted, but i need specific help.  i have to sign up for benefits TODAY and i have to choose a pcp, and it sucks because i haven't been able to do research because i JUST became eligible.  anyways, i was wondering if anyone has either cyclic vomiting syndrome (or abdominal migraine) or severe migraines (that require daily prophylactic medication) and totally loves their primary care physician.  i just have had so many AWFUL experiences with doctors misunderstanding my disease, i want to find one who has experience with it.  i know, it's kind of a stretch.  also, they have to accept aetna (even if you don't know if they accept aetna, that's cool cuz i can look it up on the aetna website).  also, as close to downtown as possible.


ETA:  if nobody knows of a doc who is specifically awesome with migraine-related diseases, does anyone have any experience with the doctors at the lloyd center ohsu medical office?  i don't know what the practice is specifically called, but on the aetna website it says the address is 2241 lloyd center.  the practice itself is highly rated, i just need a suggestion in choosing WHICH doctor i want as my pcp.  female preferred, but i am open.
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(no subject)

anyone know of a good 18 and over strip club in portland? a friend of mine is turning 18 in a month and her boyfriend and i want to take her out to a strip club to celebrate and i was wondering if anyone knew a good one


You know those little silica gel desiccant packets? Can you just reuse those things by baking the water off, or is there something similar (in packet form) that's reusable?
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Hair Salon Question

I am considering getting my hair cut. I have a specific style in mind that I can describe and provide pictures of. I am looking for a salon that where I can get my hair cut for no more than $40. Extensive experience with cutting thick curly hair a plus. Preferably in SE, but I am willing to travel to other sections of town for the right hairstylist.

Recommendations based on personal experience rather than "I heard these guys are good" preferred.

Thanks for your input.
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Digital TV reception ?

Anyone here watching TV only through a digital receiver, in SW? I'm curious if the reception is good.
I'd really like to get rid of my $100 Comcast bill. I only pay for basic cable because I can't get reception with rabbit ears, most likely because the west hills.
Someone told me OPB has 4 digital channels, sounds pretty cool.


Tommorow night at the Fez Ballroom, Shadowplay and Dark Horse comics will be putting on a release party for the new Hellboy movie! it's free!
We will be giving away things like Movie Passes, Boxsets, Comics and much more! Dark Horse has donated alot of stuff for us to giveaway!!