June 29th, 2008

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mechanics in Gresham

As I was driving home from seeing Avenue Q tonight, my car started to vibrate and then the check engine light came on. It has since stopped vibrating, but the check engine light is still on.

I'm hoping someone on here knows a good mechanic that's pretty far east (like, ick, Gresham). My car's a Honda civic (1996) and I don't want to take it to a dealership, but I don't know any mechanics in Gresham (or Portland for that matter).
Oregon Coast

Pet friendly apartments for multiple pets

After moving to the Midwest from the West Coast 11 years ago, I am now toying with the idea of returning, maybe in a year or so.  I have never cared for the Midwest at all, and have wanted to go back ever since I left.  After mostly small town living these past 11 years, I would really like to try something more populated with  more things to do, so I'm thinking maybe Portland or Seattle.

My questions is, what are the chances of finding an apartment that will accept 3 large-ish dogs between 38 and 48 pounds?  I've been checking online apartment listings and have found that there are many that will accept pets, but I'm wondering if I'm pushing my luck hoping for a place that would let me have all three.  Obviously, when I get more serious about going I would make some phone calls to find out specific policies, I'm just looking for general information. 

On that note, is there a city limit to the number of pets one household can have?

And to save you time, if your idea of a response is "get rid of your dogs" then you needn't bother replying.  They come or I stay (or I wait till I can afford to buy a house). :)

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Why are club girls so skeazy?

Each time I walk or ride around in Old Town on Fri/Sat nights I see so many clusters of 5-6 insecure girls (always a with the token scantily clad "big girl" or two in the mix, I notice) wearing cheap clothes and walking funny in high heels really fast to wherever they're going. I imagine a good majority of the people who flock to these clubs are actually folks from Hillsboro, Beaverton, and other suburb areas and I presume this has to do with suburb dwellers coming into the city on the weekend to live out their idea of what 'citylife' really means (we goin downtown, gone get drunk, wooot woooooooooooo). Do people who actually live in downtown even go to these clubs? They seem like daycare centers for post frat boys and girls who refuse to grow up. Not to sound judgemental, but if you're past the age of 22 yet you're still rocking a ricer with a spoiler and blaring your subwoofers with your windows down, it may be time to just invest in a penis pump and get over the insecurity.

So last night I'm walking past 3rd and Davis and I see 4 girls, 3 of which have faces that just looked so horrendous, and the 4th had a cute face but I'd say she was pushing 300lbs and wearing a tube top with exposed belly and high heels that looked straight out of the ROSS bargain bin, and 2 of the girls were hollering while another was doing the "raise the roof" thing. I felt embarrassed for Portland. I'd say these girls looked anywhere from 26 to 30 years old.

Seriously. What the fuck? I never really bought into the whole clubbing thing anyways, I mean based on the girls I see going in and out of these places they are definitely not the kind of girls you'd want to bring home to mom, and likely the kind of girls who rock so many STDs that any reputable university scientist would kill to do research on. Medical journals are aching for girls like these. So who are these girls? I sure as hell never see these types in Hawthorne, Division, Pearl, NW, or downtown, so I imagine they're either coming in from Gresham or Beaverton.

The metaphor I think of when I see these girls is they are basically fishing for cock, and their attire is the bait. When these flocks of girls pour into downtown I see nothing but obese human yachts trolling ballyhoo and praying for a 40lb mahi mahi. I just wish there was something we could do as a society to help improve the self esteem of suburban dwelling club girls so that they didn't feel inclined to leave trails of barf and belly button sweat all over my neighborhood.
Push Button For POPSICLES

This is a little random.

Does anyone have a male mannequin that I may borrow or rent for a day or two? I have a crapton of clothes that I want to sell and I figure that a mannequin will help me sell more of the clothes and faster as my customers will likely be on t3h Internets and will only get photos of products before buying them.


Dp wtf

So I woke up this morning(I live in a 102 year old house) to find maggots crawling out of the shower drain and into the tub/up the walls. To put I mildly, I was completely mortified by these critters. I hurt mother earth by pouring Drano down the drain to eliminate them but they came back. I now have a pot over the drain and bathe downstairs. What the hell is going on? I have NEVER seen this before. Is anyone else experiencing this? I live in the NE 11th and Ainsworth area. Is it the heat? I'm not a dirty person :(

nintendo ds

my lovely husband got me a nintendo ds lite for my birthday - yay!  i have the new super mario brothers game and i love it.  i want to get some more games, but am not sure where to really start.  any recommendations?  i like games that are stories or strategy type games, but not so much violent/action games as much.  thanks in advance!

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So, my husband's employer has switched from Willamette Dental (which I actually really liked) to some random insurance I've never heard of (Polestar). I perused through 8 pages of search results in the community about dentists and seriously didn't find one dentist listed who was on my preferred provider list.

Have you had any experiences with any of the following dentists?

Dr. Khoa Hoang of Broadway Dental
Dr. James Edwards of Lombard/Hollywood Dental Images
Dr. Adams or Dr. Belusko at Westover Dental
Gentle Dental at Lloyd Center (it's the closest to my home, so I figured I'd not rule it out)
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The Tar Plains get Air Play + Upcoming Show

This weekend the fabulously ridonkulous, tongue in cheek, synthpop band The Tar Plains have been played on 94.7 FM at least three times so far. *whoot!* This duo from SE Portland is comprised of none other than DP's own synthcat & the equally amazing troymercy. The guys will be playing this week, Tuesday, July 1st at the Ash Street Saloon at 9pm. They are also playing July 23rd at the Tonic Lounge and July 24th at the Legacy Lounge. More info about their shows can be found on their My Space page. There are a series of videos from their practice sessions on You Tube.

They describe themselves as sounding like "Erasure and The Pet Shop Boys building a robot with Nine Inch Nails and They Might Be Giants, out of silly putty, glitter and angst." My favorite songs are Goth Lobster, 1000 days (poking fun of the angst of goths running out of their favorite hair spray), In Love with a Graduate Student, Broken Inside & Gag me with a Spoon. More pictures of the Tar Plains can be found here and here.

If you happen to seee me at the show, please feel free to come up and introduce yourself! =)

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Oh, Portland. Thanks for being so productive.

So when I walk over to work at the lovely establishment called Mio Gelato, I walk north down 14th, and then head east down Burnside. This morning something was amiss as I noticed some construction on the corner of Burnside and 14th, right in front of the crystal ballroom. So I avoided it and walked around it by taking a detour on another street.

After work I'm walking home to see, is it? YES! A bike box! That wonderful green aura shining right in front of that fateful spot where that girl got hit by the cement truck.

I just thought it was a very nice to see that our wonderful city is doing something to help bikers and being proactive about things.

La Casa

Last week I noticed that the big ol Craftsman house that sat next to the Mountain Shop at 7th and NE Broadway had a sign that it was going to be moved on June 28th. Today I saw the spectacle that was the house being moved north up MLK. Pretty cool to see a house take up most of the street!

Does anyone know where it landed or more about who had it moved?

avian vet

Well, I just added a little budgie to my random menagerie, and realized that while I have a good reptile vet, they don't see birds there. Sure, I could find an avian vet in the phone book, but I'd rather see if anyone has any personal reccomendations - or warnings. I'd prefer to stay in the Milwaukie/Clackamas area if possible. Thanks, guys!
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(no subject)

Hey, I'm contemplating a move to Portland in the nearish future and I am in the midst of planning every single detail I can possibly plan before arriving. Ideally, I would like to have a job before I arrive or at least have some leads on where I can go and apply. I have extensive call center experience (sadly) and just from skimming this community and other sites that are Portland-centric it seems like there are a lot of call centers in the area.

Does anyone here work in a call center in or around Portland? Hopefully one easily accessed by public transportation of some sort. Please tell me about your job, if so. If you don't work in a call center can you tell me of the ones you know about? I don't know if this is too much to ask or something but thank you for your input in advance :)
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For Sale: Seattle Mariners Tkts for Tomorrow's Game!

I'm posting this on the off chance that someone in Portland is a huge baseball fan!  

I have two tickets for tomorrow's Game between the Seattle Mariners and the Toronto Blue Jays at 7:10 PM in Seattle.  I am selling them for $47 to recoup the cost of the tickets.  We just can't get there so now we have these tickets and wouldn't want them to go to waste.

Section 213 row 2 seats 3 and 4 - The Wells Fargo Terrace Club - Outfield

Anyone going to Seattle tomorrow and want to see a game?  Can meet you in Portland to provide you with the tickets...

Let me know...

Oh yeah, feel free to snark away if you so desire...
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Fuct again

Soberiety on 3rd ave (or nobody likes a spelling Nazi)

I was by Voodoo Doughnut this Saturday. I locked up my bike on the corner by Berbati's. There was a Portland Tour group checking the shop out while some squatter punks were looking on, making their pity part signs on cardboard with sharpies. The tour guide said something to the effect of, "Check out the strange stuff inside". One of the squatter punks snarkily said, "Check out the strange stuff out here...man". One of the young kids in the tour looked like a deer in headlights. Scared at the sight of the Squatter punks...eyes like pie plates...horrified

I get a coffee and a Portland Creme, I commented to the Doughnutress that the tour kid looked like he was going to shit himself.

On the way out, mixed in with the tour group, I passed the squatter punks and got hit with the typical, "Spare some change..."

I replied, "You spelled sobriety wrong, it's S-O-B-R-I-ety not. not sober-iety"

Hopefully, this will scare the tour kid into spelling better....
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Fatty Goldfish

expired milk.. bath?

odd question:   we have a gallon of milk we bought on sale, it expired yesterday technically, and my dad says he doesnt trust it, but it smells just fine to me.

we wont give it to our cats, or drink it, but it seemed a waste to throw it out, i was wondering if it would be ok to add to a bath?  i love milkbaths, and having a whole gallon would be nice, especially if it would mean not wasting it....

 can anyone think of a reason i SHOULDNT do this :o?

(no subject)

it's looking like i'm going to be in Portland on the 4th. what should i do or avoid?

anyone having a cool party they wanna invite me to? a floor i can sleep on?! (it's going to be a part of a really long roadtrip from san francisco back to VA unless I decide to just stay in Portland or something)