June 28th, 2008

Push Button For POPSICLES

Hay, guise!

I am looking for some direction.

Where/when can I find free or extremely cheap seminars or demonstrations for things like minor home repairs and remodeling and landscaping? I'm not a total tool, but I do have some tools, and I'm relatively able-bodied. What I'm not is well financed, so I'm looking to do as much work on my house this summer by myself as I can manage.

Thank you for your time.
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(no subject)

So,I am needin' to open a checking account and am thinkin' about using a credit union.
What credit union do you use? You like it? Pros and cons of having an account at a credit union vs. a corporate bank?
Bonus if it is NE.

I need me some peeps.

I'm sorta new at the LJ thing.

I've blogged before but came over to LJ because the "connectivity" to other bloggers is supposedly so good; having an audience motivates me to write, and I don't think I'm so bad at it. The thing is, I don't really know how to get my f-list going. So, basically I'm looking for your best practices: Do you go to one of those "add me!" communities (friend whoring, anyone?), do you just add random blogs you find as you go about? What the heck do I do??

I need an audience. I'm an attention whore like that.


P.s. (----insert shameless plug to "add-me-if-you-like-me!" here----)

(no subject)

i just decided i will be going camping at the clackamas river for the holiday weekend, and i have not been camping since i was a kid.  so i have NO gear.  has anyone heard of any SUPER AWESOME sales going on at outdoor stores, as close to downtown as possible?  i would also be up for buying a lot of gear from any damnportlander looking to unload some stuff.  basically i need a tent (just has to be big enough for me and my dog), a sleeping bag (i am pretty sure i should buy this brand new), maybe an air mattress, fun stuff for the river, and anything else i might be forgetting.

regarding the river, i really want to go innertubing but it says you have to bring your own innertube and life vest.  i really don't want to buy one because i will probably only use it this once, so i thought i would ask if anyone has an innertube (or 3 or 4- my friends wanna go too!) and/or life vests that i can borrow?  i can leave you collateral or bake you cookies or trade you some beer.

lastly, i will be taking my dog but not my kitten.  i was just gonna ask one of my coworkers to take care of her while i am gone, but since she is cute and little and 3ish months old, i thought i would ask if anyone on here really wants to play with a baby kitty for 3 days.  she's totally litterbox trained, she never makes any noise, she has never scratched or chewed cords or anything, and she gets along with other cats and small dogs (probably large dogs too, but i don't know for sure), as long as they are cool with an EXTREMELY playful kitten.  she would need to be indoors the whole time, and since she is not old enough to have feline leukemia and hiv shots, she cannot be around cats with those diseases.  she'll be taken care of no matter what, i just figured if someone on here loves nom nom bebe kittehs, they can hang out with mine for a little while, and it could help me out.

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Help Solve an Event most Tragic


Where 'o where can I go, in Portland, to get someone to fix my boot


without getting too many funny looks. My mental image of a shoe repair-human is some 80 year old dutch guy with a gang of gnomes in the back-room. Is this something I could fix myself without having to lay out too much for tools?
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bike opinions

I'm in the market for a commuting bike, and have been doing my research. Checked a few bike shops, talked to a few people, etc. I don't know if I want to buy new, it seems there are plenty of good used bikes.

Looking to commute 8 or so miles one-way to work, and looking for a good value road or touring bike.

What kinds of bikes to DP folks ride?