June 27th, 2008

Coastal Trip

The boy and I suddenly decided to take a trip tomorrow to visit Canon Beach and then down to Netarts where we will be spending the night on Friday at a relative's place. Right now we're planning on taking Hwy. 26 unless you know of another but somewhat similarly distanced way of getting there that would be far more interesting for whatever reason. Then we're planning on taking 101 down (again unless someone can suggest something different). Anyone have any personl recs for things to see or do either on our way over to the coast and in either of those places? It'd be great if they were free things or almost free as we're both fairly strapped for cash right now, but if there was something to do/see/eat that wasn't horribly expensive (say like under $30 for the both of us) that we just HAD to try I think we'd both consider it.

Unfortunately Saturday he has to go to a funeral and I'm going to a wedding so we won't be able to do anything Saturday.

Sorry to be so late in asking, it was a rather spontaneous decision! Any help or advice or personal recs would be greatly appreciated! We're planning on leaving tomorrow at about 9 a.m. Thanks!
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Who makes a GOOD Mai Tai?

The tan has faded but the memories of my Feb trip to Hawaii haven't and now that the sun has finally shown herself , I find myself reminiscing about the great Mai Tai's I downed whilst on holiday in Waikiki.

Since Feb I've tried Mai Tais from two different places here in Portland and both times they sucked. Seriously sucked dirty dog balls. So I would appreciate any recommendations on a delish Mai Tai here in Portland.

Double the points if you can also recommend a place that makes a good Pina Colada. :o)

Cheers, DPs. Have a great Friday!


Edited to add: One of the bad ones was at Harvey's Comedy Club. Forgotten where the other one was!
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Has anyone had one here? Do they work? I kind of want to get one. I'm fascinated and I'd like to clean out my innards. I do take a lot of fiber and eat roughage, but judging from the pics I've seen and testimonials this could be better.
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Art instead of Ad's?!?!

Has anyone loaded/tested/heard about this?


Supposedly "Add-Art is a free FireFox add-on which replaces advertising on websites with curated art images. The art shows are updated every two weeks and feature contemporary artists and curators."

(Note: I haven't loaded it as I don't know if it's real or if it's going to hi-jack my machine for evil ad agency purposes. Hence the question.)
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Meetup Lost and Found

At the meetup on 6/24, the following items were left behind at the restaurant...

FOUND: One (1) black Intel baseball cap.

FOUND: One (1) sheer blue plastic glasses case w/cleansing cloth.

FOUND: One (1) bill for $14.95 for someone's Heifeweizen and fries.

If any of these belong to you, please inform me...especially the owner of the bill-- who now owes me money, including a very nice tip for the waitress who had to deal with it. ♥

A photo of the hat and glasses case is available here.
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Bright southern star

I took my dog for a walk around 2:30 this morning and noticed an extremely bright star in the southern sky. It was so bright that I had to stop and stare at it for a few minutes to make sure it wasn't an airplane or satellite. It seemed to have a reddish tinge or a reddish star close to it. I've narrowed it down to either being Antares or Sirius - does anyone know for sure? I live in Aloha, and it was straight south, between about 45 and 67 degrees up. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Jupiter or Mars.
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Fleas = the devil

Hey y'all. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I live in close-in SE Belmont area and I need a vet to take my cat to. Besides the bad case of fleas she's gotten, I would like a solid vet I could establish her with since she's relatively new to my household to get her checked out and make sure everything is copacetic. She's very nervous so I want a place nearby that will save a long drive. Hawthorne, Belmont, E Burnside areas I've been looking at in particular.

Any good personal experiences you've had with veterinarians in the area? I've seen in my search Pet Samaritan Clinic on Burnside, Hawthorne Veterinarian Clinic and Portland Veterinary Clinic on SE Powell as probably my closest options.

I tried looking at citysearch reviews but its hard to discern when there's only 2 reviews that are people having bad experiences. I'd appreciate any input! Thank you!! I will go back to smooshing fleas between my fingernails now. :(

Saw this on tribe, thought you all would want to see it too

International touring ensemble seeks female vocalist/Instrumentalist

Vagabond Opera (www.vagabondopera.com) is seeking a female vocalist. Our ideal candidate has operatic training with excellent stage presence and the ability to play another instrument. Theatrical and improv training a plus too. Please have a professional and mature attitude. Be willing to dress up in cabaret/vintage/steampunk costumes. We are open to other skills too, bellydance, tapdance, or something else. Even if you do not fit all of these categories but feel enthusiasm for the project and that you might fit in, we encourage you to reply. About us: we tour internationally and get paid for it (we have a national and an international booking agent). We are primarily a musical ensemble, with our hearts in the cabaret tradition and in Eastern European (Klezmer and Balkan) arabic and jazz music. We also engage in lively stage antics and even though our songs are often arranged our presentation, musical and otherwise is improv-based. You would be the only female among five men, however we are the sensitive, open and communicative types of men. Your job would entail singing solo and duets and playing our arrangements, and following the lead of the ensemble's artistic director. As we are based in Portland We prefer relocation to Portland OR area but are open. Interested parties can send inquiries, website and video info to our artistic director at vagabondsearch@yahoo.com
We prefer electronic media (better for the planet, etc.), but will take hard copy items as well by snail mail, but you must first email us at the above address.

x-posted all over the damn place.
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Please buy/take/remove my stuff!!

So I have this awesome sleeper sofa in my old apartment that Must be out by the 1st. I have it listed on CL for $40 but haven't gotten any offers yet. I'm desperate to get rid of this thing, and since the local charities won't take it before the 1st I would very very happily give it to any of you DPers, for free, if you are willing to make the drive to the 'couve.

I don't think there is any way I could further emphasize my begging. Pleeeease?
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Does anyone know a good/cheap electrician?
I just installed a ceiling light in my apt. It turns on the light, but the switch doesn't work. Using the breaker to turn on and off has not been very practical..

Thanks in advance! :-)

New kid on the block..soon!

I just added this community and I'm hoping it's kosher to ask...

Anyone know of any rentals coming available August 1st give or take some days before and after that day? Needs to accept small dogs(1 pug). Either a 1 bdrm at $650> or a 2 bdrm at $1000> or a 3 bdrm at $1400>. We have a good rental history and are friendly. :) Prefer to be inner se, sw, or ne. Pictures would be lovely because we are currently 80 miles south. Just trying to get back up to the city soon, completely missing it! GARGH!

Best indoor activity for this weekend

I'm looking for something to do indoors over the weekend, as my mood crashes if I spend much time in the sun. Where are your favorite spots to escape the heat, and/or things to do? Anything particular to Saturday or Sunday?

Things that do not count include: sex; sleeping; eating. (Sorry. :( )
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