June 25th, 2008

Fishing for Ideas for Dentists

   I figured I would ask and see what comes up. My wife is currently having some tooth pain and may down the line need a dentist, however, we don't have dental insurance. I'm trying to get an idea if anyone has any dentist providers that they might recommend that they had good experiences with or they've dealt with w/o having dental insurance?  We live in Garden Home, so if there is something near the SW side of town it would be appreciated.

Much appreciated.


Does anyone have a good suggestion for a therapist/sliding scale place that I can go to? I very muchly need to talk to someone about my stress and anxiety issues. I've been to Pacific University downtown already and didn't find it effective. I wish I could afford non student therapists. Hmph.
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Seeking Teen Girls for Focus Group

Started summer school yesterday... taking my Senior Capstone at PSU. The course is called "Girl Power" and the objectives are to make community contacts and form discussion groups with teen girls, record and transcribe our sessions, pick and choose important topics and material to make into a zine about "Girl Power" and then present the zine back to the girls at In Other Words Bookstore at the end of the summer.

But um... where can I find some young chick who will participate? Got an idea?
An organized group is probably better than a click who hangs around pioneer square.
Do you know any teen girl dance teams? Chess clubs? Volunteer groups? Gardening groups? Tea party posses?
Just about any suggestion would be at least a start for me.
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Parents and Choochoo

being a single dad in a group that is predominately DINC makes me sad as sometimes i think my son might like to hang out with other 2 year olds and talk about 2 year old topics and discuss things that relate to the issues they face. so when my baby's mama (that sounds horrible but i don't mean it to be at all) said something about Thomas the Train coming to town, i was all for it.

http://www.mthoodrr.com/thomas_2007/dow t_main.html

any other parents thinking about attending this? i would love to meet some other parents and create possible future play dates.

PS, if you think this should go to different PDX community, please let me know. i don't want to offend. too much. :)
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Bathroom etiquette

Dear -People who use public restrooms during normal working hours,

When I visit the restroom, I just want peace. I don't want to hear you on your cell phone or talking with your colleague who is waiting for an open stall about your boyfriend and his broken down car or his lack of job or how his friends are lazy asses. I also don't want to hear you arguing with your mother about party plans or your brother's girlfriend who got drunk at the family dinner last weekend. I also don't want to hear you leave the stall and NOT wash your hands and then promptly open the door with said unwashed hands, all while continuing to talk into your cell phone or to your unlucky colleague, who, if it were me, would be embarassed by your crappy bathroom etiquette and lack of hygiene. 

Thanks for the TMI
Doctor Who?

Useless knowledge!


Where can a lady find a good pub trivia night around here? I've gone to one of the Rogue ones in Eugene, and I hated how no one ever got called out for phone cheating (making it way less fun, IMO); for comparison's sake, I liked the one at Max's Tavern (a.k.a. Moe's) a lot better.

Any DPers love a good trivia night, too?
& Daggers!
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Social lubricant.

Hello DPers! It's been a while.

Today, a friend and I were talking about favorite beers, and she told me how much she enjoyed Bud Chelada. I'd never heard of such a thing. Granted, she lives in LA and they get all of those fancy things like Crystal Pepsi before we do. But...

BEER + TOMATO? Am I behind on something? I've heard of beer with OJ chaser, but...clamato juice?

And here I thought that lime + salt beer looked questionable.

In an effort to not drive you all mad(der)

Where can I find a Portland brides/wedding forum that is active and helpful? I checked Lj, but there is no Portland wedding forum. I am also on the Knot website, but their forums are generally made of the lame sauce. As I get down to crunch time, I don't want to continue to beleaguer the droves of people that couldn't care less about some chick marrying some dude in PDX.

Helpz please?


PS- Random shout out, the Mint Cream Tea Latte at Townshend's on Alberta = awesome.
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Obama praises Gordon Smith.....?

On Obama's Coattails, an Uninvited Rider
GOP candidate from Oregon includes praise from Democrat in an ad promoting his own reelection

Just a month ago, Republican strategists were trying to closely link Democratic House candidates to Sen. Barack Obama, convinced that in certain parts of the country Obama would drag candidates from his own party down to defeat. This week, a Republican senator, Gordon Smith of Oregon, offered a much different assessment of Obama's coattail effect: He included words of praise from Obama as part of an ad promoting his own reelection.

"We just saw it as an excellent way to highlight Senator Smith's ability to work across the aisle, even with the Democratic nominee for the White House," said Smith campaign spokeswoman Lindsay Gilbride. The outbreak of enthusiasm is a striking shift from the spring, when Republican advertisements from North Carolina to Mississippi to Illinois ominously painted Obama as an out-of-touch liberal bringing his brand of politics to regions of the country that should shun it.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Ken Spain said the GOP will stick to that script this fall "on a district-by-district basis." But a senior Republican strategist involved in House races said that strategy is now largely dead, "except in rare instances, and I'm not sure it was a good idea in the first place." The tactic initially caused some Democrats to distance themselves from the senator from Illinois, but now most are eager to be as closely associated with his campaign as possible.

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But Smith is a Republican, and his new television advertisement is unabashed in its attempt to portray Obama and him as partners. "Who says Gordon Smith helped lead the fight for better gas mileage and a cleaner environment?" a female narrator asks. "Barack Obama." The ad then flashes to an image of Obama's face and his campaign Web site.

Fearing that the spot will confuse voters, Obama's campaign sent out a release Tuesday making it clear that he supports Smith's opponent, Democrat Jeff Merkley.

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