June 24th, 2008


RDB and Around Portland

Hey guys,

So some very well-priced rental properties in the area I'm looking to move are listed in craigslist by RDB, which asks that you pay a fee to join.

My question is- has anyone used RDB, and how was your experience? Was it worth it at all? They give very little info about their properties- is it because they're pieces of shit?

Thanks for any insight you might have. I don't want to be scammed, but I also am having a hard time finding houses in my price range (500/per bedroom, including utilities) from out of state and moving day is fast approaching.


My mom and I are headed up there to visit the first week in July. We have about 2 1/2 days in the city, much of which will be spent house hunting for me. What are some neat things for her to go and see by herself- and things we can do together? So far Powell's is on my list for sure. Also someone mentioned it's worth it to eat at this seafood place downtown..Jake's? Maybe?....the oldest one in the city I'm told? Would she enjoy visiting the Rose test garden? Any other parks that are nice to walk through? She likes shopping in interesting little shops, going to movies, seeing quirky and unusual sights. Any suggestions appreciated! And we're staying in the NE at Kennedy School, if that helps.


Hey friends and snarkers:

Who's going to the meetup tomorrow night? I think I might want to stop by for once and show you that Dannybear is all the more worth snarking *in person*.!

Dixie Mattress Company gets pranked

Before and After

You know, they're the ones with the Stars & Bars on their sign on Belmont? The place with all the dusty junk in their windows?

Laughing Planet, next door, has named a burrito "The Dixie Mattress." Doesn't sound all that appetizing, does it?


EDIT: Weird...The latest issue of Zyzzyva has a story set at (or above) the Dixie Mattress Company! It's by local author Liz Prato. There's an excerpt at http://www.zyzzyva.org/w05.prato.htm

Vikings pillage Kells!

I was at Kells pub last night about 1030ish to almost midnight and there were vikings pillaging the place back in the back corner, I was sitting sorta in the middle of kells in a Beavers hat and black shirt having some of Kells fine Irish lager, and sheppards pie for a meal. Then as the vikings left one of them stole a sweet potato fry and I was wondering if any of you DPers know what or who they all were.

cranky g0rd13

yet again...

Okay, the dentists post in the memories is pretty dated, and I found Gentle Dental to be essentially a mandatory upsell ($175 for a 'comprehensive exam' before they do ANY work -- sorry, I don't need a full diagnostic workup before I get my teeth cleaned). Also their receptionist was dumber than a sack of hammers, so forget them.

I need a cleaning ASAP and would also like to be able to get my teeth whitened (with the lazers and all) at the same place later on. Suggestions near close-in SE would be great. Oh yeah, it'd be swell if they took insurance for the non-cosmetic stuff, I'm glaring at you Mint Dental.
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Humane Mouse Removal

Hi Dp!

My boyfriend and I yesterday awoke to a chewed up peach on our Kitchen counter... which means we probably have a mouse. I have tried to contact the only humane mouse removal company I can find, but I haven't been able to get them to call me back yet.

Have you guys had any experience with this? What companies have you used? Do you recommend them?

Does the company you are familiar with also aid in "abating" mouse poo and plugging up points of entry?

Any idea of what they usually charge?

Any help would be great! Thanks!
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House Plants?

I have been living here for 2 years and have yet to find a place that has a great selection of house plants. I'm jonesing for a place like Logee's!

I have found Portland Nursery, which has a good selection of house plants, and there is Fred Meyer, which has a fair selection of house plants.

Are there any greenhouses in the greater Portland area that specialize in house plants? Google searches are pitiful for some reason, and, of course, I searched the group before posting.

Even a place that has a specialty, like geraniums or african violets or begonias, would scratch this itch.

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trucker ape

hey you drunks, gin!

so i bought some cascade mountain gin last night and it's a little um...different. i wanted to like it because i think Bendistillery makes great vodka, but i'm just not into it. it's not as junipery as i expect from gin, and if i'd done a little bit of research, i would've found that their desert juniper gin is their more standard herby-tasting gin. unfortunately for me, i just shelled out $21 for this gin that i don't like. this is where you come in dp. i'm wondering if anyone would like to buy this off of me at a reduced price. or trade for an equally high-quality alcohol. this stuff is made in small batches here in oregon from hand-picked central oregon juniper berries no less, and it even had the batch number (#233) hand-written in pen on it. i like this distillery a lot, i just don't like what they're going for with this gin. but if you want to like gin, but find that most gin is too herby for your tastes, or if you just want to experiment with a different type of gin, then this is the gin for you.

any takers?
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goodwill superstore

giant goodwill on SE 6th.... awesome or sucky? and is this the place people are referring to when they say "the bins?"

i'm looking specifically for inexpensive chairs for my generic dining room table....

also, cleanish? prices?

thanks in advance, DPers.

p.s. hella birdfight going on outside my office right now.

Canadian passport pics

Does anyone know where I can get pictures taken for a Canadian passport? I tried one place already (FedEx Kinkos) and they said they couldn't do it for me because Canadian passport pics are slightly larger than American ones.

If anyone has any experience with this, please be in touch.

Thanks! :) 
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Me w/ Seattle hair

Orgasm for the taste buds!

So the gorgeous SisterMaryEris made us two dozen lime and coconut cupcakes (and threw in some delish extra vegan cupcakes) for the retirement potluck we were having at work today.  I've heard fellow posters on here discuss how awesome they are so I did have high expectations but they were actually exceeded.

These cupcakes were amazing, exquisite. As I told the lovely DrJeff this morning, they are the best cupcakes I've ever had. Seriously, these were "I need a cigarette afterward" good (and I don't smoke).

Their flavor is so brilliant but not overwhelming and the texture was wonderful. Gawd they are GOOD. And don't get me started on the frosting. Both myself and a fellow co-worker were saying the same thing - normally we don't care for frosting as a rule but we both went nuts over this frosting.

Anyway I'll definitely be ordering more for future potlucks as I can't wait to try (and share with my co-workers) more varieties that SisterMaryEris offers.  Also below are some random comments that my co-workers emailed me afterward (these are real, not made up).

"That was the best cupcake. I especially liked the lime frosting, it was delicious" - LB

"Oh yeah!!!! Those are really good cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - SK

"Gosh those are so terribly good!" - JT

"oh my god that cupcake was AWESOME." - Zaika (from LJ who is also my co-worker)
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free wfi in SE & downtown?

there was a post a few weeks back about places to camp for hours with your laptop, and i have looked at it and made notes of the responses. but that poster didn't need free wifi, and i do (or if not free, at least wifi access). i would also like to find some places specifically in SE or downtown that fit this bill, including with electrical outlets. i've been scouring Yelp for suggestions (man, i love yelp!), and i have a few, but i always appreciate the DP perspective.

so far i'm thinking about Chance of Rain Cafe...

this novel is going to be written, come hell or highwaters, but only if i get my ass out of my house.
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Birthday Cake at the Meet-Up

Sunday was my 30th birthday. We had an insanely great time the night before and celebrated the actual day in a pretty mellow fashion, by getting together a small group for a picnic at Waterfront Park. The weather was fabulous!!! But, we were all so tired from partying the night before that we never got around to eating the cake that krazyfelioness brought. So, bellybalt is bringing the birthday cake so that we can share it with everyone at the meet-up tonight! (It wouldn't have been likely to last 'til Tuesday in my fridge with my little one at home! :P)

Seriously, many many many thanks to all of those wonderful people who made my birthday special, esp. synthcat who contrived of the whole bloody idea to plan an awesome surprise party and the many other close friends who made it out that night in some fashion or another. I hope to see many of you crazy DPers tonight!

edit: *screams* Thank you Mo for this awesome dedication! You guys are full of serious silliness and all of you DPers should go see them perform next week! Mo, if you and troymercy don't post about the show, I'm going to have to do it for you!!! :P
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(no subject)

Any idea what happened on the Interstate bridge (I-5) this afternoon around 3:30? Popular story seems to be stalled vehicle, but there were too many cops for just that, also they were walking the span, popular guess at our office is a jumper. Any ideas?
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Taxi Advice

I've got a buddy staying with me who needs to catch an early flight later this week and I won't be able to drive him. I was looking up cab companies, but all the ones whose names I know have some pretty awful reviews on Google.

Anyone had any experience with Radio Cab, Broadway Cab, Green Cab or Portland Taxi Company? If we make a 5:30am reservation, will they be there?


Discing Around

I finally managed to pick up two sets of frisbee golf discs from a yard sale today. Now, we just need to figure out how to play/get playing partners/find courses. So, DPers, 'sup? Anyone want to go golfing with the girl and I? As neither of us has ever played before, we're hoping to play with someone who is familiar with the game, so they could give us pointers and other knowhow. We live in the unfortunateness that is Gresham, so we'd like to play rather eastward. I understand there's a course at Mt. Tabor park, and I rode by two courses near 181st and Yamhill today. We're up for other suggestions. Have your people call my people and we'll set up a playdate.

(no subject)

Has anyone had any experience selling or pawning their instruments here in Portland?

We have a student violin (Knilling) in its original case,with it's original bow and in FANTASTIC condition.Ran my gf about $800 retail and we are hoping to at least get half of that....we would even settle for 35% of that,shit.
Anyways,any personal experiences would be appreciated...or,if you know someone who wants to get their kids started on a violin,this one is perfect.

Thanks in advance,ya'll.
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RZA at the Hawthorne Theater

Any of you guys at the Bobby Digital show last night?
Or had any previous experience at the Hawthorne Theater?

I live in Eugene but come up to Portland a lot for shows and hanging out, but this was the first show I'd been to at this venue.
And what the helllllll it was such a poorly organized place.
RZA's performance was awesome but the sound was bad for the ENTIRE show. RZA constantly had to ask the sound guy to stop fucking up the mics, and he was forced to repeatedly switch mics with the other performers to try and find one that was clear and functional.
There were a lot of other problems too, but the sound was the worst. I was just curious if anyone else had seen similar problems at other shows there, or was the idiot doing sound just drunk or something?
hippie halloween


My parents are coming to town on Thursday, and since it is my dad's birthday today and he's said he doesn't want any gifts, I thought I would make him a raspberry pie (his all-time favorite). Since raspberries aren't quite in season (I don't think...), I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions about where I could buy some delicious raspberries in the North Portland/St. Johns area. I know the obvious answer might be a grocery store, but I know the farmer's markets are starting to pop up and I'd like to support local food, if possible. Does anywhere on Sauvie Island have them yet? Thanks guys!
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broken tooth

here's the deal:

chipped the edge of one of my molar's this weekend and i am without health insurance. it doesn't hurt, but the hole is bugging me and i'm sure i'll need it checked at some point.

are there dentists around that will do some sort of cheap consultation for broken folks like myself? i just need to know if it needs to be pulled or if it's okay to still chew on that side of my mouth. any advice appreciated, thanks!
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(no subject)


Are there any male strip clubs in Portland? Preferably something (don't laugh) that is a cross between "class" and "in your face".

Here's the deal. My sheltered, timid wife is about to come out of her shell a little bit. So this is what I want, and what I don't want.

Want: I want her to get the full experience of a male stripper.

What I don't want: For the place to be utterly disgusting and her be turned off by it.

So is there a "nice" place where the guys get down and dirty?

Reading & Signing with Erick Lyle (Iggy Scam) & Moe Bowstern!

On The Lower Frequencies: A Secret History of the City

Reading and signing with Erick Lyle with special guest Moe Bowstern

Thursday, June 26th, 7PM

Reading Frenzy
921 SW Oak St.
(503) 274-1449

Listen to an interview with Erick Lyle on KBOO by Erin Yanke here! Visit the official website here.

Erick Lyle (formerly known as Iggy Scam) is hitting the road to promote his recently published tome On The Lower Frequencies: A Secret History of the City (Soft Skull Press, 2008). On The Lower Frequencies is a manual and memoir of creative resistance. Whether handing out fake Starbucks coupons for free coffee, dropping flyers on mall-goer's heads that read "Aren't you glad this isn't a bomb?" or holding punk shows in laundromats, Lyle has devoted himself to the notion that you can resist, have fun, and build community at the same time.

Lyle's Secret History traces the evolution of cities, for sure, and of neighborhoods, and of dissent, but also of his own thinking under the pressure of experience, from his early focus on the more outre forms of resistance, through more contemplative phases as he becomes preoccupied with the passage of time and starts to articulate an affirmative vision of the type of society he'd like to live in and fight for. In writing, for example, on Reagan's death he feels relief that came from realizing that by the time Reagan had actually died, his teenage rage had ceased being the motivating factor in his life, that what keeps him going is the sense of what he wishes the world actually looked like -- rampant public art, vibrant squats, free breakfast programs, guerilla peace demos, and unofficial punk holidays on which people gather and do a Secret Santa exchange of mix-tapes.

Throughout the 1990's, Lyle edited Scam, an influential zine that featured personal writing, politics, reports on protest events and interviews with activists and punk bands. He has been a frequent contributor to MRR, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, and the audio-zine Long Ago and Right Now. He has also performed several commentaries on NPR's This American Life.

Moe Bowstern is the editor of Xtra Tuf, a zine that chronicles the experiences and adventures of commercial fisher folk in Alaska and beyond. Moe performs annually at the Astoria, Ore. Fisher Poets Gathering; she has also appeared at the Sea Music Festival in Mystic, Conn., the Working Waterfront Festival in New Bedford, Mass., and Tony's Bar, "Kodiak's Biggest Navigational Hazard" in Kodiak, Alaska. Xtra Tuf #5: The Strike Issue won the 2007 Lilla Jewel Award. Moe has worked on fishing boats since 1986, she started Xtra Tuff in 1996, and she moved to Portland in 1997.