June 23rd, 2008


Rescued Cat Seeks Badass Home

Hey all. I found this great cat in the dumpster outside my apartment complex, and now I'm trying to find him a good home. His name is WuTang because hey, after surviving life in a dumpster, he ain't nothin' to fuck with. He's been fully vetted (neutered, vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV).
WuTang is super affectionate, well mannered and sweet. If you or anyone your know is looking to add an awesome cat to their family, here is a link to the CL ad:



My husband and I had the pleasure of ordering cupcakes from sistermaryeris this weekend for a BBQ we had with friends. Let me tell you, they were absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! The list of flavors was overwhelming at first but I decided on chocolate orange flavored cake with chocolate gnoche/espresso topping. She also threw in some of her vegan pumpkin karob cupcakes.

The orange mocha cupcakes were divine!!!! We'll definitely be ordering more. In fact most of the evening was spent daydreaming about what flavors we would order next (angel food cake with pomegranate frosting and lime cake with coconut frosting are HIGH on the list). 

I'll be totally honest, I was really surprised by the vegan cupcakes. Everybody who tried them (including myself) agreed that they were just as good as (maybe even better) than the orange mocha cupcakes. Who knew something without butter could be so good?!?!

Oh, and another plus, I got to meet bonafide DP celebrities drjeffand the lovely sistermaryeris!!!

Order cupcakes from them!!!
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Steve Novick does some ballot measure analysis

What November's ballot won't tell you
Thursday, June 19, 2008

On Tuesday, Bill Sizemore's measure to allow an unlimited deduction of federal taxes on Oregon income tax returns -- a repeat of a measure Oregon voters defeated in 2000 -- qualified for the November ballot. Sizemore's measure will join, among other things, Kevin Mannix's measure to impose mandatory minimum prison sentences for certain property crimes. What the two ballot titles won't tell voters is what impact either measure would have on education, health care, senior services and child protective services in Oregon. But, in fact, the measures will divert money that would otherwise be spent on those services.

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fire for water

So we're trying to convince our landlords that we should convert the lovely yet troublesome little pond in the middle of our yard into a fire pit. Does PDX have any open fire laws that would apply to having a fire pit in the back yard? Like needing a permit or something like that? Any other DPers have DIY in-ground fire pit stories or tips?

3900' Fest canceled

from an email to PRA:

Hi Everyone-

After much evaluation, conversations with other promoters, and thousands of dollars in promotion, we have regretfully been forced into making the hard decision of canceling the 3900' Festival.

A downturn in our economy, lack of interest, and a number of other factors contributed to low ticket sales.  Unfortunately, having already invested a significant amount of money in the Festival, we can no longer afford to run the risk of low attendance.

We will begin issuing refunds to folks by the end of this week, including food vendors.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, and wish everyone the very best.

Please feel free to contact us with questions.


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(no subject)

Does anyone know the least expensive place to take over 1,000 35mm slides to have them put on a disc? .39 each seems to be the going rate, but I was wondering if there is a place that could do them in bulk at a cheaper rate. I would rather not mail them out somewhere, so local would be ideal. thanks!!!
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(no subject)

Does anyone have any recommendations for siding companies in the area? Bonus points if they are especially knowledgeable about Louisiana Pacific (LP) siding, as the home I'm looking to purchase has that kind of siding .

I have Googled but, you know, personal recommendations are better :)

VW Bus Rentals

I would love to rent a VW bus (with bed, refridgerator, stove, etc.) for a 10 day road trip through the Olympic Pennisula, San Juans, and Rainier in September. Does anyone know any company's specializing in such services? (I don't want an rv as it's just my wife and I but I'd love to not have to break camp every morning and set-up again every night.)


New in town...

Hey damnportlanders,
I just moved here a week ago, and have a couple of questions.

a) I have about 2 months before school starts, no job, no car (cute little road bike, though!). I live in the SE. What should I do? (under 21)

b) What's a nice date place with good vegan options? (blossoming lotus is out for several reasons, I've never been to nutshell)

c) Tasty thai place that delivers?
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I'm having trouble navigating the wage laws websites and I figure someone here might know the answer anyway - I know that if you work over 40 hours per week (non-salary) you are entitled to time and 1/2 overtime pay. Are there any amount of hours where it goes to double time?


bubble bubble?

Heeeey DP.

I am having a hankering for Bubble Tea but can't obtain some until later this evening... like post 9pm.

Are there any places around town which sell bubble tea past 9pm??

The thirsty demand an answer.
"D" is for Dirty...

Fire Dancing Photography

 Hey DP...

Anyone know of a decent place to photo fire dancers?

I'm looking for a troupe that is in full gear [as in what they would wear for a show] that I might be able to photograph.

I have shot fire dancers previously and would like to add more to my portfolio.

Thanks in advance, 

Yo Gabb Gabba

It's that time again!

Tell me your favorite places to go swimming! I've pretty much only been to Sauvie Island since moving here, and I'm looking for something a little more clean. I'm also interested in rivers to float down in inner tubes but I'm not sure of where I need to start/end.

Burning Man Ticket

I've decided to go to Burning Man a little too late to get a very affordable ticket.  Right now the tickets are at $295.

I've looked on craigslist and found people trying to sell tickets (usually around $275), but at a profit.  Considering the friendly community spirit of Burning Man, I just can't stomach the idea of scalped tickets.  I'm a lady of little financial means, but I'd rather pay more to Burning Man and know where it's going than fund someone's little money making idea.

Do you have an extra ticket?  If you want less than $295 for it, I am quite willing to pay what you paid and for your shipping costs.  I just don't want to get scalped.
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(no subject)

i was watching tv and this drug commercial was telling me that high colesteral can cause erectile disfunction. so tell me, if you had to choose, would you choose sex or bacon? girls too, even though you wont go limp.
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