June 22nd, 2008

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Hola! I am simply following the tread of promoting local bands. Go me!

But seriously--I'm interning for Minute Morning Records, and the band I'm working with is The Crash Engine. They're entered in the rallyformusic.com contest, where the top 4 bands fly to New York to play a show, and have a chance to win 15,000 dollars. So head over to rallyformusic.com, take two minutes to set up an account, and vote for them daily until July 9th.

And spread the word!
They're playing tomorrow (technically today) at Tonic Lounge, and Thursday the 26th at Kelly's Olympian.
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Anyone know where to find Student Driver magnets?

My driving instructor said he found his at Schucks but I checked in person with the one on SE 82nd tonight and after searching high and low in the store (to no avail) I was advised that they don't carry them.

I was hoping to pick one up prior to my driving lesson tomorrow so if I can find something local rather than ordering it online that would be my preference.

Does anyone recall seeing them at any stores in the Portland/Clackckamas/Tigard or surrounding areas? Or, does anyone have one that they no longer need anymore that they'd be willing to sell to me?


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Shoe Repair: The Impossible Dream

Anyone know of a good while-you-wait shoe repair place that's open Sundays ? PLEASE. Ideally it would either accept credit cards and/OR not cost a fortune. Both my good pairs of shoes (actually work boots) went out and I need them fixed ASAP-- or I'll be stuck outside in slippers for several weeks. Thanks.

Dog Wash Today 11am-4pm

Indigo Dog Wash
Dog Wash today to benefit Indigo Rescue.

Time: 11am-4pm
Location: Bethany Family Pet Clinic
4744 NW Bethany Blvd.
The clinic is in outer NW Pdx/Beaverton. If you're driving North on Bethany, the clinic is in the Bethany Village QFC Shopping Complex. We're on the right, around the corner from Godfather's Pizza.

The cost for dogs is based on weight and is very reasonable. Bonus: $5 nail trims!
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Hey DPers! I just got back from the Sunday Parkways event in North Portland--there's still 2 hours left if you want to go! It was a nice leisurely ride, and there were quite a few people there (but not so many that it was uncomfortable to ride). Lots of food and activities along the route, plus music and free valet bike parking at different parks where there are booths set up. Free entertainment, don't let the clouds deter you :)

Edited to add: more info here
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Shopping questions

Can anyone recommend a pet store that specializes in small animals?  Bonus points if they are rabbit specific.

Where is the best price on organic boneless, skinless chicken breasts?  I could drive all over town price checking, but I'm hoping DP can help me out. 

Has anyone used organicstoyou.org?  Good, bad, or run the other way?
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car stereo

I'm about to drive to San Diego and my car stereo stopped playing cds. What's a good car stereo (by 'good' I mean functional - I'm not playing music for people on the sidewalk) and a place that'll install it. I remember DP recommending 'car toys'.

Long time back Pioneer was a good brand. Is it still good? Which other brands I should consider?

I'm interested in a stereo that isn't bright. The last one I bought was like a cop's flashlight shining in my face. Why are they so flashy? Something low-key please. I want to look at the road, not my stereo.

• Where should I go?
• What should I get?


So every night at around eleven pm, as I drive home to SE from work in NE, and curve around an off-ramp that overlooks the water and downtown, I want to just throw the car in park and stare. Holy s*** guys, Portland is beautiful at night. Like whoa.

But because I can't obviously do the above scenario legally (or safely), I have come to you knowledge-endowed folk for help--what are some eastside lookouts that overlook the water and bridges and downtown? Places that are safe at night are preferred.

Thanks a lot!!!


I am part of a wedding party and we would like to get our hair styled before the wedding. Any recommendations of salons that do wedding parties? In or around Beaverton and the cheaper the better!
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Does anyone on here use inkscape?

I just downloaded it to try the whole 'vector thing' out, and boy oh boy is it way different than anything I've ever used before!

For example: Everything shows up at least 15 feet away from where I put it with my mouse, and I cannot move it! Can anyone tell me if this is normal or not?
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I'm looking for some decent energy workers in Portland... not of the Reiki/etc. variety, but more of the construct building, straight forward energy manipulation, psychic surgery, link removal and etc. variety. Not looking for a guru, just someone that can work with these things efficiently and might want to practice some things who is more advanced than me in certain areas.


x-posted to the portland occult group and expecting flames here, but whatever.

Does AIDS still exist?

I can remember being very young, and when AIDS first hit the headlines, it scared the sh@t out of me. I remember Oprah Winfrey saying something like, "Half the people you know, will die of AIDS!".
Every time I caught a cold in the 90's, I'd freak out and worry I'd caught it from my downtown PDX night club days.
I'm not stupid enough to think it's mythology, but in all these years, I've only heard of one person I kinda knew actually dying from it ( a close friend's gay step-brother).
This post is not done in a spirit of insincerity. I know there's a lot of activist types on here, that may have some current knowledge to share on the subject.
Are people in Oregon still dying of AIDS?
I'm not a mean person, just probably very ignorant on what's going in this area.

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hi, i'm christina.

i just moved to the san francisco area from VA and well i'm not exactly thrilled with it. i transfered with my job and i didn't know i would be working in a "dog friendly" mall... and well, i'm allergic to dogs so it's giving me problems. so, i'm probably going to split town all together.

everyone keeps telling me i'd really like portland. i don't know much about it, tell me a thing or two?

how is the art scene? i'm a painter...

is the city bike friendly? how's rent? how's the crime? blah blah, this kinda stuff...