June 20th, 2008

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Dearest Portland tow truck companies,

Why do you see it fit to test me? Can ANYONE tell me why you like to pick on the weak and defenseless?

I was parked in the WaMu lot across from the Hawthorne where they have always told me it is safe to park after 5pm... WRONG... apparently not tonight.

Arrgh, what the hell?! WTF?!

I just had to fork over $225.50 (note the $0.50... OOOH!) and $30 some odd dollars for a taxi ride just so I could get my ass home.

It's a shame that if after hours a lot is not in use that it can't be used for a short period of time. I was just there for a concert, I've done it before... but I won't be doing again.

Argh, so, does anyone know where a GOOD, SAFE place on Hawthorne near 39th is to park that may not really involve parallel'ing?
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To celebrate a new job, I am seeking a restaurant here in Portland to go to that serves wonderful oysters. Anyone have favorites to suggest?

Sunday Parkways

So Dp, I'm wondering what everyone thinks about the Sunday Parkways event in North Portland this upcoming Sunday. 6 linear Miles of Road (Mostly low use) is being shut down to cars.

See http://www.portlandonline.com/transportation/index.cfm?c=46103 for more info.

Personally, as a resident of North Portland, I'm glad they aren't shutting down my normally quite street so it can be infested with people at 8am in the morning.

I think the concept is a little short sighted, for many reasons, but am curious to know what DP thinks.


Selling clothes

My bank account has a negative balance for the first time in my life, and I'm desperate to come up with a little bit of money quick to fix that. I have a lot of fat clothes from before I started bike riding. Is there a good way to sell such things in Portland? I would consider a garage sale, but I live in a place with neither a garage, nor a front yard with grass in it.

apartment suggestions?

can anyone give me any information/suggestions for places that may have studio apartments to rent for cheap? my budget would be around $650/month, and i would like to ideally live in sw downtown, or somewhere within a 10 min. bike ride to downtown (preferrably south, as i work in tualatin). i've heard of these low-income housing options, yet can't seem to find any information about them on the web. i don't mind living with the crazies or in the "dangerous" areas of portland, so long as it falls under or near my budget.

i've checked into rent.com, apartmentfinder.com, craigslist, etc., etc., but if you think you know of a better one i've yet to look at, take a shot.

i would need to move in august 1st, and any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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I need a copy writer

Just finished writing my thesis and now I need someone to look it over for any awkward phrasing.
Any leads? recommendations? I prefer to hire someone local. Also, if you are interested, email me your rates amejia@pdx.edu. This is a 108 pages double-spaced and what I would need is more of someone to make sure I turn in something free of grammatical errors. I would need it somewhat soon.

Found dog in Milwaukie

My neighbors found this cute little boy in Milwaukie, on Freeman Way between Lake and 224. Is he yours?



He will be brought to the Clackamas County Animal Shelter/Humane Society down in Oregon City tomorrow morning.

(also, because I can't figure it out, I think he is part chihuahua but what else?)
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Weekend Music, In Case You Care

I've been all about the Choral Fantasy lately. Blasting it in my car, WINDOWS OPEN. Yeah, I'm pretty much hardcore.

Push play, and listen to the first few seconds. You'll recognize it, if you have an ounce of culture in you. Now, go to 5:54, and watch it really become wonderful in the little known choral part. It's only a few minutes long: you know you want to listen! It's slightly quiet, but it's glorious when you're blasting it out of your speakers and the teens in the next car (or cyclists in the bike lane, since we're in Portland) are looking at you like you're a freak.
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$150 hell

Has anyone else had any really bad experiences with PMC and City Center Parking?

I just bought a pass with them on Wednesday. The pass worked this morning. They deactivated it sometime this afternoon for absolutely no reason, royally screwing me for the weekend.