June 19th, 2008

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Pronunciation question...

Just curious what you Portlanders think.

If you were to say the following,

"I like all of the Beatles' albums"

How would you pronounce Beatles'
It is clearly written as a plural possessive, with the apostrophe after the 's'.
But is it pronounced the same way as Beatle's (say if you were referring to any one of the Beatle's solo projects), or is there an additional "es" sound added to the end, making it sound like "Beatleses"?
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Projectors for Idiots

I give presentations and am looking to purchase a new projector. I am also a technologic idiot. I know absolutely nothing about projectors and now must learn about contrast ratios, lumens and what not. My presentations are mostly pictures with some text. It would be nice to have something on the lighter side. They are usually given in a dimly lit room. My price range is $1200-1300. AYUDAME!

These are a few I *think* are nice…

Epson Powerlite 765c
Dell 2400MP
InFocus 7210 DLP
Optima EP719

So who wants to help a damsel in distress? Thoughts on the above and new suggestions appreciated.


I understand why it's done, but I still think it's silly...
Go into Safeway last night. The SO has a sinus headache, go to the pharm for Aleve Cold & Sinus. Was not aware that we're the only state requiring a script. Had to make do with Sudafed PE and Aleve. Aleve C&S is the only thing that doesn't give me "medicine head". Argh.

I understand why we do it, just annoyed that the zombies ruined cold meds for the rest of us.
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traeger pellets?

Bought a Traeger wood pellet smoker last summer, and I'm looking for a good source to pick up wood pellets for it.

The authorized dealers I can find on the Traeger website sell theirs at a premium price, and the licensed sellers I can find on CL, who usually sell them for cheaper, all live way out in Oregon City or Molalla.

Anyone know a good source in town? Specifically in or around NoPo?

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(no subject)

hey all! my boyfriend and i are going to be in portland from the 2nd of july til the 10th. so of course ive got questions!
-we are vegans, so what do you guys think are some of the best restaurants, any price range. trust me, im pretty sure i could live off voodoo for the whole time, but my boyfriend might object. mmmmmmmhhhh donuts....
-whats fun to do on the 4th of july?
-whats the best record stores for people into hardcore and metal? im the vinyl nerd, hes into used cds, so something for either of us would be rad.
-comic book shops?
- any good shows coming up? we are more into metal and hardcore but we like a lot of stuff. we already plan on going to the big business show on july 6th.
- any other fun things to do? zines, crafts, activist related, whatever?
- im pretty good at navigating public trans, but what the easiest way to figure out your system?

ok i know thats a lot of questions, but any help would be appreciated. i wanna maximize our time and do as much cool shit as we can.

if youre extra helpful, ill bring you something cool from ny! hehe. thanks!
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Brew-haha pub crawl and fun

I am leading a pub crawl by bicycle/coloring contest tonight 7:30pm starts in NE at Concordia ale house. It was originally going to be a brewery ride but never fear there will be good beer!
many more rides ahappening:
yay bikes!!!
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soup is good food

I've been in training the last three days. My morning routine is disturbed, as I am now biking from the apt to the Lloyd Center, getting on a Max-train for 45 minutes, then biking from Merlo to the training facility. Max cars are made to hold at most 4 bikes (and plenty of seating /standing room for people). Each morning, there have been points where there were 8-10 bikes squeezed in. The pedestrian commuters seem to take in in stride, as it were.

But I've been lunching at a little local joint called The Fresh Thyme, which does soups and paninis and salads. They are tucked behind the Burger King - you basically have to know it's there in order to find it - and have a brisk lunch trade. I normally don't like soup, and don't trust strange foods, but their chicken & pear soup was very tasty, and the sandwiches have been coming with watermelon slices. Recommended, if you are near 26 & Bethany in Beaverton.

What did you have for lunch?
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Looking for ceramic/pottery painting.

Now that Ceramica is gone, I'm in need of a new pottery painting place. But it's hard to find these places online because you have to weed them out of the listings for art studios and industrial tile companies.

So, are there any good self-service pottery studios left in Portland? I've been to one in Clackamas, but it wasn't as good as Ceramica used to be (plus it's hard to get to by transit). Are there any other options?
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Name that filmmaker

I was just in Portland this morning, and while reading The Mercury, I came across a review for an (indy?) film that sounded interesting. I want to say the filmmaker's name was "Holly" (ehhhh, I could be wrong), and the movie had something to do with a family of girls (no parents in sight) who were exploring a myserious house. This same filmmaker was mentioned in a separate issue of The Mercury, and the film sounded like it dealt with similar themes, though this time it took place in the woods.

Both reviews compared the characters to Nancy Drew.

Anyway, I was going to write down the names of the films, but then I thought, "naaaah, I'll remember." I was also going to take home one (or both) copies, but then I thought, "meh - why stuff more crap in my backpack?"

Of course now I know why I should have done both. (Crap memory can be blamed on my complete lack of sleep last night - I had limited time in the city, so I wasn't going to waste it sleeping).

This was all a way too long way of asking if anyone happens to have a copy of The Mercury handy, and if so, would they mind giving me the name of the film(s) and especially the filmmaker?

Thank you Channel 8

Channel 8, do you really need to have your helicopter hover over my building minutes on end, waiting for your cue? That really creeped me out. I was beginning to wonder if the police were looking for some gunman or something. Fortunately I thought to check to see if any of the local channels had a helicopter segment and it was you, Channel 8. Don't you already have hours upon hours of traffic footage? You only showed around ten seconds of footage. I'm sure the gas for a helicopter is pretty damn expensive right now. You could have at least shown my building and then I would have thought it was cool, instead of annoying.

Portland related because it's a Portland news channel and other people in my neighborhood probably were also wondering what the helicopter was doing. I actually was about to post on here if anyone knew what was going on when I caught the segment on the news.
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(no subject)

Anyone know of any job openings in Hillsboro? Or near the Max?

edit: Hmmm... apparently I'm too open-ended.

Anything to do with children. Anything full-time. I'm a student (no degree) but want more experience and just finished a stint working at Outdoor School. I have 2 years of customer service as well as 2 years of general office experience.


I'm required to get some blood work done for a competition (tested for Hep A/B and HIV). I have insurance, but I can't imagine a way I can get them to pay for it. Anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive, but not totally shady, clinic to see for this?

Thanks, DP!
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i heart the economy

is anyone else having a hard time finding a job lately? i've been looking for months now and to no avail have i had any real offers. i've been told by an employer that my resume was impressive, i have excellent references and a degree, if that even amounts to anything nowadays. most of my background is in administrative support, financial services, medical insurance enrollment/billing and misc customer service.

i've been on a million interviews, contacted a few temp agencies even and they're telling me that most companies are on a hiring freeze due to the economy. so, i'm thinking it might not be me per se, but maybe that no one wants to hire another body they'll have to pay for a full-time job they can't offer? it's getting pretty frustrating at this point, but i'm still on the lookout.

anyone else experiencing such shitty times? my cat still needs to eat!! gahhhhhh.
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Just Jack

The most fun I've had volunteering...

Hey all,

I work for a company that participates in an organization called Adopt-a-Class. AAC is relatively new to the area and as of yet they only cover 4 schools in the Portland-Metro area. Basically, it boils down to this. Your company decides to participate, you meet with the local reps in the area, have co-workers volunteer and are assigned to a particular school and a certain grade (it varies which grade). Then somewhere around 4 times a school year, you and your co-worker/volunteers go to said school and spend about an hour or so hanging out with the kids. The AAC is ALWAYS looking for new companies to help local schools. They don't even want your money, although the schools they pick are lower class and most of the companies that participate usually end up donating money for books etc., they want your time. So please, if you are interested for your company/place of work in getting a little good karma on your side...let me know and I can provide any information you need and answer any questions you have.

It's a great program and so rewarding to see how happy the kids are when you show up, it really is worth your time!

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solar powered pimping

my friend douglass is in this band, you see.

and his very wily manager scored them a featured video spot on the youtube home page.

so if you've got a few minutes to kill, pop on over to youtube.com and take a look at some great music from some great folks.

scroll down until you hit "solar powered people- commercial flight"

or just click here, if it means you'll actually watch.



As an update to this post: http://community.livejournal.com/damnportlanders/12289466.html
where I mentioned my dog, Alfie, was competing in Portland's Next Top Dog Model I wanted to update to let you know that HE WON!

The event was hosted by LexiDog at the Hotel Monaco to benefit the Oregon Humane Society. Dr. Doug of 97.1 Charlie FM was the MC and the celebrity panel of judges included Channing Frye of the Portland Trailblazers, Dallas Eliuk of the Portland Lumberjax, Debbie Wood of the Oregonian, Kimberly Maus of KPTV, and representatives from the Oregon Humane Society!

He walked the runway twice, and the second time around wore his little tuxedo and did two tricks for the audience. The whole event was awesome and the Humane Society made a bunch of money.

More info at: lexidog.com

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Gardening advice pls.

Cheers folks, hope you're all having a great evening.

I'm not a totally new gardener but I'm still fairly green (pun intended) at this and so would welcome the advice of the green thumbing DPs out there.

We recently planted a lovely flowering dogwood on the nature strip/grassy right of way out the front of our house.  At the opposite end of the nature strip is a cute little red rosebush we planted recently.  I'd like to plant a ring of pretty flowers around the outside of the dogwood rather than just have bark there so would welcome suggestions.

I don't know if annuals would be better or what people would suggest. I really love seeing blooms so something that blooms well (or a lot) would be nice and something that isn't too high maintenance would be helpful.

Any other tips are appreciated too.

Oh and on another note, I have little spiders on half my plants and roses and lilac, casting webs on everything. Is it just that time of year or is it bc my house is new construction and they're all come out out of the woodwork so to speak? What's the best way to treat this?

Thanks in advance. :o)  
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spinach artichoke dip love

i'm in love with spinach artichoke dip with tortilla chips or even bruchetta bread. i've tasted many in various restaurants; so far fairly pleased with Doug Fir and McMenamins. the chunkier the better, and no i will not refer that to anything else in life.

so, with that said, have you experienced any other spinach artichoke elsewhere that i should try? or better yet, do you have suggestions on how to make it yourself and it be quite edible?

do tell please.
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Push Button For POPSICLES

Curious . . .

Is this gas or water?

Background information: this valve is located outside of my house, on the East side, about a foot from the wall. The elongated portion runs parallel to the wall, North-South, and perpendicular to the street. There is a tiny bit of white paint on it, but I cannot tell if it was originally painted a color or paint just dripped on it from somewhere else. Legible text includes "MUELLER" and "W9." FYI: Mueller manufactures valves for both gas and water. My home does not currently have any gas-powered devices and to my knowledge, never has.

The Almost Summer Music Thread

Ok, I seem to do this every couple of months.

Now that summer is almost upon us, tell me Portland, what music are you listening to?

Local, not local, doesn't matter.


Flight of the Conchords
Imogen Heap
Mates of State

..and I love Bang Camaro.

I hope everyone is having a good start to their summer.