June 18th, 2008

Too many feral cats

Is there anywhere I can call to alert them to a problem with feral cats in the neighborhood?

I've tried looking for numbers online, but everywhere sends me to a shelter and there's nothing on any of their websites that says what they can do about feral cats, just domesticated cats that aren't wanted anymore.

Does Oregon even have an ASPCA?
Xmas Socks

Game Night!

In less than 11 hours, you too could be at Game Night! Yes, it's true. For a limited time only, you could join us at the Lucky Lab in NW Portland at 1945 NW Quimby. If you're single in your 20s or 30s, you're welcome to come and play games, drink beer and maybe have some snacks with some pretty cool people. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month, beginning at around 7pm and going til 10pm or later. (I think last time we all left around 1115) We play games like Operation, Uno, Fluxx, Jenga and whatever everyone else brings. Tonight I've got a game called Lightning Reaction where you can get SHOCKED if you're not quick enough! Anyway, come join us and meet some new people. We're pretty fun and friendly. Just look for the board games or the PDXers sign. Hope to see you there!

Photoshop Classes

Good morning. I am needing to take a Photoshop class or two for work. I have googled around and found a couple places in Portland.

What workshop givers/places to learn have you had good experiences with? I would like to be in downtown or Beaverton.

FenixWorks has the top vote right now. http://www.fenixworkshop.com/

Thanks for the help.
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Seriously?! Offshore drilling?

And yet another reason I cannot wait until this asshat W leaves office.


If the drilling was to occur, there would be years of waiting until the gas was actually available therefore an immediate price decrease is a long shot, if at all. And once it became available, Americans would gobble up this new fuel and THEN what? This isn't a quick fix! He's bringing this idea up in the middle of a nationwide (and worldwide) crisis, hoping to get support from desperate Americans with thinning wallets. Why not spend the time and money needed for offshore drilling to promote investigation of more fuel efficient options, education about these issues, and promotion of what green options are currently available? Have people still not realized that fossil fuel is a NON RENEWABLE resource? Throwing a bandaid on a severed limb isn't going to stop the bleeding.

Thoughts from the lovely green-leaning PDXers?
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cheap beater car

I am upgrading and now I need to find a new home for my loveable beater.
It's a '95 Geo Prizm (NOT a Metro, it's basically a Toyota Corolla), with 135,000 miles. It runs great, but the body is a bit of a mess. It's technically totalled, but really it's a just a cracked/broken front bumper. Also the AC is broken, and the inner driver door handle is a bit wonky. It also comes pre-loaded with liberal bumper stickers, and gets about 25 mpg.
I'd like to get $500 for it, but I'm open to negotiation.

Let me know if you're interested and we can talk more.

Toy stores.

Toy stores in Beaverton/Portland that are bus/MAX accessible.

That would sell army men/tanks/etc army toys.

Miniatures, that is. Like, they're going on top of a cake.

Even wondering, the dollar store should have cheap army men, right?

Gahhhh. :D
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clip-on bow tie?

I'm looking for a bow tie. Preferably white. Preferably clip-on. And I need it by Friday.

Anybody know where I could find such a thing in this town?

Location is not a problem, as I am one of those horrible people who drives a car.
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so I'm headed to mexico in august and need to get a good base tan so i don't burn to a crisp....
I'm appalled at how much it is to frickin lay in a bed for 10 mins!!

Any good cheapy places to tan in the beaverton area??

thanks pdxers


PCC textbooks

I have some PCC textbooks I am looking to sell. I posted an ad on craigslist, but figured I would post here as well...

"UNIX: the textbook (second edition)" - for CS 140u - $20
"C++ Programming: from analysis to program design (third edition)" - for CS 162- $25
"Selected material from: Dos Mundos (sixth edition)(no book code)" - for SPA 101 and 102 - $10

All of these books were used for Spring term, so even if there are new editions for fall, very few things have changed! I looked up the books used for these classes for Summer term, and they are all the correct editions for summer. All you need is a book code for Quia for Spanish which you can purchase(and I think instructors can request one).

This is a great value! PCC sells these used for more than $60 each.
All of them are in good condition and just have minor wear.

If interested, email me. stephani.diamond@gmail.com
Prices negotiable.

legal issue

 quick question please:  can anyone direct me to legal assistance...my husband has just been slapped w/ a $17,000 back childsupport lawsuit.  we are in idaho, he is disabled and can't travel due to his health and the fact we are superbroke.  we need some sort of legal assistance but I don't know where to begin.  i've been googling my brains out and hitting dead end after dead end...any suggestions? 

much appreciation in advance

(by the way, since I know how I usually react to men trying to get out of paying back child support, my hubby gave his ex the proceeds from his half of their home when he became disabled in lieu of being able to pay his support payments until our life stabilized.  it was about $20,000 plus she got a $9000 settlement from disability when he was finally approved so he is not a deadbeat dad)
i have the dumb

(no subject)

You remember that cyclist who slammed into the side of a bus because he ran a red light while listening to his iPod?

His mom is suing TriMet for $2 Million


Way to drag your son's memory through the mud. There are ways to handle this, and this strikes me as a bit ridiculous. What am I missing here? The part that kills me is, "It names only the transit agency as a defendant in the suit, not Sandy Mann, the 53-year-old bus driver."

On another forum, the quote is, "A child's death certificate = winning lottery ticket." This seems harsh, but damn.

Oh, and my new favorite picture:

Too bad it wouldn't work as an icon.

Feeding Feral Cats

A post in the thread below got me thinking about something.


If you have feral cats (or other animals) in your neighborhood, is it right to feed them?

Part of me says, "Yes". I would want the cats to be able to eat, even if they are homeless.

However, part of me also says, "No". I'm thinking that feeding them would encourage them to stick around and continue breeding feral cats.

I do feed squirrels and birds. I'm sure cats hanging around would not be a good combo, but is it more right to feed a smaller animal, and less right to feed something like a cat?

What do you think?

Picnics are teh win!!

What are your favorite (vegetarian) picnic foods? Tomorrow I'm meeting up with a friend for a picnic lunch, but am clueless about what to bring. She's bringing bread and cheese and something to drink, but I'm in charge of the main goodies.


Also, does anyone know where I might find a cheapish picnic basket?

hypothetical question

so lets's say i wanted to buy a house. preferably not an apartment, but a very small 1 bedroom 1 bath house.  and this house would be in inner-inner-southeast, like between burnside and division, and west of say, 30th. and my budget would be, say $150k and under.  would this be a feasible scenario AT ALL?

ETA: ok i didn't think it was feasible, now i know for sure.  back to the original master plan which involves renting until i wn the lottery.

moving to PDX

Not sure if I can post this here, but cannot find another community......My fiance and I are thinking of moving to Portland in about 2 years.  We've been Seattlelites all our lives and are sick of the transplanted Californians and their Range Rovers and sky-rocketing real estate prices.  My sister lived in Portland just up until about a month ago and she loved it.  For those of you who live in Portland, do you think Portland will get trampled on like Seattle has, or has it already?  When I've been down to visit Portland it was so peaceful, calm, and friendly. 

What are pros v. cons of Portland?  We've researched other cities around the NW and Portland was the best fit for us (large city, liberal, etc)

Also, whats the job market like?  I'm a nurse, he'll be an accountant/CPA/MBA so both highly in demand professions. 

And Real Estate?  Can we get a 3 bedroom house for under $500K in a decent neighborhood?? 
House of Leaves

Cool stuff in town this weekend

Anyone got anything awesome and semi-inexpensive (under $40 or $50) to recommend for this Saturday/Sunday night or Monday during the day? Boyfriend will be up in town and while we've got birding Sunday morning on the books, eventually the birds go home and we get tired. :-P Music, festivals, or anything particularly weird or interesting is fair game. The only things we probably wouldn't be interested in would be dances or extended shopping (unless said shopping had music stores nearby). Bonus points for being on the East side!

I realize this is vague, but anything exciting you DPers could recommend would be sweet :) Normally we end up eating buffalo chicken from Wingstop and watching MST3K movies from Movie Madness on our weekend nights here, but it'd be nice to mix it up a bit, heh.
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