June 17th, 2008

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Catastrophic health insurance anyone?

I just need something with a really high maximum, preferably no higher than $100/month. I don't really need health care, I just want a safety net in case I fall down a flight of stairs next week.

Suggestions/experiences? Thanks DP.
ryan lochte

Cashing A Check Question

So my husband bank's at US Bank and I at WaMu. He wrote me a check so I could order some furniture, but I would prefer not to deposit it because I am sure WaMu will hold it because its a personal check for $800. Does anyone know if  US Bank has strict rules on me cashing a check from their account holders? 

I can always deposit it and wait for it to clear, but if I could avoid that, it would be awesome. 

Help me DP, you're my only hope.  

edit: thanks for the tips. i will just go to us bank first and hopefully they will cash it.

Your geography lesson for the day...

If you drilled straight down from Portland and somehow passed through the molten core of the earth intact, you wouldn't come out in China. You'd be in the south India Ocean, and the closest chunk of land would be the Kerguelen Islands, a French possession that's home to a hundred or so scientists, 3,500 bizet sheep, and a number of feral cats (descendants of ships' cats who escaped there).

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I want to learn a little about silkscreening. Is there anyone here who's got the setup and would like to teach?

I remember way back in gradeschool doing some wax and silk project that seemed cheap and servicable, but my honey is trying to convince me that you need $100's worth of chemicals and supplies. For a project, I'd like to screen a rough map onto some hankies - maybe 2 dozen, in a single color.

Does this sound like fun to you? Post here or shoot me a LJ note.

Business License

So, it looks like if I want to do Title I tutoring for my favorite school, I need to get a Portland business license as an independent contractor. Anyone have any advice about this? I don't want to go online and try to figure it out cold turkey.

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I'm looking for someone to do some simple alterations to a few of my clothes. Shorten jackets, hem dresses, etc. Any recommendations for good, but inexpensive tailors?
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June Livejournal Meetup

As usual folks, this is your one-week notice: the Portland LiveJournal Meetup is a week from today! That's Tuesday, June 24th, at 7pm, at the East Bank Saloon at SE 5th and Grand. It's a restaurant and bar, so minors are welcome until at least 10pm, and the meetup FAQ is here.

And hey, this month I'll actually be there, barring the possibility of my death while in New Jersey this weekend. ♥

Qigong classes

I'm looking for some Qigong classes. I have Googled a ton and all I have been able to find are folks who are registered instructors. And I have emailed all of them...with no response. I take that back, I did find a place in Sherwood, but I'm not sure I want to travel that far...

I'd like to find a class in the evening, if possible. I live in SE, but work in NW...so I'm open to most of downtown areas.

For those who don't know, this is Qigong.

Recommendations? Ideas?
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Does anyone know what's being built on NW 19th between Glisan and Hoyt? I'm really hoping that they put a convenience store in the complex-like think I imagine to be going up there to replace the one they ruthlessly tore down (anyone remember the Hoyt Market?), but I doubt I'll get my wish.

It's probably offices with some street-level retail, but I would love some specifics if anyone has them. :)