June 16th, 2008

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Attention Oregon Hikers :)

This just passed by on my news-feed and I thought it might be of interest to folks on here.

Scientists are offering a $100 reward to anybody who can lead them to a plant that may be extinct in Oregon, at least in its native form: the golden paintbrush.

Of course, that news site offers you a microscopic image of this already hard-to-find plant, but I found a couple online:

Here you can find a couple of much better images and some information that may help you know where to keep an eye out for them.
This website talks about the conservation program and offers additional information.
And finally, I found this large sized image as well.

Broken Dish washing Maching

We have a broken Bosch Dish washing machine that we bought at Sears 6 yrs ago. Problem is, I really don't like the Sears service deptartment.
Does anyone know another service company? Or even better, an independent person who knows how to fix these and won't require me to miss a full day of work so they can have an  4 to 6 hr window to show up in when they choose to?

Thanks DP

Car Disposal

I have two vehicles to dispose of and was hoping you wonderful DP people would know of a good place.
My 1990 Toyota Camry was in an accident and is sorta functioning but by no means salvagable.

My boyfriends 1993 Toyota Tercel is BUSTED. The engine is cracked and we had to get it towed to our house.

Anyway.. let me know if you have any suggestions. We are starting to look like rednecks collecting broken up cars.
ryan lochte

IKEA home delivery

 I am trying to figure out what the price is for home delivery from IKEA. We are moving on June 30th and we will need furniture to fill some extxra space. 

The IKEA website says that delivery starts at $55 but nothing more. When I tried to "ask anna" it just gave me blank info. I will probably call IKEA later today but just wanted to see if anyone here knew what the prices are and how long it takes for experience or from working there. 


(no subject)

Now this is one I'm pretty sure I won't be seeing in DP search history....

Does anyone have suggestions for getting the stench of rotten food out of a refrigerator once it's been emptied of the grossness and cleaned? I'll be finishing the emptying tonight, and then wiping it down with clorox disinfectant wipes. I'll spread out a baking tray full of a box of bakign soda, let that sit for a day, and then pour vinegar on and use that mix to wipe down again. Any other suggestions??

Gah. I am not looking forward to tonight - thank god for swimmer's noseplugs.
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community events, national news

National News
Parents Can't Stomach Boys Losing to Girl B-Ball Star

Date: 30-May-2008

WASHINGTON (May 30, 2008) -- Twelve-year-old Jaime Nared is not just one of the guys, and that's why a sports facility in Beaverton, Oregon recently banned her from competing with the boys' basketball team she's been on since the second grade. But Jaime's coach, parents, and teammates are calling foul -- and asserting that she's being treated unfairly not because she is a girl, but because she is girl who plays better than many of the boys on opposing teams.

"If she were 4-feet-9 and no good, we wouldn't be having this discussion," said Coach Michael Abraham. "I can't think of one boy that we've played against that's had a problem with her. Maybe their dads do."
After the six-footer posted an impressive 30 points in a recent game against an all-boys team, parents complained that the boys were playing differently against her. They were not fouling her because they had been taught not to be rough with girls and generally distracted by her presence.

The Hoop sports facility where the league plays decided to enforce a rule that had been overlooked for years barring co-ed teams.

"I can't think of one boy that we've played against that's had a problem with her. Maybe their dads do."

"For girls, you're either not good enough to play or you're too good and a 'distraction;' for any girl who's been on a playground this sounds terribly familiar ," said Riki Wilchins, Executive Director of the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition. "It's only a game -- these parents ought to grow up and realize their boys are getting a valuable lesson in what it's like to compete with women in the real world."

For years now, Jaime has been playing on the boys' team to better match her skills while keeping her with kids her own age, according to her coach. Her male teammates welcomed her with open arms.

"Her greatness, it sprinkles off and goes onto us and it kinda makes us better as a player too," said teammate Joey Alfieri.

The Hoop is maintaining the ban from the Spring League, but has modified the rules of its Summer Basketball League that will allow for co-ed teams. For now, however, Jaime will be playing with the girls - on a sixth grade team as well as a non-traveling high school team.

The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition works to ensure that classrooms and communities are safe for everyone to learn, grow, and succeed -- whether or not they meet expectations for masculinity or femininity. To learn more, visit www.gpac.org.

link back to article here

scooters and kittens

2 questions, cuz i know there are both scooter experts and kitty experts on dp:

1)  at the end of the year i am going to be moving out of my super convenient downtown apartment to somewhere that requires a minimal commute, and i am thinking i might get a 49cc scooter.  i am still gonna be working downtown, so i am wondering about parking with a scooter.  do scooters have to pay the same parking fees as cars?  can they park on the sidewalk?  are there designated motorcycle parking areas?

2)  i have only had dogs before, but now i have a kitten, and she is pretty awesome.  but yeah, i don't know anything about cats. she is totally a loving cuddlebug, except at night when i am trying to sleep.  since i won't pay attention to her (cuz i'm trying to sleeeeeep), she likes to claw at my shoulders or back, trying to get me to pet her.  it effing hurts and nobody can sleep when they are getting clawed.  my dog seems to know when she is being to rough and she is hurting me, but the kitten does not react to me saying "no," and when i pull her off of me she just comes back and claws me some more.  i tried spraying her with a water bottle, but i don't think it has a lot of effect on her, and it gets my bed all wet.  lame.  is there any technique that people use to train kitties to be more gentle?  or another way to let her know when she is doing something wrong?

thaaaaaank yoooouuuuuuu


gravel on the mtn roads?


Has anyone who has been up to Mt Hood or gone over to Bend lately noticed if there was still a lot of gravel on the roads? I was just curious if it was still there, I went up back in March and my car paint got a million tiny dings from the gravel going over the pass on 97. I am going again this weekend and was going to grab a zipcar, but if there's still a lot of gravel I will just take my old jalopy because I would be worried about having to pay for the damage.

I looked at tripcheck.org but I couldn't tell from the cameras and there wasn't anything about it on the road warnings.

TIA for any help/advice.
Plumeria Star

Where can I learn to drive? DRIVNG SCHOOL recommendation?

So here's the dealio: I am absolutely shit scared of driving. Terrified. I was when I lived in Australia (and never got further than getting my learner's permit there) and am even more terrified of getting my license here in the U.S.A. When I'm tired or simply not thinking, I revert back to Aussie laws unfortunately, which scares the bejeezus out of me but I'm told the more I drive the less that will happen. But even now after 10 years here I still find myself going to the driver's door to get in (I'm the passenger) when I'm a little tired.

Reality: I need my license in order to qualify for a promotion at work as we do some "field work" in fall. I need to get my license in a matter of a few weeks so I'm going to practising like crazy. Hubby had started teaching me over when we lived in SW but I was still at that stage in a parking lot, just getting to know the feel of our car.

Problem: We've since moved (neighborhood of SE 76th and Holgate) and I need to find somewhere really quiet to practise (I realize I'm eventually going to have to get out on the actual road too).

ADVICE: Do any of you folks know of a good place - a school parking lot or somewhere like that that a scared gal like me could learn to drive? The mall parking lots are a no-go as we were informed by security at one mall that it was a liability for them so they couldn't allow it.

Perhaps some of you wonderful parents out there know of a great place you've taught your kid(s) in my neck of the woods that you can recommend? Also, when I need to progress to a driving school do folks have any recommendations as I'm clueless here.

I welcome any feedback as I am really terrified. But also determined.

  Edited to add:  Are there any driving schools out there you guys can recommend?? :O)
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(no subject)

so I think I've convinced myself that I'd like to get my girl parts pierced (I believe the technical name for it is 'vertical clitoral hood'), the only problem is I've yet to find to any piercing places in portland that I actually like.

I've had some iffy experiences at all the places I've been to in the past and I really don't wanna go out to vancouver for a twenty minute ordeal.

so I'm trusting you guys, any recommendations?
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Why is it that every time I touch something metal in the office, I get a shock of static, but none of my other co-workers do? I noticed that it started to really kick in when the weather got dryer. Naturally I thought that this must be happening to everyone, but not to anyone else whom I have talked to.

What causes static to gather? Is it my poofy hair? My clothing? My ethnicity? TELL ME, DAMNPORTLANDERS, you're'll my only hope!

I know nothing about trains...

So, please enlighten me.

4 times in the past 2 weeks, I have been stuck behind NON MOVING trains either in morning or afternoon rush hour.

Not the Amtrak kind, the Union Pacific kind.

What's the deal? Don't they take traffic into consideration?

Is it... Poor planning? Bad conductor timing? My bad luck?
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And cancer too, lives by this golden rule, that you must do unto the others as the others unto you

Someone I know in town is battling cancer - she'll probably be all right, thankfully, but she's in a lot of pain for the time being and it's stressful on her husband as well. So I'm actually thinking of him here: Do any of you know of any resources that are available for the spouses and families of those with severe medical problems? And, if so, what have your experiences been with those organizations?

GFE, I know, but I'm as interested in the personal experiences as the advertising, and that's rather harder to gauge.

more than slightly embarrassing

I hope I don't draw any fire for this, or any snark, but here goes.
OK, so I'm pretty new to these parts and am still trying to figure out the trimet system. After some f*ups, I've decided to come to you folks.
I live in the Brooklyn district and need to figure out the best route to get to the cascade PCC campus. The stop closest to me is probably 17th and Center but the routes I get from that stop show alerts that some of the stops may not be made due to some summer detours. I've tried the route planner and the I never want to bother the drivers with my own mass transportation idiocy, so I bring this to you.

If anyone lives in this area or has some some nuggets of bus wisdom to bestow, that'd be brilliant.

Oh, I also bike a bit so I don't necessarily have to start from a stop that's super close to me.

(Be as snarky as you'd like. Someone who can't figure out the bus system surely deserves it.)