June 15th, 2008


hey asshole photographers

Just because I want to ride a bike with my shirt off doesn't mean I want you to take pictures of me.

I think the "if you didn't want people to take naked pictures of you at that ride, you should have worn clothes" argument is a bunch of BULLSHIT. That ride should be a celebration of our bodies and a safe space for women, away from the creeps who get stoked on this ride because it means they don't have to pay the cover at Mary's. Seriously dude, if I want nude pictures of myself circulating, I'm going to take them myself and sell them to the kind of sites you check on the 364 days a year there isn't a horde of naked people riding down Burnside. It fucking pisses me off that I'm going to have to wear a mask next year.

It's really gross to stake out a corner and stand there taking a picture every fucking time a girl with exposed titties go by. That's a lot different than taking pictures of a spectacle - these guys were obviously just out for the titty shots. You're douchelord-level creeps nd I hope your dicks wither up and stop working so that you can never get off even if you can scrape up the cash for a hooker (since you're obviously too cheap to buy a subscription to SuicideGirls), you scumbags.

(The ladies I saw taking pictures seemed more amused than thrilled by the nakedness, I did NOT notice any women camped out hitting the shutter every time they saw a pair. Or maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough because I'm actually a misandrist. What do you think, DP?)

bike n00b

So, due to an unfortunate growing-up situation that involved mountains, unpaved roads, and several miles between my house and the nearest town, I never really learned how to ride a bike. (My dad showed me the basics in a parking lot one afternoon but I haven't set butt on a bicycle since.) Now I find myself really wanting to sell my car and getting a bit creeped out by public transportation, so it may finally be time to get a pair of wheels of my own. The problem is... I have no idea what I'm doing! Any suggestions as to what kind of bike I should get, tips on getting started out, general advice, etc. to minimize n00bal embarrassment and maximize n00bal safety? Talk to me like I'm six.

Plug adapters?

I am going overseas soon and need to buy a plug adapter. I remember there being a travel store that carried such things on Hawthorne but I can't find it on Google. Anyone know where I can buy such a thing? Eastside or downtown, preferably.



Moxie Rx you stole my heart.

Mississippi and Shaver.

I had a blended drink with chilled milk, dates, banana slices, and almond butter and I shed tears of joy on the first sip. They also have scrumptious cheese breakfast biscuits with bacon and fixins, cookies, muffins, coffee, and fresh juices/smoothies. I must say this was absolutely perfect food. I must go back and try the menu of tonics and elixirs too!!! Go try it!!!


I know, I know. A lot of people don't like them. But I do, sorry.

So I'm looking for the laptop messenger that'll fit a 13-inch macbook. I think that's a Small size, if I remember correctly.

But I'm not willing to pay the $130 that they demand on their website for that bag--so I come to you, dear Portlanders: where in Portland have you seen cheap timbuk2s for sale?

Thank ya!

EDIT: Bonus if it's in SE.

Allergies agh

Really sorry about two posts in a row, guys, but this one is especially important.

Earlier this spring, I was experiencing SUPER bad allergies, to something airborne I think, though I'm not sure. I was going to get allergy tested, since I've only had mild allergies in the past, but had to cancel my appointment because of something else that came up. Anyway, afterwards, my allergies have gotten much much better (maybe because the weather has been kinda sucky?). Even the last couple days, which have been sunny, my allergies have been only moderate.

However, just about twenty minutes ago, I ate a nectarine I had just bought from Safeway, and about five minutes after eating it, SLAM. It was like my allergies came back in the space of five minutes, and it's as bad as it was a month ago. The whole deal - itchy eyes, slight rash, bleh-ness, etc.

What the heck? Have any of you ever experienced this, particularly from a goddamn fruit? Jesus Christ, if this is what happens when I try to eat healthier, fuck it.

Also, as a side note, are there any good allergy clinics in SE that you guys know about? Are they open early on weekdays?

Thanks so much-this is ridiculous.


BBQ Etiquette?

Ok, so over the weekend we, like many folks enjoying the nice weather we're having right now, had a bbq with friends.  The topic of cleaning one's bbq grill came up.

One of our male friends was aghast at the notion that my husband had cleaned his grill earlier in the day and vehemently stated that a "man's bbq should be cleaned once in 5 years" and that most of the crud burns off anyway so all that is left of barbeques past is just flavor to enhance your next one.

Of course hubby loved hearing this as it supported his desire to never clean the bbq again if he didn't have to.

So I'm curious....would love to hear from folks how often they clean their bbqs (if at all) or is it true all the crud just burns off and you're supposed to embrace the crispy klingons?

Cheers and happy q'ing.

Edited to add: ours is a gas bbq.