June 14th, 2008


Hope everyone has a really good time! Have some shots for me. I'm gonna be sitting at home, unpacking, counting down the days until I turn 21 and can join you all.

(Pic courtesy of my Uncle Fred. That is my Uncle Fred. He also says have fun.)
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High Near 70°?

I read that there's a high near 70° for today. Hooray for a nice warm day for potential naked bike rides. Less excited about the nighttime bike ride though. I'm still undecided on whether or not to go to either, since I won't even have a naked bike buddy. Also, I forgot my flasher coat at work. Boo.

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Riding my bicycle on nice days like this is so rewarding. All the people driving with their windows down can hear me when I yell at them for trying to hit me.

And to the lady driving the dark grey Audi TT coupe while talking on the phone: If a bicycle is in the intersection coming toward you while you're about to turn left, do not just drive out into the intersection haphazardly and block traffic when the bicyclist waves at you, and do not wave right of way at the bicyclist, because the bicyclist had right of way in the first place. Perhaps you should hang up your phone and pay attention.

If only I'd shouted, "Get off the phone!" Instead of, "I have right of way!" Maybe I still wouldn't be fuming.
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Asus Computers Locally?

So, a few months back in the comments for one of the many "what laptop should I buy" posts, someone mentioned a local Portland store that might be selling the Asus EEE PC (or one of the other micro laptop computers that have been making the rounds).

I've googled the morning away and have been unable to find or retrieve this post. Does anyone remember/know what I'm talking about?

(and, given some of my previous posts, I welcome my new snark overloads)
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Best dessert EVAH!

I'm working at the Tigard Festival of Balloons this weekend and I had a wonderfully tasty dessert there today. Sweet Apple Pie Fries! They are sliced Granny Smith Apples, deep fried a bit, topped with cinnamon, caramel, whipped cream, and we paid the $1 extra for the ice cream to make them a la mode. DELICIOUS I tell you. They were also at the Rose Festival, so I'm sure some of you lucky sonsovbitches have already tasted them. But in case you haven't and you see them around at a fair, DO IT! I split a small order with two of my coworkers as they are so sweet that we didn't want to overdo it. But yeah, check out their website at: http://www.sweetapplepiefries.com/ YUM!!!!!!!!!!!
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Free booze tonight!

So anyone who's not going to Plunderthon-- or even those who are but who might wanna stop by another party --my gym, Empower, is having a bash tonight, officially in honor of the owner's birthday. There'll be free booze (including tons of beers that it turns out most of the attendees might not drink) as well as snacks, massages, tarot readings, twister, dancing, and other fun stuff.

And there's even a (supervised) playroom for peoples' kids.

The party starts at 7pm but anyone who wants to drop by, even pre- post- or mid-Plunderthon, is more than welcome. It's the third floor of the Century Tower Building, 1201 SW 12th. (You'll probably have to push the buzzer and have someone let you on-- it's labled "Empower," to the left of the doors.)

Leave a comment (or txt me if you have the number) if you think you might show! ♥

timbuk2 shoulder pad thing.

gawd. i feel so embarrassed typing out the word "timbuk2". dear corporate branding execs: NEVER USE NUMBERS IN YOUR PRODUCT'S NAME. thanks.

anyways, i recently got a practically brand new timbuk2 messenger bag at the blackrose freestore. it's really awesome, but it's missing the shoulder strap pad cushion thing, and that makes my collar bone upset. does anyone have one that i could have? i think the bag is either the small or extra-small size. free or trade only, please.

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I know some of you might Woot out there, but today's is nice for a budding Photoshopper.

$32.99 (+$5 S&H) for an 8x6 graphic pad. It's not a Wacom, but if you are just getting started that's a steal for a digital tablet.

Figured someone might be wanting one.

dog -- I am a sad puggle.


So, my BFF has a laptop and is using firefox, but youtube won't play any videos...
Her javascript is turned on and we've already downloaded the latest flash player, but it's still not working.

Any ideas?

Porltand related because "Don't Mess with the Zohan" was a terrible, terrible film.