June 13th, 2008

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i was out today and this woman came up behind me and touched my hair and said oh i love your hair. compliments are always nice, but touching strangers without asking is not something i see as ok. i dont like being touched, especially without being asked.

what do you guys think? do you touch people without asking? do you care if people do this?
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Car Mechanics....

I am taking a trip down to Pasadena CA on July 19. I have a 1999 Escort that is in really good shape but I would like to have it checked out to make sure it isn't going to crap out on me in the hot Southern California weather.

Who do you all reccomend?

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Okay DP, I need some help. My creative mind is failing me.

Since the weather is absolutely gorgeous, I would like to plan a surprise picnic for my boyfriend when he gets home from work. Problem is, I'd rather it not include the usual like sandwiches, chips, etc..

I don't mind running to the store to pick up a few things, but also don't have tons of money to be spending on this.. if I did, we'd likely go to a restaurant downtown and sit outside. :)

Ideas? Please?
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After 3 yrs with my current dentist I want a change.

I hate having to go into a "sales room" after my checkup/cleaning so they can show me a list of things I 'need' to have done. Yeah.. like i really need that $600 night guard to have in my mouth while i sleep.

Anyways, if anyone has any good references of good/nice dentists on the Westside let me know, thanks!
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Operation Sea Arrrgh V. Sea Org tomorrow

Come join those merry Pirates of the Goodship Anonymous tomorrow for their monthly worldwide protest of the abuses of the "Church" of Scientology. This month Anonymous is focusing their mighty attentions on the Sea Org, their 'elite' force. Come learn about their Billion Year Contract; the cruise ship Freewinds and its issues with Blue Asbestos; and the RPF.

For more information check out the Portland Anonymous Wiki. Operation Sea Arrrgh and Enturbulation and too many other websites to list.

Local planning is taking place on DropTheBomb.

If you are interested meet at the Umbrella Man at 10:30am, and the CoS at Salmon and Broadway at 11apm. Protest will run from 11-3pm. This time we have a noise permit so bring anything noisy you have. Our theme this time is Sea Org vs Sea Arrrgh, so bring your best pirating gear. Spare masks will also be available.
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My google-fu is WEAK.

Has anyone here sold a vehicle to someone who is using a bank to finance the purchase? I am the seller in this circumstance. The bank sent me a couple documents relating to power of attorney for completing the necessary paperwork on my behalf with the DMV, I received the bank's check, now the buyer is asking me for the title.

My gut tells me that I don't give it to them because the bank owns it now and has to request a new one from the DMV.

Anyone know the answer or can tell me where to find it?

Thanks peeps.